Prophet: Why Believers Should Embrace God’s Last Days’ Reconnection Mandate

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Prophetic Insight

Note: This is the first in a series of monthly articles exploring the topic of “rediscovering the one new man.”

We are starting a new teaching series on the Reconnection in The One New Man (TONM) between Jewish and Gentile believers. The series will open with several articles on the Reconnection Mandate, a prophetic plan given to Grant Berry by the Lord as a way and means for the family of God to understand and embrace the Reconnection message and its importance at this time in history.

Stepping Into the Reconnection in the One New Man

The Reconnection Mandate is comprised of five directives for the body of Messiah/Christ. It explains the necessary steps designed to guide the body into the Reconnection in TONM between Jewish and Gentile believers and Israel and the church now that Israel is awakening (Eph. 2:11-22). The Reconnection message focuses largely on restoring and reconciling this special relationship in God’s family, a bond we believe that also acts as a catalyst to help fulfill God’s end-time plans.

While we concentrate mainly on this reconciliation, it is not the main goal of the Reconnection message. Our overall objective is to rediscover and reactivate greater love and unity in the family of God, according to the Lord’s Prayer in John 17. Here we find that Yeshua/Jesus releases His glory to a united family, one that mirrors the beautiful unity between Father and Son.

The Reconnection specifically undertakes to mend the breach between Messianic Jewish and Gentile believers. Repairing this rift is also foundational to rebuilding unity in other areas of the body of Messiah/Christ where factions exist, such as racial and theological divisions. A focus first on restoration between Jewish and Gentile believers opens the door of God’s plan to heal these additional ruptures that have fragmented the body.

This is our approach. We believe this John 17 love is a prerequisite to the final outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the fire of God relating to end-time events. The Reconnection message helps to restore the body of Messiah/Christ to its former glory for its future glory!

With this in mind, the Reconnection becomes one of the most significant spiritual transactions of our time. Metaphorically speaking, the body is led onto a bridge of “restoration” where God’s mercy releases healing between God’s firstborn children and His children from the nations.

Through the Restoration, Jewish and Gentile believers are prompted to reconcile in TONM. The two reunited groups in Yeshua/Jesus then cross the bridge onto a pathway of Realignment that produces actionable partnership between the Gentile church and the remnant of Israel (both in the land and in the nations, wherever Messianic believers live). The Reconnection message restores the church’s identity in and with Israel while honoring our diversity. It helps to build greater unity in the body of Messiah/Christ, thus enabling the church/ekklesia to fulfill its destiny.


Directives of the Reconnection Mandate

No. 1 – Explain the Need of the Reconnection

We are living in “that day” of Israel’s physical & spiritual restoration (Amos 9:11). It is a time in history about which the apostle Paul in Romans 11:25-27 challenged us not to be ignorant concerning the mystery of Israel’s salvation. We need not only to understand it, but also be prepared to explain its full significance to others, so that this spiritual transaction can take place in the family of God.

For this reason, it is crucial to grasp the Reconnection message and its tie to “that day,” especially now that Israel is awakening spiritually, and the Gentile church is awakening to Israel.

Our response must shift now as we seek to help our Father restore His firstborn (Jewish believers) into unity with the rest of the body. We not only need to give it our full support but recognize it as a corrected pathway connecting to the end-time harvest and Israel’s salvation.

Unity in TONM is a golden key to unlocking this mystery that ultimately makes Israel/the church complete. (Israel and the church ultimately become one at the end of the age). This relationship is explained in detail in Romans 911: Time To Sound The Alarm! And it is interesting to note that Romans 9-11, Amos 9:11 and Ezekiel 37:9-11 all share the common numerals of 9 and 11. Additionally, each of these references sounds an alarm and alerts us to Israel’s awakening and our great role to revive the body of Messiah/Christ.

Paul refers to the end-time harvest when he writes in Romans 11 that “the fullness of the Gentiles has come in” and “all Israel will be saved.” The church has traditionally understood these events to mean that once the full number of Gentiles has been brought to salvation, then all Israel shall be saved. Generally speaking, this interpretation has shifted the kingdom’s focus of the gospel away from Israel and has led the church to concentrate on reaching the nations and leave Israel’s salvation to God. While there is a sequence in these verses, we believe that they should be viewed in a broader sense.

The gospel has been preached to the Gentile nations since the time of the Acts of the apostles and should obviously continue through to fulfillment. Yet we are also entering a time where the blindness of the Jewish people to the gospel is lifting. An increasing number are discovering Yeshua/Jesus as Messiah, more than at any time since the first century. We believe it is an era where the fullness of the Gentiles is occurring at the same time as Israel’s openness to the gospel; and the two are intricately linked together. Believers during much of the church age may not have seen or understood the connection until this time. This concurrent progression actually creates a synergistic effect whereby both groups are ignited to greater growth through the Reconnection message. Growth will be further advanced when the church rightly comprehends and realigns to the kingdom principle of the gospel, which is to the Jew first (Rom. 1:16).

The Reconnection in TONM helps to accomplish this advancement and consummate the church’s return toward Israel by stimulating Israel’s awakening and spiritual restoration to a greater degree. It is a power equation to realign the church back into the fullness of her identity in and with Israel and to awaken and prepare the bride for Yeshua’s return. The Reconnection message strips the devil of divisive powers relating to family unity and helps to chart a course for intercession to heal and restore other divisions in the family of God.

We must come to understand that there is no substitute for this message of renewed unity. It is God’s way to move His holy temple (church/ekklesia) back toward Jerusalem to prepare the bride for the Bridegroom (1 Cor. 3:16, 6:19; Isa. 62:6-7; Rev. 19:7).

Note: We will explore directive No. 2 in next month’s article. {eoa}

* The Reconnection is a word that is used to help describe the re-association between Jewish and Gentile believers, and Israel and the church in The One New Man (TONM). It is used in a number of ways, as an umbrella term, to delineate the Restoration, Reconnection and Realignment messages in this process—as well as to spell out the heart of this reunifying in the family of God now that Israel’s spiritual awakening has commenced.

Author/speaker Grant Berry, founder of Reconnecting Ministries and Messiah’s House Messianic Center, trumpets his new book, Romans 911: Time to Sound the Alarm! Grant is a Messianic believer in Yeshua, Jesus, and is promoting a new message into the body of Messiah, Christ, during these last days, known as “The Reconnection.” This is a new term used to describe the reuniting and full restoration of Jewish and Gentile believers into John 17 unity into the one new man now that Israel’s awakening is upon us. This spiritual transaction has been unseen during most of the church age but is now most vital for the church to move into for God’s end-time plans. It is a power key to the last great revival and final outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the earth. For more information and a special offer on Romans 911, please visit For more info on Reconnecting Ministries, please click here to watch one of the introductory videos (three minutes).

Leslie Crincoli is part of the leadership team at Messiah’s House Messianic Center in Greenwich, Connecticut.


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