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Thank god for teen mania


I am grateful for Teen Mania and the ministry of Ron and Katie Luce. God is using the two of them and their kids to help change a generation. I pray they give no ground to the devil and that they stay the course. God is raising up a generation of teens who will love and serve Jesus and who will not compromise His Word.

L. Williams
Jackson, Mississippi


More Election Fallout

Everyone has a right to vote for whomever he chooses. However, since many of us prayed for God’s will to be done in this past election, why is it so difficult for us to accept the fact that Barack Obama just may be God’s choice for this time?

God remains sovereign. How else can we explain that, in spite of our racist history, a black man was overwhelmingly elected as our next president? Let’s all pray for President Obama.

Rev. M. Bond
Chicago, Illinois


The election certainly did divide readers of Charisma, but it shouldn’t have. Voting should be simple. It should be based on what the Bible says about issues. We should have voted for the candidate who promotes life.

Most Americans wanted change and God gave them change. Before President Obama addressed the economy he approved stem cell research and fulfilled his promises to Planned Parenthood. I for one am not happy with this change.

Eileen Steller
via e-mail

Thank you, Charisma, for the article about Sarah Palin (January). For everyone out there who believes Barack Obama is truly saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost, I would like to ask why he seems so thirsty for the innocent blood of aborted babies. God, have mercy!

Jason Hoover
New Holland, Pennsylvania


In a letter to the editor, Mr. Adams said he could not “disagree more with [Sarah Palin’s] idea of running this country” (Feedback, March). How unfortunate! Does this mean he agrees with the new president’s first official act of expanding funding to kill innocent children? You can rest assured that Palin would uphold the sanctity of life and other Christian values.

Keith Murray
Avera, Georgia


I have problems with the article in February 2009 titled “Halt the Decline of America” by John Hagee. Hagee writes like a politician who is trying to solicit support for various social, political and military issues around the world. Yet when listing the “four ways” we as a nation can act, he mentions only economic, industrial, governmental and military actions.

He never mentions our need to pray for positive change. He doesn’t talk about spiritual warfare, the need for men and women of faith to run for political office, or spiritual solutions given in the Word. Is he a pastor or a politician?

Bob Thomas
Cumming, Georgia


Todd Bentley’s Divorce

I agree with J. Lee Grady’s column “Greasy Grace” (Fire in My Bones online, 3/9/2009). The thing that appalled me was the public soliciting of donations to restart Todd Bentley’s ministry in the United States. No money should be taken up at this time! If someone wants to give money to Bentley, let it come because the Lord moves on his or her heart.

Jose Alvarez
Doral, Florida


Is restoration even possible for two people who are blatantly living in adultery, without godly sorrow? Thank you for your concern for Todd Bentley’s ex-wife, Shonnah, and children. I have walked in her shoes and 28 years later have never been vindicated, though my husband and his present wife were coddled and “restored” to the body of Christ.

My heart goes out to Shonnah. She is undoubtedly suffering pain, shame and humiliation, not to speak of hardships for her family.

name withheld

Thank you so much for your insightful message concerning Todd Bentley. I pray that God will help us all get back to what Christianity is all about. I believe that events in the Christian world are causing many people to turn away from the faith.

Ed Brown
Richmond, Virginia

I just wanted to let Charisma know how much I appreciate your truth and balance. I continue to pray that the body of Christ will be cleansed and purified and come into maturity—unified and glorious!

Darrel DeVille
via e-mail


In his defense, I believe Todd Bentley exhibited a remarkable degree of acceptance toward some of the most undeserving people. He reveled in their testimonies and triumphs. Yes, character matters. Yes, doctrine matters. And only believing in the Lord Jesus Christ saves, heals and delivers people in a meeting, regardless of who leads it.

Robert Willman
Sarasota, Florida



Free digital issue!

Thank you so much for the free online issues of Charisma. I am a missionary living in Germany. Reading your magazine is like a breath of fresh air.

Kim Droptiny
Berlin, Germany

[ My Turn ]

President Barack Obama diligently continues his mission to destroy this country. We must give him credit, though, for his “honesty.” He is doing exactly what he promised his followers during his campaign. Upon taking the office of president, he did not hesitate to overturn a law that President George W. Bush passed banning government support of abortion. Our tax dollars are now being given to organizations such as Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills that are killing our babies. We as conservative Christians are supporting sinful organizations against our will.

Even more recently he has signed into law a bill that allows our tax dollars to support embryonic stem cell research. This will lead only to the destruction of more innocent babies. God cannot bless a country that continues to go against His will.

I have been praying that the Lord would enlighten Obama and change his heart, but he appears to be bent on doing evil. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the majority of the American people put him in office. When the majority votes for evil, we deserve what we get. Expect the worse, but pray for the best. Pray for God’s intervention to turn this country around.

Rev. Kort Greene Jr.
Scottsville, Virginia



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