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by | Apr 29, 2020 | Prayer & Devotion

Jamie Rohrbaugh recognizes the many step programs and ministries dedicated to inner healing and deliverance from demonic strongholds. While she thanks God for each one that has helped believers find freedom from the oppression of the enemy, From His Presence—which she and her husband, Bruce, founded in 2012—takes a unique approach to inner healing and deliverance. She says their ministry has seen “incredible results all over the world.”

Through online instruction and conferences both in the U.S. and abroad, Jamie and her staff have taught a simple method of inner healing for all who need it. In essence, she says, inner healing requires only two things of the believer—childlike faith and obedience, being willing to obey God when He asks us to repent for our sins and forgive those who hurt us.

“My goal is to try to make living in the supernatural life simple,” Jamie says. “I want to help people understand that miracles and prophecy and all of these things are not limited to the lives of the people they may think are super-spiritual, the giants of faith, the Marilyn Hickeys and the Joyce Meyers among us. I want them to understand that they can walk in all of these things. So we work at that to build people’s confidence.

“The difference in what we do and what some other people do is that we’re saying, ‘God, this is what Your Word says. So I’m just going to repent of everything that would get in the way, as Your Holy Spirit shows me how to pray, and then I will just receive.’ As soon as you come to the Lord with that simple, childlike faith, He just heals and heals and heals.”

At one of her inner-healing conferences, Jamie, a graduate of Berea Seminary, said that she “encountered a precious sister who was already mature in the Lord, but the Lord was doing something new in her heart. She sat in her seat and cried for two days. Through simple, strategic prayer and faith, however, that sister received the healing for which she had been waiting—and her entire countenance was instantly transformed.

“All of a sudden, the Lord showed her one thing that she needed to break and receive healing from,” Jamie says. “She just sat back and received, and boom! It was an instant transformation.

“It doesn’t have to be hard to receive inner healing, wholeness and victory. Healing ministry doesn’t have to be a power play. I’m not opposed to digging, casting out, binding and loosing, of course; we do all those things when they are required. But my mission is to see other people healed the same way I was healed, which was to approach it with a simple, childlike faith and say, ‘Father God, everything that’s not from you, I’m just going to leave it all be, and right now, I’m receiving from you.'”

Through Jamie’s inner healing conferences, both internationally and at home, and a proprietary, formal inner healing path, she says she has seen tremendous results. A great deal of her work at From His Presence, however, is done through her website, Since the ministry’s inception in 2012, according to her Google Analytics data, they have reached over 2.5 million individual people online through her main website alone—not counting those reached through the other online outlets for which she writes, such as YouVersion, The Elijah List, Charisma magazine and—and has seen over 7.4 million pageviews.

Now God is using this vehicle during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since From His Presence is positioned to reach end users directly with the discipleship materials they need, Jamie has been able to continue ministering effectively despite global restrictions on in-person gatherings. At the site, she offers teaching articles on five specific subjects: 

The current, prophetic word of the Lord

Radical, faith-filled prayer

Inner healing and deliverance 

Finding your destiny and calling in God 

Kingdom wealth and entrepreneurship.

She has over 1,200 free articles on these topics, including how-to guides on how to heal from church wounds, how to receive the various gifts of the Spirit, how to walk in the manifest presence of God and how to receive breakthrough through fasting and strategic prayer. The website also offers free videos, including teachings on how to declare and decree increase and multiplication for your finances.

Additionally, the website has a “freebie library” with free study tools, including a seven-day mini-course on how to heal from rejection, a prayer for justice, a spiritual gifts inventory and a supernatural lifestyle toolkit. There is even a guide on prayer to find a spouse! The website also offers worship and soaking music to put believers in touch with Holy Spirit and bring them closer to God.

Jamie features webinars on her website either free or at a minimal cost.

“Our webinar series is one of our most popular offerings,” she says. “We have reached thousands of people around the world with them. A lot of the stuff we do is free, but we have a tiered pricing structure for webinars. When the class is basic information that every Christian should know, we offer that webinar free. When it’s more advanced, nitty-gritty training, we’ll charge a little bit of money—like $15, $20 or $40. And we charge a little bit more for professional training, such as technical training about blogging and websites. Our readers love our webinars, and they understand that when it’s a topic they really care about, they need to invest in themselves and in their own education and equipping.”

“But the biggest thing is that we’re reaching people for God’s glory online. People are getting healed, and reaching the end user directly with the Good News of Jesus and His victory is really effective. I praise God for that!”

Finding a Mentor

Jamie was raised in a Protestant denomination—one she didn’t want to name—but one that she said did not feed her spiritually.

“As far as inner healing goes, I came from a really challenging background,” she says. “I was a very messed up person in my mind and emotions.”

However, when she was 21, a woman she didn’t know invited her to a traditional Baptist church in Chattanooga, Tennessee—and she received salvation in Jesus when she attended one Sunday.

“After I got saved, I had a lot of healing and deliverance that I had to go through myself,” she says. “At first, I didn’t have anyone to mentor me or disciple me, so I just started digging into the Word. As a new Christian, it was really hard. I could read one or two verses, but I had to ask the Lord to help me and to disciple me. I read the verse that says you don’t need anyone to instruct you but Holy Spirit, who sent you the anointing. So I took God at His Word, and I just started studying my Bible, and the Lord started healing me.

“After a while, I did find a Spirit-filled Baptist church, which I attended for many years. It was a wonderful place to be for that part of my life. They had a seven-step deliverance program, and I walked through that; and I just kept worshipping and studying. I was single, and I was never a social butterfly, so I just spent most of my time with the Lord. Over the years of just laying on my face and getting in the Word, and staying faithful to attend that Spirit-filled church where I received so much from the Lord, the Lord just healed me. Some of that healing came from ministry, but most of it just came from Holy Spirit Himself.”

In 2017, after having cut her hours in half at her corporate job as a business analyst the year before, Jamie went into ministry full time. She also joined Judy Jacobs’ International Institute of Mentoring, a mentoring program for women who want to preach.

Before that time, Jamie had never had a mentor, but Jacobs, whose church Jamie now attends in Cleveland, Tennessee (Dwelling Place Church International), became just the person she needed to guide her and challenge her to grow in ministry.

“Pastor Judy has been on stage in ministry for over 50 years, and she and her husband, Pastor Jamie Tuttle, live their lives in the Word, in prayer and in fasting,” Jamie says. “When I came to her mentoring ministry, I needed a community of people to run with. I can’t think of anyone better to run with than those two. They are aggressively advancing the kingdom with everything they’ve got, and they encourage everyone around them to do the same.”

Fruitful in Ministry

In addition to inner healing and deliverance, From His Presence equips believers to operate in the prophetic—a gift God offers to all of His children but which not many have the confidence to try.

“In the Bible, they had schools of the prophets,” Jamie says. “But in many modern churches, even charismatic ones, the fivefold ministry is often perceived as ‘us four and no more,’ and so sons and daughters are not raised up in the prophetic. They are often only expected to support the existing ministry structure and are discouraged from trying to enter ministry themselves, even if they are called and are fruitful fivefold ministers.

“People have to learn how to discern Jesus’ voice from all of the other voices they hear, so I teach them. Basically, I try to dig into the Word and grab all of the gems I can find and present them. Number one, it’s about recognizing the checks and balances in the Word. How do you know for sure that this particular voice was really God’s? Also, if you’re going to learn to prophesy publicly, you have to learn some protocol. You don’t want to hurt people with your bad delivery. There are a few guidelines, but after you learn those, then you can prophesy with confidence as long as you stay within the safe boundaries of God’s Word.

“You must have godly character to do anything in the ministry, and prophecy is no different. But it’s so simple for every believer to walk in the prophetic if they just have a little confidence and a little training. God wants every one of us to prophesy, and it’s simple to do so. Hear God; say what He says. Easy … if we will just teach it that way.”

Another function of From His Presence is to help pastors of local churches—and full-time itinerant ministers—to transition their ministries into e-commerce. Jamie’s background as a business analyst has been a huge help in that area in assisting pastors and churches. She also makes a point to teach the financial principles that Jesus taught, helping many ministers build their ministries in the process.

“Half of our ministry is taking care of pastors in two ways,” Jamie says. “Number one, we help provide tech support, and two, there is the actual caring for pastors who sometimes are in real financial need, either personally or in their churches. We help them rework their business model.

“I’m really passionate about financial wholeness. One of the things I teach on all the time is that in God’s financial abundance, it is not a ‘name it and claim it’ type of thing. Instead, abundance is an ‘obedience’ thing. God’s financial principles work, whether you attribute them to God or not.

One of the biggest things the Lord talks about over and over in the Bible is not only money, but that we have to do business to make money. I’m so passionate about teaching Christians this, equipping them to be entrepreneurs. You can read about that in Proverbs 31, where God shows that the definition of ‘virtue’ involves making money, manufacturing and investing. And even though Proverbs 31 is mostly about women, there’s no separate definition of virtue for women versus men. We are all called to demonstrate virtue by doing business until Jesus comes.”

Jamie says she finds a great deal of gratification in all facets of her ministry, but there is one that really stands out.

“I love being able to reach people who are hurting and see them get healed and get whole in Christ,” she says. “But I’m also all about discipleship and helping people realize their dreams.”What’s burning inside of you that you want God to make happen for you? What do you want to do beyond what you’re doing right now? I love being able to serve God by helping others achieve their dreams, especially in ministry. We need all the laborers in the harvest field that we can get, and I want to spend the rest of my life helping to equip everyday Christians to become powerful, healed, whole followers of Jesus who then become ministers themselves.”

Shawn A. Akers is assistant online editor at Charisma Media.


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