Diamond and Silk Share the Personal Awakening Behind Their Sassy Support of President Trump

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Blogs, The Strang Report

They’re bold. They’re brash. They’re loud. And above all, they’re unapologetic in their support for President Donald J. Trump and his reelection campaign.

When I hosted sisters Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson on a recent episode of my God, Trump and the 2020 Election podcast, they shared the story of their rise from relative obscurity to a now-prominent role as Trump supporters, the personal awakening that inspired it and the political revolution they hope to bring about. Diamond and Silk outline this journey and more in their new book, Uprising, releasing today at diamondandsilkbook.com and wherever books are sold.

Personal Awakening

I can relate to Diamond and Silk on many levels, one of which I have often shared with my readers. A former Democrat, I too had an awakening that moved me out of that party. So of course, I had to ask these sassy sisters how they decided to, as they put it, “ditch and switch.”

“We had a supposedly Black president for eight years who didn’t do anything for the Black community,” said Diamond. “The one thing we realized was that Barack Hussein Obama, he was a career politician. Bush? Career politician. Bill Clinton? Career politician.

“We didn’t need another career politician. We wanted a businessman who had the master plan to truly make this place great again,” Diamond said.

“When candidate Donald Trump started talking about ‘I want to secure the border,’ don’t you secure your house? Isn’t the White House secure? America’s house should be secure,” Diamond said. “[Trump said], ‘I want to bring back jobs.’ It was Barack Hussein Obama who said, ‘Hey, these jobs will never come back. You will have to wave a magic wand.’ Well, I guess that magic wand must have been the businessman, President Donald J. Trump, because those jobs started coming back,” she said.

Silk added, “So you could say that Diamond and Silk had an awakening. … the awakening of Diamond and Silk from the fall of being stuck in what we call the ‘black box’ of the Democrat Party. And what we realized is that we have our own minds; we can think for ourselves. We have our own mouths; we can speak for ourselves. We don’t need anybody spoon-feeding us a narrative and choking us to believe in this ideology that [Leftists] continue to push down our throats, that [says] because you’re Black, you can only vote Democrat.

“We awakened from that particular dialogue and realized that we can vote for whomever we wanted to vote for, and that’s what we did,” Silk said. “We voted for Donald J. Trump.”

Journey to Prominence

So how did these two North Carolina preacher’s kids gain the name and notoriety they enjoy today? First of all, Diamond said, “We had no plans. If you ever want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. … We didn’t realize that this was happening. … we had that little YouTube channel with only 10 people on it. We just didn’t know a lot of people were hearing us. We were just speaking from the heart; it was very authentic, what we were saying, because we got tired of the same old, same old. If the Democrat Party was the best party, then why is it that people in the Democrat Party [kept] complaining? … We wanted something different, and we voted different,” she said.

I’ve watched this dynamic duo many times on television and YouTube, but I’ve also seen them at Trump campaign rallies, so I wanted to know how they got connected with the unlikely presidential candidate. It first happened back in 2015, they told me. “He did a rally in North Carolina, and there was no way that he was going to be there and we not be there,” Diamond said. “So it was arranged for us to be there. And we met; we talked; we spoke; we took pictures.”

But that wasn’t all that happened on this “crazy in a good way” night, Diamond said. As the sisters sat in the audience, they suddenly had the opportunity to ask Trump a question. “So we stood up,” Diamond said. “And when he looked back and saw it was me and Silk, he said, ‘Get up here!’

“So now, he has us on his stage. And that was the night that we told him, the world, everybody in that auditorium—we looked back there in all of those hundreds of cameras and said that he was going to be the 45th president of the United States,” Diamond recalled.

Trump must have recognized them before he invited them forward, I thought. But no, Silk said. “Keep in mind that at that time, candidate Donald Trump didn’t know us from Adam or Eve. He just stood back and gave us his mic.”

That memorable moment took them from their small YouTube channel to campaign appearances, frequent guest appearances on television shows, some run-ins with the social media police that eventually took them to Capitol Hill to discuss their experience, a Fox News show (recently cancelled for reasons they detail in their book) and a brand-new show on Newsmax TV, Diamond and Silk Crystal Clear, every Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Eastern.

‘The Uprising’

But Diamond and Silk’s story extends far beyond the two popular sisters. In fact, their book. The Uprising, is geared to helping others experience an awakening of their own.

“If you hear something long enough, you will believe it,” Diamond said. “Look at our media; look at where people are getting their information from. Ninety-eight percent of the media is all by Left-leaning liberals who don’t like our president. And then you even have Fox [News] and some on the conservative side saying the most defaming, derogatory things about the president of the United States,” she said.

“People have to understand: These people are the people that go along with these global elitists who want to fundamentally change this country for the worse. Because why would anybody want to kneel on the flag? Why would anybody want anarchy in the streets? Want to defund our police? It makes no sense,” Diamond said.

Her sister added an even stronger word. “What people fail to realize is that there are those that you see and those that you don’t see,” Silk said. “There is truly an uprising going on in the underground. People are … sick and tired of being sick and tired of what they’re seeing happen in our in our country and these Democrat-run cities and states. They want peace; they want prosperity. We all have had a taste of that with our president, with President Donald J. Trump.

“We know how it feels to be prosperous, and to have a job and go to work, make money, come home, pay your bills, feed your family, but with what these Democrats are doing when they’re taking and restricting people from going to work? Restricting people from going to church? Restricting people from singing in the house of worship and worshipping God? People, you all better wake up and smell the coffee,” Silk said. “Do you want freedom? Or do you want to exchange your freedom for some free stuff that’s going to go away when the money runs out? You all had better act, right? Think; look; see what’s going on.”

A Different Plan

Diamond and Silk have no plans to allow their voices to be silenced, now or ever. “There’s no way that God can give us all this wisdom and we keep it to ourselves,” Diamond said. “And it’s common-sense wisdom. Listen, when President Trump took office, he went with the promises made, promises kept. Everything he pretty much said he was going to do, he’s done it. And that’s what we’re very, very, very happy about. So we have to keep speaking the truth, speaking it out so that more people can hear us,” she said.

“You could say we’ve been on the Trump train since the very beginning. We invented that train,” Diamond said. “When it wasn’t popular to stump for Trump, I was stumping for Trump. And you know why we won’t ever leave him? Because he’s been one of the best presidents we’ve ever seen in our lifetime. Black unemployment at an all-time low, home ownership at an all-time high. If you want to become an entrepreneur, he cut the red tape and the regulation for that to happen. … We’re going to bring back America bigger, better and stronger than we’ve ever seen before. I’m sticking with 45. I’m not taking a nosedive,” she said.

Silk added a critical point about race—not the 2020 campaign race, but the race card so often played, by white liberal Democrats who, she said, “always call everybody else ‘a racist, a racist, a racist.’ But see, it was white liberals who took and tried to silence Diamond and Silk’s voice,” she said. “They basically took and tried to choke out our platform so that people could not find us and make us invisible.

“But when God has a different plan for you, ‘[here’s] nothing that the devil can do about it but to sit back and watch it, watch it all unfold,” Silk said. “If God brings you to it, He will see you through it. And we have the faith to believe that we will get to the next platform and grow higher and higher and higher.”

Diamond and Silk have some words about the 2020 presidential election too. “I believe President Trump is going to remain the 45th president of the United States,” Diamond said. “Everyone needs to get out and vote. You want to push against these universal mail-in ballots. You want to go to the polls and vote, or you want to request an absentee ballot, what is verified, which is what you need if you can’t get to a poll. … I believe that if everyone get out and vote, he is going to remain the 45th president of these United States.”

“It’s going to be a red tsunami,” Silk added. “So make sure you vote red, R-E-D, ‘Remove Every Democrat.’ Vote right so you won’t get left.”

For more of my supercharged interview with Diamond and Silk and the inside scoop on what they think about, to use their terms, “Jim Crow Joe Biden and phony Kamala Harris,” click here to listen to the entire podcast. If you enjoyed this interview, please share this article and podcast with anyone you know who may need an awakening of their own.

As always, check out stevestrangbooks.com to learn more about the bestselling God, Trump and the 2020 Election along with my latest book, God, Trump and COVID-19 as well as God and Donald Trump and Trump Aftershock. They’re all well worth a read. And they may even spark an uprising! {eoa}


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