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And I Will Be Found By You

And I Will Be Found By You
By Francis Frangipane, Arrow Publications, softcover, 168 pages, $13.50.

In his newest book, author Francis
Frangipane explores what it means to seek and know God, which is a
Christian’s highest purpose. Everything that is wrong with people is a
result of not being in close fellowship with their Creator. Conversely,
God’s presence—God’s love brings about everything that is right, good
and holy. Christian teachers and philosophers throughout the ages have
written scores on this very subject, and yet it cannot be said enough.
Frangipane brings his own flavor and a fresh look on how being immersed
in tradition, religion, disciplines and good works is not enough—how
those things only have value if one is first immersed in God.
Frangipane talks of entering the rest of God as meaning being enveloped
by His Spirit. Readers going through Frangipane’s book will want to
take time to pause, reflect and bask in God’s presence as they read.
—Deborah L. Delk

An excerpt from this book was published in the February issue of Charisma. You can read it at


Unmerited favorUnmerited favor
By Joseph Prince, Charisma House, hardcover, 352 pages, $22.99.

Senior pastor of New Creation Church in
Singapore Joseph Prince teaches how to have a successful life. But this
isn’t a typical “how to” success guide. It’s about grace, and it’s “all
about Jesus,” Prince writes. He emphasizes that God’s way to success is
based not on what you have, but on who you have. We have
unmerited favor because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. This grace
perfects every area of our lives, and God’s goodness alone, not our
self-efforts, will lead us to victory. “There is no middle road,”
Prince writes. “You cannot mix your own efforts with God’s grace.
Choose His unmerited favor and all the glory rebounds to Jesus. Every
success, opportunity, blessing or breakthrough … comes by His
unmerited favor. It is never you!” Prince wants readers to understand
that God is on their side and He deeply loves them. His free gift of
grace gives us supernatural advantage and can open doors of opportunity
and prepare us to receive His blessings. We simply have to decide if we
will depend on ourselves or rely on Jesus alone for every success. 

Leigh DeVore


Why I Stayed

Why I Stayed
By Gayle Haggard with Angela Hunt, Tyndale House Publishers, hardcover, $25.99.

Gayle Haggard’s highly anticipated biography, Why I Stayed: The Choices I Made in My Darkest Hour,
chronicles her life after the fallout of her pastor-husband Ted’s
public moral failure. The story, already spotlighted through the
couple’s appearances on Oprah and in the documentary The Rise and Fall of Ted Haggard,
arrives on the printed page with more room for her to elaborate. The
book lands somewhere between the “tell alls” and the “tell nones” and
could probably be considered a “tell some,” with Haggard focusing on
her husband’s restoration in ministry and their estrangement from the
church that began in their basement. She also discusses her husband’s
attempts for reassimilation into ministry that generated further
frustrations. Haggard’s purpose seems to be to put a human face on a
national headline and also to explain why she still supports and loves
her husband. She also offers encouragement and empathy for those
encountering situations just as dire; although, most likely not as
—DeWayne Hamby


Renewal for the Wounded WarriorRenewal for the Wounded Warrior
By R. Loren Sandford, Chosen, softcover, 192 pages, $13.99.

This book applies to anyone
experiencing spiritual burnout. However, R. Loren Sandford’s background
and retelling of conflicts with elders, gossips and immature church
members mean its leading appeal will be to pastors. Still, Renewal for the Wounded Warrior
can benefit the entire body of Christ with its exploration of the three
stages of burnout and the “dark night of the soul” that follows. It
also contains valuable guidelines for sufferers and those trying to
help them. The strongest chapter is the last—a comprehensive
exploration of Job and those who attacked him when his suffering didn’t
fit their preconceived notions of God’s grace. The same phenomenon
occurs today, and the author says it reduces God to a set of mechanical
principles and heaps guilt on those whose experience doesn’t fit
religious molds. This book may realign your thinking about the role of
life’s setbacks, which the author sees as God’s way of refining,
correcting and stripping away our pride, vanity and self-centeredness.
As he puts it: “There is a lot more to God and His goodness than we can
ever learn of or even begin to fathom.”
—Ken Walker


When God Says YesWhen God Says Yes
By Julia Loren, Chosen, softcover, 224 pages, $13.99.

Need a shot of faith? Author Julia Loren’s newest book, When God Says Yes: His Promises and Provision When You Need It Most,
is a collection of testimonies, many by well-known ministry leaders,
that will bring a needed reminder of how God takes care of His people.
In 10 chapters Loren covers topics such as angelic protection, healing
and financial provision.  Among her contributors are Mike Bickle, Heidi
Baker, James Goll and Chuck Pierce. But the author also shares personal
stories of her own struggles and faith, revealing vulnerable moments
and fulfillment. These stories illustrate how God keeps His promises.
It is a book that will leave readers comforted and encouraged, having
new faith and life breathed into them. Loren, a former journalist and
counselor, loves how God has woven all the different interests in her
life into the books she is now writing.

—Deborah L. Delk


Wake MeWake Me
By Tal & Acacia, Essential Records.

On their debut album, Wake Me,
sister duo Tal & Acacia offer catchy tunes perfect for road trips
(roll down the windows and crank up the music) but also for personal
devotional times. “Garbage In” reminds us that what we put into our
minds and hearts will be demonstrated in our lives. This song also
cries out: “O Lord, grab hold of this sin-filled child / For now, the
darkness is all around.” “Merry Go Round” is a light-hearted tune about
“being tired of the same ol’ stuff” and determining to “live beyond
what’s in front of me.” The quirky “Love’s Gonna Getcha” declares we
are special and that His love will capture us no matter how fast or how
far we try to run. “Yahweh” is a beautiful ballad of worship to our
Jehovah Elyon, Jehovah Nissi. Audiences of all ages will appreciate
their lighthearted, joyful melodies with lyrics that can encourage
listeners each time they play Wake Me. Tal & Acacia’s
musical talent will solidify them as true artists in the industry and
should sustain their career for many years. And the biblical truths
will make an eternal difference in listeners’ lives.

Leigh DeVore

By Anthony Evans, INO Records.

When you mix thought-provoking lyrics and cool chords with one man’s vulnerability, you get Anthony Evans’ latest release, Undisguised.
In his new “bare-all” project, Evans challenges listeners to worship
God unconditionally—through hardships, brokenness and in good times.
Though he praises the Father, he sends a message to listeners. “As
Christian artists we think we can’t be perceived as broken,” Evans
says. “But opening up, revealing the truth of who we are and what we’re
experiencing, allows God to do what He does best.” This 12-track CD is
replete with up-tempo, introspective, edgy and reverential songs that
drive home the artist’s message of “mask-less” worship. It is clear
that he wants listeners to be real with God and man. “Holding up a mask
and trying to be everything you’re not is too much work,” Evans says.
“Keeping up such appearances is a drain of your time and energy, and it
keeps you from doing what you should be doing.”
—Valerie G. Lowe


Wide Open SpacesWide Open Spaces
By FFH, 62 Records.

After three years, FFH is back as
husband and wife duo Jeromy and Jennifer Deibler. Since their departure
in 2006, the Deiblers ministered in South Africa and had a second
child. And Jeromy was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He says their
journey has taught them that brokenness and joy can co-exist. Now they
are ready to reconnect with their audience and share this chapter of
their lives. FFH will still have the same sound, he says, but lyrically
this album is different. Going through what they have, he explains, you
can’t write the same kind of songs. “It is about hope and joy,” he
says, “being content in the hard times and never going back to the
status quo.” “Undone” is a song about surrendering to God in the midst
of trying circumstances. The piano ballad “Stop the Bleeding” is a
desperate cry asking how much we have to endure to be broken. “Jesus
Give Me Rest” is a country tune seeking His peace. Fans young and old
will relate to the emotions expressed on this album. The Deiblers’
story and songs will encourage listeners to remain steadfast in their
faith and to continue to trust God.
—Leigh DeVore


Her Mother’s Hope[GENERAL]

Her Mother’s Hope
By Francine Rivers, Tyndale, hardcover, 528 pages, $24.99.

Marta Schneider’s hard childhood in
Switzerland and journey to America made her determined and strong. As a
mom, her tough love is seen as indifference. Her daughter Hildie is
also independent but expresses her strength differently. Can they learn
to appreciate their differences and form a new bond?

Once in a Blue Moon[CONTEMPORARY]

Once in a Blue Moon
By Leanna Ellis, B&H Fiction, softcover, $14.99.

Bryn Seymour was 9 when her mom
mysteriously died. Forty years later, Bryn meets Howard, a conspiracy
theorist, who knew Bryn’s mom and thinks a Texas town holds the clues
to her death. Bryn goes along for the ride but is not sure who’s
crazier, Howard or his son Sam, a Christian. A hard life has made Bryn
cynical, but the perfect love could give her new hope.

Somewhere to Belong[ROMANCE]

Somewhere to Belong
By Judith Miller, BethanyHouse, softcover, 320 pages, $14.99.

Johanna Ilg’s simple Amish-style life
in Amana, Iowa, is shattered when she uncovers a secret. She has to
make a choice between a new life and the man she’s left behind.
Meanwhile, Berta Schumacher lived a privileged life in Chicago. When
her parents opt for a simpler life in Amana, Berta is resistant. The
strict new life fosters a rebellious attitude. Will she ever learn to be content?





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