What God Wants for America

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cindydeville_webThis is the third and final article from our recent Are You Ready?
video series. In the first two
we looked at how God warns and deals with nations in great sin,
then at what God has been saying to America about the economy, natural
disasters and what’s to come if America does not change. We saw that America is
like a prodigal raging down a path of self-destruction. Today
we share what we believe is God’s solution for America—what it
will take to turn our country from its current path of destruction back to God
and His restoration.

Does the Solution Begin?

What is the answer to changing the course of this nation? Will new legislation
do it? Will a new political leader or party do it? Will a restored economy or
revamped economic system do it? Where does the solution really need to begin?

Fruit or the Root?

First, we must understand that the problems we are seeing in America are
actually the fruit of a root problem. So, right now, changing a
law or new political party or person is like putting a Band-Aid on a
deep-rooted cancer that must be dealt with. At this stage, there is no
legislative or political solution; the problem is too deeply rooted. For
example, we can spend a lot of time and effort praying for or fighting to
change certain legislation—and it may change temporarily—but it soon pops up
somewhere else because we did not deal with the root of the problem, which is
the soul of our nation. It is important that we deal with both the
root and the fruit.

Soul of a Nation

God wants to go to the root of the problem, the soul of this nation. God sees
and is crying out for the prodigals and multitudes of souls racing towards hell
and eternity. He wants to rescue them and bring salvation to the multitudes and
to our nation. If their hearts and souls change, then their actions will
change, their ways will change and their fruit will change. Then we will see a
nation change! This depth of change will require a divine move of God.

wants to bring a great visitation, great awakening and reformation. But these
things don’t come just by us praying for God to bless our economy, or change
legislation or a political party. These things come when souls are shaken under
the convicting power of the Holy Spirit, when the love of God is so heavy and
strong on them that they can’t resist it. That’s what it’s going to take to
bring a nation to its knees. That’s what it’s going to take to turn this
nation. Nothing else is going to work. It is going to take a move of God for
this nation to turn back to Him.

we look at the revivals of the past, we see that the ones that brought great
change, transformation and reformation were those that included the call to
repentance and prayer. This is what God wants to do. This is the solution. It
is a holy solution. It is not a political solution or an economic solution.
Until the church gets on her face and knees, nothing is going to change; it is
only going to get progressively worse.

It Must Begin

God is calling the pastors and Christian leaders across our nation to their
knees, to humbly unite and lead the church in massive repentance and prayer.
See this word from 2010, How Will the Great Awakening Begin?
Repentance is first, then prayer—from the pulpits to the pews. Then we will see
it move to the multitudes, and sweep across our nation.

Keys to Changing

Three keys are needed to begin changing a nation:
1. Genuine repentance: Search our hearts, O God, and see if
there be any wicked way in us (Ps. 139:23-24).
2. Daily prayer: God is calling His house to be a House of
Prayer (Mark 11:17).
3. Unity: Pastors, Christian leaders, and all of God’s people
need to be in one heart, one mind and one accord—as the early Christians were
in the upper room right before the Holy Spirit birthed the New Testament
Church. True unity will require great humility—starting with the pastors
and leaders in God’s house. We also see this reflected in 2 Chronicles 7:14:
“If My people will humble themselves and pray” (emphasis

to Change the Course of a Nation

We have God’s instructions calling for widespread repentance, prayer and unity,
beginning with pastors and the fivefold ministry, but has God specially
instructed us to how to pray? Yes. On the National Day of Prayer in 2009
a powerful prophetic word called “The Course of a Nation” included

them the course of the nation is in their hands, if they will but pray. If they
will pray and press in, not just one day but every day, they will see
everything change. If they will cause their prayers to pour forth
like rain, then I will pour down My presence upon this nation. I will pour down
upon My church. I will pour down upon My people. And that which many have tried
to do through the decades and have failed, I shall do and I shall turn by My
Spirit. I will change this nation.”

also instructed in this way: “Do not pray with hidden sin, with
unforgiveness and hatred in your hearts, because it will hinder your prayers.
For the fervent prayers of the righteous accomplish much.” (See Jas.
5:16.) He also said He’s waiting on His church to be doers of His Word.
Read the full word here.

Pure, Passionate and Persistent

With this in mind, our prayers should, in three words, be pure, passionate
and persistent.
Our repentance must be genuine and pure.
Our prayers must be passionate and persistent (daily) until will see everything


1. God is calling the fivefold ministry to their knees in repentance, prayer,
humility and unity.
2. Church leaders across the nation must begin to lead God’s people in genuine
repentance and daily prayer (see our Top 5 Prayer Guide). We see this as a
churchwide, united effort across denominational lines.
3. We must pour out our prayers like rain every day until God pours out His
Spirit across this nation and we see everything change. If we will do this,
then we will see God move by His Spirit and change this nation.

Is Waiting on His Church

If the leaders in God’s house, beginning with the pastors, will hear God’s
voice, and embrace and run with His plan, then we will see America on her
knees. We’ll see a great awakening and outpouring from coast to coast, as we
see prodigals come home and multitudes come to Christ. Then we will see a
nation healed and restored for God’s plans and purposes in the earth.

is counting on us to seize this moment, for what we do or don’t do as His
leaders and people will determine the course of this nation. Either we’ll have
the greatest awakening we’ve ever seen or the collapse and destruction of
America. We must act now!

we can change a nation.

About the author: Cindy deVille is the co-founder, with
her husband, Darrel, of Shekinah Today Ministries. She
is a prophetic minister and intercessor who “has a strong desire to see
the church return to her first love.” The deVilles publish an
e-newsletter titled Today’s Prophetic Perspective, in which they share
with the body of Christ what they believe God is showing and saying to
them. Their Pray, America! Pray! campaign is a national call to repentance and a compassionate cry for America to return to God.


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