Prophetic Dream: Don’t Believe the Lies on Your Screens

by | Jun 18, 2020 | Blogs, Prophetic Fire

We are divided. We may all love God, hold fast to scriptural integrity and have compassion for the lost, but we are still divided as the church.

But it’s not because of our theological bents or doctrinal differences. It’s because we’re being lied to, and many sincere believers are falling for the bait. The issues that are dividing us—wearing masks, sympathizing with demonstrators and criticizing our president—are merely lures to cause division.

These realities are based on twisted truths and carefully orchestrated lies that are poisoning our minds and altering our reality. If we don’t step back and ask some serious questions, we are going to get lost in this matrix and ultimately self-destruct.

Two nights ago, in a dream, the Lord clearly spoke to me about the necessity of the church empowering others with the truth if we are to overcome this present darkness. Many in the church can no longer divorce politics from our mission or mandate. The visible war between political parties merely represents a much bigger clash between the kingdom of light and the kingdoms of darkness.

Our spiritual adversary is using our political structures to infiltrate our ranks and destroy us from the inside out. It is imperative that we understand the devil’s endgame if we are to empower one another in defeating his plans. Church leaders especially must equip their people to rightly discern the spiritual forces that are assaulting us and connect the dots to real people in real time.

In the dream, I was shown a church leader trying to lead a service with the help of Holy Spirit. However, things were out of sync, and this leader’s message wasn’t getting through. I saw the pages of his message fall to the floor and saw the word “SOROS” in huge letters. The leader knew this was important and wanted to get the words projected on the screen for all to see.

However, Holy Spirit grabbed the papers and began to hand them out to the people instead. I sensed an urgency as this information was to be put into the hands of believers instead of trusting what was projected on the screen.

We can no longer trust the mainstream media to tell us the truth as there is a concentrated effort to manipulate the facts and brainwash the masses. This is still a shock to many older folks who grew up never questioning those who reported the news. For the younger generation, social media is an even worse cesspool of misinformation.

Due to the liberal bias of most major networks, I believe there is a demonic spirit now attached to these compromised outlets bringing viewers under a hypnotic spell that produces spiritual blindness. Though many are awake to this reality, many are still attached to their screens, unable to perceive the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings.

We’ve got to break free and alert others to the ongoing plots and schemes of those set on erasing God from every part of our lives and making themselves gods over the world systems they’ve created.

I believe the word “SOROS” represents not just a person (George Soros), but a demonic global agenda as well as the dark network in place to advance this globalist agenda. The plan for a one-world government has been in play for decades and is now in its final stages of implementation. Once mocked as a conspiracy by many, the facts are now clear that this is a reality about to rob us of our sovereignty as a nation, our privacy as American citizens, and our religious freedom as believers.

The United States is the last holdout for this global initiative, and all hell is unleashing its fury on us and our president for not yielding to its subversion.

Those who understand this larger scheme realize that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a planned event to help usher in this need for global governance and control. We believe the racial unrest and subsequent riots have also been carefully staged to disrupt our lives and spread toxic fear. Though there are spirits of death, disease and racism certainly at work that need attention and prayer, these are lesser powers compared to the antichrist principalities that go back to ancient times.

These are the realities all true believers must reckon with if we are to properly address the rising threats of civil war, anarchy and the impending hostile takeover of our nation. We need to filter everything through the lens of the Spirit and not what we see on our screens.

This is a call to those on the frontlines of this battle. We must take our conversations beyond the issues of wearing a mask or supporting Black Lives Matter. We need to get past political persuasions and point to the spiritual battles that are threatening our very existence. We must become reliable purveyors of truth and compel the doubters to listen and consider their fate. We must be sufficiently prepared to give an answer for our beliefs in such a way that causes others to follow.

There will always be those given to argumentation with no desire to change. Don’t waste your time on them. Look for good ground and those who are willing to consider your case when presented with valid information. Ask Holy Spirit for fresh and creative ways to share the truth and avoid clichés and slogans that might be a roadblock to an honest seeker. And for you church leaders and pastors (of which my husband is one)—bite the bullet and talk about these issues.

Our religious freedom is dependent on your willingness to confront these subjects head-on from a kingdom perspective (this is why I wrote my latest book, Moving from Sword to Scepter). They are not political just because they are current. It is your job to teach believers what God’s government looks and acts like, and how we are to engage in the public square just as the early church did.

The devil wants us to be locked on our screens, hanging on every headline and questioning every authority. Don’t fall into his trap, and don’t let others get sucked in. The message we carry has much greater authority than the lies of the enemy. The problem is that the enemy is getting a lot more airtime, and it’s time to change the channel. Let’s disrupt the spiritual airways by broadcasting the kingdom of light, thereby forcing all other powers to bow and submit to an ever-increasing government that has no end and no other ruler but God. {eoa}

Wanda Alger has been a field correspondent with Intercessors for America and writes for several national online publications. She is also a speaker and the author of five books including Prayer That Sparks National Revival and Moving from Sword to Scepter: Ruling Through Prayer as the Ekklesia of God. Follow her blog at


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