Like the Nazis, Islam Carries Deadly Agenda

by | Nov 27, 2012 | Israel & Jewish Roots, Standing With Israel

A short time ago, few ever heard the word Hamas. Today, that name is part of the daily vocabulary of populations across the Earth. The term is synonymous with another Islamic term, jihad, which is “holy war” in Arabic.

Here in Israel, we are facing the ongoing and relentless hatred of the Arab Islamic world, and recently fought a war of missiles sent from Gaza, the ancient homeland of the Philistines, from which the term Palestinian is derived. 

Since vacating that area some years ago in an experiment of “Land for Peace,” the Palestinians under the rule of their elected Hamas leadership has chosen, instead of using that now Jew-free territory to create a viable economy and a peaceful life, to smuggle in and launch thousands of rockets into Israeli civilian towns and cities.

One can only wonder what armaments would be in use had there not been some control over their ports. This is a situation that no country would tolerate.

The biblical word hamas has as its meaning not only violence, but corruption, deceit and lies. The modern Hamas movement has declared as its sole raison d’etre the destruction of Israel. Unfortunately, they are in accord with others of their Islamic faith to the north of Israel’s border in Lebanon, Hezbollah (the Party of Allah), who are now well-armed with many thousands of missiles.

Iran, the powerful center of the Islamic revolution, is the supplier of these deadly weapons, and has for years officially declared its intention of wiping Israel from the map. At the same time, Syria is in the upheaval of a civil war in which more than 30,000 have thus far been killed by their own people.

From Afghanistan to Iraq to Sudan, the Islamic world is filled with violence. And the revolution in Egypt has now replaced a secular government with the radical Muslim Brotherhood, which supports Islamic world domination, as its leader. And all these events seem to comply with prophecies found in the Bible.

The Islamic world is not a happy one. The constant fomenting of its unhappiness from North Africa across the Arabian peninsula of the Middle East to the Persian Gulf arises from the very worldview of Islam itself.  But, as is so often the case, unhappiness seeks to find blame in another rather than itself for its unfortunate predicament.

In the Islamic world, the favorite and perennial scapegoat is very tiny Israel, for which they find justification in their holy books, especially the Islamic hadit, or commentary of the Quran. And that blame is also aimed at the entire western world.

At the same time Islam states as its purpose the spreading of their religion and its worldview to the western world, and thus share its perennial unhappiness with others. Their efforts are succeeding brilliantly in Europe by the use of Jihad in all its subtle forms, the most effective being the Cultural Jihad. The other form is fear of the Violent Jihad.

Islam is the very antithesis of the Judeo-Christian message, which is based on the foundation stone of one commandment in the Bible, Old and New Testaments, which is one word in the original Hebrew: v’ahavta (“you shall love”). Love is not at all the central message of the Quran, but its motivating force is the diametrical opposite: fear.

As Judeo-Christianity cools to a dying ember in the western world, extinguished by both corruptions in the churches and the ongoing efforts of the radical left to erase the Biblical worldview from its populations, that vacuum created will quickly be filled with its antithesis.

One might just take a look at the modus operandi of both the unhappy Communist takeover, of the unhappy Nazi takeover, as well as the Islamic takeover, which is to erase the existence of Judeo-Christianity. In the case of the Nazis, it was to exterminate the Jews carrying their old ideas of the one God, as well as to destroy the church and its message of love.

It is only to be hoped that educated people will consider these facts, and will take intelligent action to prevent such an outcome and downfall of the West in our time.


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