The Priceless Power of a Limitless Life

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Woman

“Live your life at full gallop,” the graphic said. A gallop, of course, is the fastest gait of a horse, but even a horse cannot run a full gallop for long stretches at a time. None of us can live our lives running all-out forever, but we can live limitless if we understand how.


“Unlimited or unrestrained” is another definition of going at full gallop; I like that better. The idea of running without stopping doesn’t work if we are doing everything in our own strength. We will burn out. We need rest. It is a fact of our humanity. But if we understand we have God on our side, we are set free of restraints, boundaries and limitations.

God is limitless, and so are we when we are operating in His strength.

“Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you to accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for His mighty power constantly energizes you” (Eph. 3:20, TPT).


A friend sent me a prophecy in 2013 before I finished my first book, Sweet Grace: How I Lost 250 Pounds and Stopped Trying to Earn God’s Favor. At that time, I didn’t put much stock in prophecies. I’ve since learned to get a glimpse into how God sees you is very motivational. There are truths hidden in prophecies.

Here is part of what she said, “I see you as a racehorse with your mane flowing and tail flying out behind you in the wind. You are to run. You are to run with boldness and not hold back. You are to run the race He has set before you. He has doors open for you. Go through them without fear … I see stamina and endurance, power and beauty pounding by me like a freight train … Run!”

It was a great word, but I never saw myself as a racehorse, much less a runner. I was not in a hurry. My weight-loss journey had taken me over 12 years to get to the point where I was. It was a slow but steady journey. I was fine with my book-writing to be the same. I figured it would take me five years to write a book. Instead, it took three months to write the first draft.

What God Did

My faith was small for Sweet Grace’s reach. I felt if it would help one person, it would be worth it. Apparently, God had different plans. When He directs and we follow through, amazing things happen. He has exceeded anything I could imagine, guess or request in my wildest dreams (see Eph. 3:20, MSG).

In four years, I’ve written and self-published four books and two study guides. Sweet Grace became the No. 1 Christian weight-loss memoir on Amazon within three months of its release. As of today, Sweet Freedom is third and Sweet Change is seventh. Sweet Hunger: Developing an Appetite For God, my latest book, a nine-session Bible study, is in the top 20 of the Christian weight-loss Bible Studies.

I didn’t do that. I had no idea of how to accomplish getting a book highly ranked. God led me each step of the way. He made it happen. Most days I feel I’m sitting on the sidelines and watching Him do what He does best—open doors. My job is simply to walk through them.

Me, a Coach?

I had been trained as a life coach, but I had no intention of doing weight -loss coaching. I knew all the excuses folks would give because I had been the queen of excuses. Still, God called me to help others specifically through an online group mainly because I can reach so many people I’d never reach any other way.

I knew I couldn’t say no. I was on an obedience journey. I had to answer His call.

I’m so glad I did. We’ve had thousands of pounds reported lost by those who’ve been in our coaching groups or those who write in and say they have lost weight just by reading and following the advice in my books. I just shake my head in amazement at how God is using my story to help set His children free from food addiction.

Only God could do that.

Unique Group

I’ve had many ask me to offer one-on-one private coaching. I have been reluctant to do that because I know the value of a group joining together. God kept speaking to me about it and finally gave me the idea of how to offer the best of both.

My new group will offer a unique experience where 12 participants each get six one-on-one sessions with me over the course of three months. In addition, each week they have a teaching video, which further explains the freedom principles used in the sessions. These are released through a closed, private Facebook group.

Some will be in the group for weight loss. Some will be there to experience freedom in areas where they feel stuck, which may or may not have to do with weight loss. It might have to do with a past issue they can’t get through, an addiction that has them bound or any number of other things. Some will be there to make sure they are as free as they can be and to learn and experience the principles in order to help others.

Experience Freedom

These principles work for everyone and for anything that is blocking us from going forward on our journeys. In the one-on-one time with each person, I will lead them to experience what these principles can do in their own life.

John 8:32b is the verse that says you will know the truth and truth will set you free. The Message version, though, adds the dimension of experience. “You will experience for yourself the truth and the truth will free you.”

We have a rational understanding that what God says in His Word is the truth, however, do we believe it? What we truly believe will be demonstrated by our behaviors. If our behaviors show we don’t trust God, we don’t have faith; we don’t believe we are forgiven; we know what to do but aren’t doing it, then there is a huge disconnect.

Freedom principles help us experience the truth. When truth drops from our heads and settles in our hearts, true transformation begins. In VIP Freedom Coaching we use freedom principles and see this happen time and time again.

Dropping Facades

I’ve been using these principles for four years and have seen breakthroughs. I know from experience when I can work one-on-one with individuals, facades drop and God is able to move.

A group like this takes time and I am busy, but I’m making an intentional choice to be present for these 12 individuals. Remember, Jesus had 12 disciples He poured Himself into. Those 12 helped spread the gospel so that today an estimated 2.2 billion of the 6.9 billion people in the world are professing Christians.

God has shown me this freedom message needs to be carried by more than just me. Many more need to catch onto the truth that He has tools “to set us free, not partially free, but wonderfully and completely free” (Gal. 5:1, TPT).

We are already free. So why are we still acting like we are living in bondage? There are root issues holding us back. Sometimes we feel bound by the things life has thrown at us. I’m going to help you discover the roots that have us held in bondage, work with God to eradicate them and come away unlimited, feeling like you can charge through the barriers that have been holding you back.

God wants us running at full gallop, mane flowing, tail flying out behind in the wind. Unrestrained. Unlimited. Totally free to run in His strength.

It’s time. Let’s run.


For more information on the group, go here.

Teresa Shields Parker is the author of seven books, all available on Amazon. Her latest book, Sweet Hunger: Developing an Appetite for God, is available now, and Sweet Grace: How I Lost 250 Pounds is the No. 1 Christian weight-loss memoir. She is also a writing and weight-loss coach, blogger, speaker, wife and mother. Visit her online at to find her books, coaching programs and free gifts.

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