Omarosa, Loyalty and Donald Trump

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Blogs, The Strang Report

When controversy exploded in August over the allegations in Omarosa Manigault Newman’s new book, Unhinged, I paid close attention. First, I had just finished writing my own book, Trump Aftershock, a carefully documented analysis of what has happened since Donald Trump’s election, including the positive policies regarding the economy, the Supreme Court, Middle East, religious liberty and the so-called deep state. Below, I tell you more about my book and urge you to check out, where you can get free stuff and pre-order the book.

In the book, I also document how the left has gone to extraordinary lengths to block the president’s agenda at every turn, vilify him and even attack those of us who support him. Omarosa is a case in point. When she was on the White House staff, the left and media maligned her, saying she was selling out African-Americans—as if blacks should uniformly oppose Trump just because most are Democrats. Yet when she turned on Trump by writing a negative book about him and bashing him in media interviews, she became the darling of the same media, even if the attention was only short-lived.

I had met Omarosa at Trump’s election party at the New York Hilton in Manhattan. Pastor Darrell Scott invited me, so I tagged along with him and his lovely wife, Belinda, and a couple of pastor friends. The pundits and pollsters had been predicting Hillary Clinton would win. I was aware (and had reported in Charisma and on that several charismatic prophets said Trump would win, one of whom was Chuck Pierce. In light of these prophecies, I wanted to be there for the historic victory party.

Our group arrived when the doors of the New York Hilton ballroom opened at 6:30 p.m. The room was packed when Donald Trump proclaimed victory around 3 a.m. But at the beginning of the night, when there still weren’t many people in the room, I saw Omarosa surrounded by admirers. I was vaguely familiar with her as some sort of celebrity.

Since I had the opportunity, I struck up a conversation with her, never dreaming she’d become controversial or that I’d be writing about it two years later. We talked for quite a while, and I was impressed with how supportive she was of Donald Trump. She shared how Trump had helped her by having her on The Apprentice. I quickly learned she had a long-time friendship with the candidate. That night, she was excited beyond belief that her friend, for whom she had campaigned so hard, was winning. So I was shocked when she turned on him after being fired from the White House administration.

She was in full celebrity mode that night, taking pictures with several people (including me, as you can see) and telling everyone within hearing distance how she had helped him get elected. I got the impression she might even get a job in the White House. Overall, that was an exciting night. There lots of “famous” people there, and Omarosa fit right in. There were also a large number of African-Americans there talking about how Trump would be able to help the black community.

Somehow, I had the impression Omarosa was a Christian. Indeed, she recently married a pastor of a large church in Jacksonville, Florida, not far from where I live. So as the controversy over her new book, revelations of secret recordings and nasty comments about the president on network television began to come out, I couldn’t forget how positive she had been about Donald Trump. Then I saw some of the interviews she did back when she still supported of the president. She was lying either then or now.

I believe there was a time when Omarosa genuinely liked the president and believed he would help make America great again. But like a jilted lover, she has let love turn to hate. How sad. Where is the concept of loyalty? Donald Trump helped make her successful and even hired her as an adviser in the White House with a good salary. You would think she would be grateful and not turn on her benefactor. Since I believe Omarosa is a Christian believer, though, I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, just as I’ve done for Donald Trump when he has been accused of things I don’t condone. We must pray for Omarosa, not criticize or judge her.

Recently, we ran an interesting blog by Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I encourage you to read it to get better understanding of what’s going on. King dealt with Omarosa in the White House and didn’t hear or see her express any of the animosity she is voicing now.

In a few weeks, I hope to appear all over the media talking about my new book, Trump Aftershock. Mind you, it is no puff piece. I deal with the controversial things Donald Trump has said and done. But the main point of the book is that if Donald Trump’s election was an earthquake, then all the things that have happened since then have been aftershocks that many did not see coming. These range from the booming economy to Trump’s muscular approach to international diplomacy and trade to how he has stood for religious liberty and has implemented policies most conservative Christians appreciate. And that’s not all. Just consider how he has moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, worked to get Christian pastor Andrew Brunson freed from Turkey and nominated conservative constitutionalists to the Supreme Court.

In many ways, Trump Aftershock is a sequel to God and Donald Trump. Because of the success of the first book, early signs strongly indicate that this sequel will also be successful. Writing this book is my way of trying to evaluate things, not from a left or right position, but from a Christian perspective, which the media rarely portrays. The book will reach many who will never read Charisma and who know nothing of me as a Christian journalist. And I’m happy for that. But I hope that readers who have followed me for years will also be interested in my take on this historic period in our history.

The book releases Nov. 6—Election Day. The book, however, does not deal with the midterm elections because the outcome will be old news by the time the book releases. While I personally believe there will be a red wave on Election Day, there is no certainty—just as there was no certainty Donald Trump would win. However, even if Republicans lose both houses in Congress, the aftershocks will not be voided. For example, Neil Gorsuch will still be on the Supreme Court, the embassy will still be in Jerusalem and many economy-killing regulations will still have been repealed.

I hope you will want a copy. Today, I am announcing our new website for this book. I urge you to click on to get a free sample chapter and discover several free things you can get if you pre-order the book.

I’m told the book has a chance to make the New York Times best-seller list if we sell enough copies during the first week of release. Pre-orders on count as first-week sales, so I’m asking as many friends as possible to pre-order the book and then later give it a five-star rating.

I have spent my life serving the charismatic community and trying to spread the word that living in the power of the Holy Spirit not only is the way to live a life pleasing to God but also empowers us to defeat the demonic strongholds in our culture and to bring the kingdom of God to earth, as Jesus told us to do. Trump Aftershock—and the media attention it will undoubtedly generate—is a door the Lord has opened for me to accomplish this in a bigger way and on a bigger stage than I’ve ever done before. So I hope you’ll pray for me. I need your prayers! Pray also that the Lord would use this book for His glory.

If you feel moved to help me, a few thousand readers pre-ordering the book would mean a great deal in catapulting it to best-seller status. Thanks in advance for your help.

Special note to Trump supporters in Central Florida: On Sunday, Aug. 26, at 6 p.m., I’m speaking at a God and Country event affiliated with the Trump Club of The Villages, the largest Trump Club in Florida. It is sponsored by Freedom Fellowship at 231 Lake Griffin Road, Lady Lake, FL. Be sure to share this information with anyone you think will want to attend. I’m hoping to broadcast the event live on Facebook, and it’s possible the church may livestream it. Learn more at


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