Prominent Lawyer Fights Election Fraud With Supernatural Discernment

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Supernatural & Dreams

Editor’s Note: This is part one of a two-part series on Lin Wood and his journey in representing President Donald J. Trump in the lawsuits surrounding the 2020 election. Part two will run tomorrow.

Lin Wood, one of the most prominent and patriotic attorneys in America, joined the legal fight alongside President Trump’s legal team to save election integrity from fraud and political treachery, thereby, preserving the U.S. Constitution. However, according to his tweets, Wood, a man of deep faith and intimacy with the Holy Spirit, quickly discerned the spiritual battle of biblical proportions between God’s revelations and satanic influences fighting for control of the soul and future of America.

“Every lie will be revealed,” said Wood in a prophetic pronouncement. He is challenging the veracity of the 2020 presidential election and claiming there is ample evidence of election fraud to benefit Democrat party candidate Joe Biden, especially in Wood’s home state of Georgia where alleged corruption charges have tinged both Democrats and anti-Trump, establishment Republicans.

Wood is wisely using facts—and the truth of the Word of God—to confront deception, blatant lies, power grabs, intimidation, authoritarian acts and shameless hypocrisy against the backdrop of established law.

The Christian worldview and personal faith of Lin Wood are on full display in this #FightBack lawyer’s tweets on Twitter, as he urges people to “Trust the Lord,” “Have faith in God” and “Be strong in your faith.” Although it may seem unusual for a top lawyer with a strong backbone for legal fights to speak openly about his faith in Christ, He often tweets Bible verses, including recent posts of Joshua 1:9, Jeremiah 33:3, 15 and Isaiah 41:10.

Wood said, “I think there are a lot of things going on right now that people won’t recognize without discernment, so they understand more than just what they see at first glance.”

The massive and well-coordinated efforts of Big Tech (Twitter, Facebook, Google and so forth) and the mainstream media to suppress and censor any statements about evidence of election fraud have created false appearances to cover up the deception.

Yet, with conviction, ample evidence and legal brilliance, Wood remains committed to speak out boldly to fight against the corruption that aims to take away the religious freedoms and cherished rights of American citizens.

Embodying the type of faith, wisdom and courage of the Founding Fathers as if 2020 and 1776 have miraculously intersected in time, Wood has set himself in opposition to the rise of authoritarian regimes that lock down, lock out and shut up any voice that does not agree with their globalist, socialist, perverted agenda that calls good “evil” and evil “good.”

A consequence of such boldness, trusting the Lord to confront the modern-day Pharisees of secular religion, identity politics, extremism and anti-America rhetoric, has been death threats. Wood has responded in faith, however, believing the power of the Holy Spirit is greater than any threat from man.

“If you cannot attack the message, attack the messenger,” Wood tweeted. “I have received death threats analyzed as likely real. Fine. I have protection of Psalm 91.”

Wood’s message is clear, but not easy for people who have believed the lies about President Trump propagated by Big Media, Big Tech and Big Government (“Deep State”) who hate an America-first worldview and the populist President. Going against the grain of most political circles, President Trump has given power back to “We The People” of the United States of America, rather than allowing a few in the self-serving, ruling elite to wield transformational power in dangerous ways.

As if speaking like a prophet, Wood asserted in one tweet, “People are going to prison for trying to ruthlessly overthrow our Constitution and duly elected President @realdonaltrump.”

Walking Out the Process

The winner of the 2020 presidential election has not been certified. The media do not have the authority to declare a winner. This is a contested presidential election on the path to be adjudicated in the Supreme Court, likely before the Dec. 14 deadline for the electoral college to certify the winner of the White House.

Wood understands how high the stakes really are. He understands the Judeo-Christian roots of the United States as a nation under God, and the role of this country is as a beacon of freedom, hope and light.

If future generations are going to live in freedom, Wood urges Christians to be among the first to have courage during these difficult times as a divided nation.

“People need to be prepared to fight for their freedom,” said Wood. “And I think at this time more than any time in my lifetime, people need to have faith in God.”

His words of trusting God have served as a calming influence on social media.

“I do not think that you can hide the truth,” Wood tweeted, providing hope to all Americans who value free and fair elections. “The truth has to come out. I believe it will.”

The spiritual battle over the White House is fierce.

“[The American people] are going to be shocked at what I believe is going to be a revelation in terms of people who are engaged in satanic worship,” he tweeted.

This pro-God, pro-America, pro-Trump lawyer is calling on Bible-believing Christians to pray—pray for our nation, pray for President Trump, pray for spiritual discernment.

“I don’t believe the people trying to take over our country are going to let go when it’s exposed that the election was a fraud,” said Wood in a radio interview with Steve Bannon on Newsmax. “I think there are plans in place to do other things to try to take over our government. I think 2020 is the year they wanted to do it. Old George Soros said he was going to get it done and get rid of Trump. So I think the people have to have courage.”

On Nov. 22, Wood tweeted, “Sidney Powell @SidneyPowell1 is going to confront the devil in GA this week. So are many others. Some who have been quiet are about to speak out. The devil has no idea what he is about to face in GA. We The People are going to confront the devil, too.”

Besides praying and declaring in the Spirit that God’s will be done in this heady situation, believers can support a petition to stop fraud in Georgia and express support for free and fair elections. {eoa}

A.B. Petrucci is a freelance writer.

Follow Lin Wood on Twitter @LLinWood or Parler @LinWood.


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