How the Church Is Final Force Resisting Rise of Antichrist, One-World Government

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Blogs, The Strang Report

It’s no secret the United States is steadily losing its biblical base. Just look at how many Americans rejoiced in New York’s recent ungodly law legalizing abortion up until the day of birth. The more our nation loses its God-honoring element, the closer it draws to spiritual death—and the only force resisting this downward spiral is the church, says preacher Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne.

But this isn’t a recent trend. Howard-Browne says the demise of America started in 1877 with a man named Cecil John Rhodes, a lifetime member of the Masonic Order. Rhodes wanted to form a secret society with one goal: to bring the whole world under the control of the British empire, establishing a one-world government. Since then, a strong and single-focused institution has infiltrated American society, and it has everything to do with money.

As a Pentecostal, Howard-Browne is convinced this new world order plays a crucial role in the end-times events prophesied in the Bible. Like many other Bible-believing Christians, Howard-Browne sees this desired globalist system as a prime setup for the Antichrist to arise.

“But I do believe Jesus said, ‘When I come back, will I find faith on the earth?'” Howard-Browne says. “And He said, ‘Occupy till I come,’ so I believe the only restraining order or force in the earth today is the church. We are the ones who stand up, and light overcomes the darkness.”

In his latest book, The Killing of Uncle Sam: The Demise of the United States, Howard-Browne dissects the corruption in America’s private central banks, which have long gone unchecked. This book is not simply another essay about why globalization is wrong. On the contrary, I was impressed with the writing quality of Howard-Browne’s book—which almost reads like a novel—and his more than 1,000 footnotes that allow readers to investigate the issues for themselves.

“The reason we put this book together was so we could educate people as to what the real problem is,” Howard-Browne says.

Unfortunately, though, many Republicans think the real problem is the Democrats, and many Democrats likewise think the problem is Republicans. Both groups are sadly mistaken, though. Howard-Browne says both political parties are looking increasingly similar, and he even calls them “two heads of the same snake.”

I can’t help but agree. While Republicans may look and talk like conservatives when they’re wanting to get elected, they quickly begin to govern like liberals once they’re in office. In fact, Howard-Browne says, we know the answer isn’t a political party, but Republicans recently had a majority in Congress, and nothing came of it. Howard-Browne says he knows why this happens.

“What happens is a guy will go to Washington, he’ll get into Washington, and he’s up to his eyeballs in debt because of his campaign,” he says. “Then a wealthy company will come, take him under their wing, and basically he becomes a lobbyist for them. Or they set him up in a compromising position, and they take photographs, and then they threaten him that they will tell his wife or the people back home. So that’s how they neutralize this whole thing. And it’s actually a very wicked system of what’s actually taking place.”

During an interview for the “Strang Report” podcast, Howard-Browne pointed out that one of the primary ways this controlling system maintains its power is through academia. This is why powerful men and women get away with unthinkable—and illegal—actions. They give each other free passes because they were in the same secret societies found in universities.

“When this thing came across to America, they converted [Andrew] Carnegie,” Howard-Browne says. “When you look at how they took over the education system, how they actually took over the seminaries. Can you imagine? The seminaries were taken over. That’s the reason why the churches have no power in many instances, because in order to get the accreditation from these universities, you had to adhere to the doctrine. It’s stranger than fiction!”

Howard-Browne says that as people better understand the deep state and the secret control certain powerful people have over America, the more they will appreciate what God did to put Donald Trump in as president.

“When you understand these things, you understand what a miracle it is for Trump to even be in the White House,” he says. “It’s a total intervention of God—that God would even put a person like Trump, like a wrecking ball to this globalist system. And of course, Angela Merkel just said this a month ago: ‘Trump has all but wrecked the new world order.'”

To better understand how this wicked system is killing America’s soul, read Howard-Browne’s book, The Killing of Uncle Sam, which you can buy at I’m grateful people like Howard-Browne are sounding the alarm and calling the church to rise up to pray and act to make a difference—and hopefully see our nation return to the Lord.

Listen to my podcast below to hear more of Browne’s profound insight into the secret power that infiltrates our everyday lives in the United States.


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