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Washington Insider Says, ‘You’re Prayed Up; Now It’s Time to Show Up’

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Blogs, The Strang Report

We all know that the secular media often presents a vastly different picture of current events than the actual current events themselves. President Trump has become a regular victim of the fake news, particularly in the months leading up to the recent presidential election and in the weeks since.

Charisma News not only gives a spiritual perspective on the news but actually counters the fake news with truth. Washington insider Amir George heads up the White House prayer team and writes for us regularly to help keep readers informed on what’s really going on in our nation’s capital. Right now, George has an urgent message for believers: We’ve stormed the gates of heaven in prayer; now it’s time for us to show up and support Trump as the fight for the presidency continues.

George also shares a positive report about the “Million MAGA March” that took place in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, Nov. 14. “It was like heaven here,” he says. “The happy, good, bright, wonderful people took over the whole city. And it was just a real answer to prayer. But also, we’re still checking on the numbers. … Over the past few years, the police don’t give exact numbers anymore, because it’s such a political issue. But the last we had, confirming with the people who organized it, they believe up to 1.5 million people came. And that’s about the largest gathering in history in D.C.”

“I think the main thing that encourages me the most is God answers prayer,” George says. “And this was totally a miracle. As you well know, these events are usually prepared months in advance. Not only was there no time to prepare, because we’ve just been a little over a week after the election, but every bit of publicity that they tried to do was banned. … Not only was there no publicity, but the social media did everything in their power to suppress it.”

George adds, “Word got out in spite of all the suppressing, and that was, I think, an absolute miracle.” He adds that, other than MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell, no Christian leaders or political leaders were present. Recalling Trump’s words after his 2016 win that “the forgotten people will be forgotten no more,” George says, “I think what happened was the regular people, the forgotten people, waited and waited and waited. And they all said, ‘The president had our back.’

“The love for the president is just an absolute amazing thing to see firsthand,” George says. “People just love him. I mean, it’s amazing. The tears rolling down their face when they talk about him. … they’re just choked up that they waited for this. For this man, for all of his faults, had their back every time. But nobody stood up to the plate, and people talked about that a lot: ‘We waited for our leaders to stick up for him. They all went silent. So we just said, “Forget about our leaders.” And we all came.'”

And George has more to share beyond the great news about support for the president. In fact, he says, that support needs to become stronger than ever because of the ongoing election fraud. “What really happened was the president won so overwhelmingly on the third that they couldn’t keep up with the cheating,” he says. “They use a special software system. And it was so overwhelming. The one estimate is that he got about 410 electoral college votes, but they couldn’t keep up with the cheating. So [the Democrats] were absolutely sure that they were going to win. … But I think what happened was that the show of force on Saturday has shocked this city. They’re stunned. It’s pretty amazing; for the first time we see just kind of almost like a fear in their eyes, that they’re not going to be able to pull it off.”

George reminds us of something someone else told him: “We pray. But there comes a time when God says, ‘You’re prayed up, quit praying, get off your knees and show up,'” he says. “What happened was the regular people prayed and prayed and prayed. And they were prayed up. They just quit praying; they got up, and they showed up. And that’s shaking the city. I think the atmosphere has changed, and they’re not going to be able to pull off the fraud—because the people showed up. And they’re going to show up.”

George referenced the Georgia recount, which Gov. Brian Kemp has refused to endorse, calling for another full hand recount after, George says, “the people showed up” in Atlanta.

“I’m a strong believer in prayer,” he says. “But there comes a point where you quit praying because you’re prayed up, and you’ve got to show up. And that’s what’s changed the whole paradigm.”

George urges believers to go to their state capitals every day at noon until the presidential election is certified (for information on local rallies, contact thewhitehouseprayerteam@gmail.com).

“On Dec. 12, the same million-people rally is going to be held in D.C. again,” George says. “So get prepared for that. But I think we can thank God that God’s answered prayer. It looks as if it will go to the Supreme Court, and the president will be inaugurated on Jan. 20. It’s because of the prayer, but also because we showed up.”

For more information on what’s really happening in Washington, D.C., listen to the entire episode of the Strang Report podcast here. Be sure to share this good news with others who need to hear the truth and stop relying on fake news during this critical time for our nation. {eoa}


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