The ‘Lost Boys’ Are Returning to Destroy Demonic Strongholds

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Blogs, Prophetic Fire

Biblical masculinity is under attack, and its ramifications are felt far and wide in society today. In fact, Dr. Tim Clinton, president of American Association of Christian Counselors, tells Charisma, “Research shows that men matter, that dads matter. The statistics don’t lie. You take fathers out of the picture, and things go haywire. The research on fatherlessness is stunning. Now more than ever, what we really need are godly men: men who know and harness their role, gifts and influence for good.”

The world grows dark around us, with destruction and hopelessness ricocheting in every direction. Absent fathers and invalidated sons are just two factors shaking society. Natural disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic, government conspiracies on a global scale … Where are we heading? Will it only get worse from here?

God has an opinion.

The Lord reminded me of an encounter last summer when, in the Spirit, I heard the chant of many men. A war cry arose in their midst, and this cry grew louder as the men came closer.

“What am I hearing?” I asked the Lord.

“These are the lost boys,” He said. In Peter Pan, the Lost Boys were immature, “lacking any adult supervision … often ill-behaved, and enjoy the freedom their wild lifestyle offers.”

This war cry rising out of the darkness was fierce and strong, and it shook the entire realm as thunder. “This is the victorious shout of wayward men returning to the Lord of hosts, awaiting their orders,” the Spirit said. “This is the victory cadence of those who may have gone MIA in the battle for a while, satisfying their carnal desires and seduced by the world, but have been rescued and returned to the kingdom of light.”

“This fierce and thundering war cry is the sound of the prodigals restored to their Father, stronger and more confident than ever before in their identities as sons of the Most High. These are men of integrity and great valor,” the Spirit said. “These are men as strong as oxen yet as gentle as doves—men whose eyes are fixed on the prize (Jesus), determined and filled with purpose to see their missions accomplished.

“My men are rising in this hour,” the Lord said, “and their shouts of praise is one of the mightiest sounds to ever ring out. As Jesus does what He sees the Father doing, these men do what they see Jesus doing.”

I saw the kingdom of darkness crumble. “It stands no chance in the presence of the emerging light rising in this hour—the fire burns within each man. They’ve been prisoners of war in the enemy’s camp for so long that they have returned with the battle plans and strategies—spiritual intel to counter the weapons formed against My kingdom, weapons that will never prosper,” the Lord said.

3 Actions to Reclaim Lost Ground

Clinton says, “At a time in culture when men are put down and their masculinity is debased, they can either live a life of defeat or stand in their God-given inheritance.”

Man of God, the decision is yours: Will you obey the instructions of the King, or will you choose to serve yourself?

Here are three actions you can take today if you’re ready to put your boots on the ground:

1. Study and meditate on the Word of God. In an unstable and volatile culture, it is critical to be grounded in the unchanging foundation of Scripture. Legislature, vocabulary and accepted social norms will shift from season to season. The character and Word of God will not. God is your secure refuge.

2. Build community. Jesus shared a parable about leaving the 99 to pursue the one. He understood that strength is found in numbers, and the wolves of this world target the one who is isolated. Without community, you are without defense. Likewise, connecting with likeminded believers allows “iron” to “sharpen iron.” It yields spiritual maturity.

3. Obey God in the simple and small ways. Steward well what God has already given you, and He will bring increase. Small steps taken today lead you into greater territory tomorrow. This might look like setting your phone aside during dinner or answering those work emails once your children or asleep. Is God leading you to establish boundaries to protect your marriage by telling your pastor you’re unavailable to help with that project because you have plans with your wife? Whatever the Spirit is asking you to do, do it.

The father of lies has sabotaged and swayed the lost boys into deception; the Father of lights can set the wrong right. {eoa}

Samantha Gregoire is passionate about Jesus, cats and caffeinated beverages. Delivered from depression, anxiety, eating disorders and abuse, she empathizes for those who feel ostracized, broken and alone. As a result, she prophetically encourages and intercedes for others through Salt + Light by Samantha Rose.

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