How You Can Receive Your Miracle—Even When You Can’t See It

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Woman

This isn’t the first time someone has asked me this question. When I write about the power of God’s miracles and when I speak on the faith we must have in His miraculous healing, why then do I still have no sight?

The question seems logical and obvious. My answer: God has healed me. And no, it’s not manifested yet. It may not be until I enter heaven.

But while here on earth, the issue is that we as flawed, limited-minded folks have expectations that mirror our human notion of what a miracle should be.

How God Heals

Luke 4 details Jesus’ healing of many, instantly and completely. He healed them from physical and mental disorders. He healed the blind. And I am among them. Though my physical vision didn’t come back, what God allowed me to see reaches far beyond the physical.

What I see is His grace that covers me when life turns dark. What I see is His hand at work when I run into walls of opposition. What I see clearly is His compassion when I fall into the ditch of my mistakes. And He gave me 20/20 vision to see His forgiving nature when I don’t deserve it. And what I can’t help but see is His promise for a future, rich with His everlasting love.

So, has God healed me? A resounding yes. But we, human minded, with limited vision, only see the miracle according to our limited expectations.

I admit it; initially, that was my expectation, too. I prepared for one day to wake up and have full sight. Had that happened, I would have danced with gratitude, and from the rooftops proclaimed the miracle. But that euphoria would have waned in time. And I might have gone back to being the same young woman, looking for fulfillment, searching for a way to feel whole and seeking the richness of life.

God Knows Best

God knew; that’s why He restored my spiritual vision. And now nearly 30 years later, I still see the abundance is not found in possessing physical sight, enjoying the ability to walk, living in a cancer-free body or enjoying a sharp mind. The richness of life is found in spite of our limited abilities, recognizing the limitless power of God at work.

He’s at work in your life right now, too. He may be preparing a miracle, not in the way you expect, but beyond. He may have the answer, but different and better than you hoped.

And as we wait, here are five truths to consider:

  1. Our expectations have a limited realm; His delivery has a profound result.
  2. Jesus didn’t come to heal only physical ailments, but to uphold His promise to renew our soul.
  3. When we’re afraid, Jesus was born so our fear could die.
  4. Our worry vanishes in the wonder of His promises.
  5. If we seek God first, we don’t have to look for miracles; they’re all before us.

Knowing these truths, we don’t need New Year’s resolutions. God gave the solutions: faith in what He does, trust in what He says and hope in what we yet don’t see.

Let’s Pray

Father, I praise You for knowing what I long for more than I do. You see what I need more than I do, and when I think I’m asking for something good, You give me the best. In Jesus’ name.

What miracle have you overlooked lately? {eoa}

Janet Perez Eckles is an international speaker and the author of four books. She has helped thousands conquer fear and bring back joy.

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