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Suicide is a very sensitive topic, as Perry Stone discussed in “Answers From Beyond the Grave” (July). We must not forget that we have to take up our cross daily and follow Jesus. We are only to live for today. Jesus says, “Give us this day our daily bread,” because He wants to provide not just for what we need but also for the burdens we bear. We must cast our cares on Him, for He cares for us. Suicide is never the solution for escaping our problems. God will also give us a way of escape.  

Carla Foreman, via e-mail



Thank you for addressing the tough questions people are asking about heaven and hell. It’s time the church addresses these issues and becomes knowledgeable and empowered to do the works of Jesus: heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons. Many churches are not teaching people how to cooperate with God in the gifts of the Spirit, and we are not being taught spiritual warfare. The church needs to learn to operate in the supernatural and not be afraid of it. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. He will keep us and help us. Keep up the good work!

Elaine Beachy, via e-mail



I must be possessed, according to Ron Phillips’ article, “Help! I Think I’m Possessed!” (July). Homosexuality is thrown in with the victim sins of adultery, fornication and infanticide, all inspired by the spirit of harlotry (see Hos. 4:12). 

So now this gay Christian is re-bound by a spirit of legalism. Your author forgot that Jesus and His crossed replaced that law for me. And I doubt that He would consider my God-given sexuality as a sin since it does not violate God’s law of love for self and others (see Matt. 22:36-40).

Fred Conwell, via e-mail 



I can’t tell you how happy I was to read that Keith Green’s life story is being made into a movie (Inform, July). He was one of the most authentic and genuine Christians ever. He inspired so many people to live their lives to the utmost for Jesus Christ. How wonderful that a whole new generation will now be inspired.

D.L. Guess, Houston, Texas



Suicide is a heartbreaking subject (“Answers From Beyond the Grave” by Perry Stone, July). It’s tough on the person debating the act and tough on the survivors. One suffering from depression does not have a normal frame of mind. Depression is an illness, often fatal, just like cancer. 

Ten years ago I began to have mild depression after our 24-year-old son ended his life. Based on my little bit of knowledge of depression coupled with information from others, being severely depressed is like being in a dark swirling hole and you can’t get out. All you want is for it to end. 

Read 1 John 5:11-13: God gives eternal life through His Son. He who has the Son has eternal life; he who does not have the Son does not have eternal life. 

Marilyn Lancaster, via e-mail


It seems the main reason people refuse to believe that those who commit suicide can’t enter heaven is because that would seem so terrible and unfair rather than because it’s true. One thing is for sure: If a person believes that he will definitely go to hell for murdering himself, that’s one heck of a disincentive for not snuffing out his life. 

Obviously, we can’t prove it one way or the other because Scripture doesn’t give a clear enough answer to the question. However, based on my understanding of God’s kingdom, suicide is a complete and final denial of the saving faith needed for one to enter heaven.

Fred Bristow, via e-mail


I know a woman who went home after church one Sunday evening and discovered that her husband had committed suicide. An autopsy found a tumor in the frontal lobe of his brain, which the doctors said caused him to commit suicide. 

I believe you can’t lose your salvation when you are under grace and not under the law. I believe that no matter what the circumstances, even a sinner dying in suicide can choose to believe on Jesus and be saved. However, if they choose not to believe, then hell is where they will go.

Tammy Brown, via e-mail



Thank you so much for the digital Charisma! For a few years now, we’ve been unable to get your wonderful magazine. Our construction business has been almost nonexistent, and we have had to cut out all extra expenses. We’ve missed Charisma. I opened up your e-mail—and to my great surprise—I had no idea that your website was so informative. I listened to all the recordings and thoroughly enjoyed them. Thanks again, and God bless your company.

Janis and Michael Evans, via e-mail



In my simple opinion the Twilight movies and books are sowing seeds of unrealistic expectations in the souls of young women (“Understanding Twilight” by Adrienne S. Gaines, June). The harvest will come when they get married or have conflict in their marriages. They will be surprised that their boyfriend or husband is not acting like Edward.

Marek Prosner, via e-mail


This cannot be said enough: It’s fiction, folks! This generation of youth were not unaware of occult and demonic things before Twilight. We too often blame the media as if its main goal and purpose is to destroy Christianity. No, its main goal is to make money. The problems in our society run much deeper than some silly vampire saga. 

Kathleen Clarke, via e-mail


I think both this series and the Harry Potter series are gateways to the occult. They make occult themes seem enticing. Why intentionally expose yourself to this stuff? Like the Harry Potter series, Twilight seems to be getting darker with each new release. Not good!

Debra Hess, via e-mail



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