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Former LGBTQ Members to Share Stories, March in DC

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Revival

The third annual national Freedom March will be held in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, June 5. The event will take place at National Sylvan Theatre from 12 to 5 p.m.

Over the past three years, former LGBTQ members have united to share their testimonies and march in major U.S. cities, publicly proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord. This year’s Freedom March has several new speakers who will share their stories.

Pulse nightclub shooting survivor Luis Ruiz says, “I’m so excited for this year’s national Freedom March! I feel like there is a call to unity. Our nation is so divided, but we are better together to reach that one person who needs help! Teamwork makes heaven dreams work!” Founder Jeffrey McCall initiated Freedom March to give individuals who left the LGBTQ identity a place to share their transformation stories.

“I wanted there to be a place to share former LGBTQ stories,” McCall says. “The world is often against us sharing our stories. and the church often won’t share these stories because of fear or being uncomfortable. The Freedom March has created a family of many former LGBTQ that are united under Jesus and stronger together. I just want people to be able to hear the stories for themselves and make their own decisions.”

McCall says all are welcome to celebrate this event.

“All people are welcome to come to the Freedom March,” McCall says. “We invite the LGBTQ community to hear these stories. We also would invite the body of Christ to come hear these stories. We want to show love to all and be able to share our stories the same way all others in this country are allowed to share their stories. Please come and join us in Washington, D.C.

Many in the Freedom March family believe that the coming LGBTQ revival is coming soon. “There have been prophecies that over 100,000 people will come out of the LGBTQ community in the coming revival,” McCall says. “I think we are just at the beginning of this great rainbow revival!”

For more information, please go to Freedom March website at The organization can also be found on Facebook and Instagram. {eoa}

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