How to Obliterate These 6 Signs of Demonic Oppression in Your Life

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Supernatural & Dreams

As I travel and talk about the “feeling” gift of discernment, I always have people tell me, “I have never heard anyone talk about this before. I’m so glad you are. It has helped me so much!”

Many of us have been wired by God as “feelers.” We have a natural intuitive ability, as well as the ability to sense and feel in the spirit realm. We can feel the emotions of others and the spiritual atmosphere they walk in.

One of the greatest tools I have learned is this: Not everything I feel is me.

You have no idea how much this truth set me free.

Being an intuitive feeler, I would often struggle with feeling the emotions and even spiritual oppression of people around me. At times I would even get “transference” from them. It seemed what afflicted them would come over onto me. It was a very difficult place to live from. I felt like I was in constant spiritual warfare. It was exhausting!

You may relate to what I am sharing. If you are anything like me, I had to go through a deep inner transformation of my belief systems, learn more about how God protects me and keeps me from getting transference, as well as learn how to close open doors I may have had to the enemy.

There’s so much I want to share with you, but let me give you one digestible key that will help you in your journey.

The enemy only dwells in darkness. If you are experiencing oppression of any kind, then you have to discover if there are open doors in your life. Once you discover an open door, you can close it and remove any ground the enemy may have to oppress you.

Some examples of oppression:

  1. Feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, rejection, loneliness or anger.
  2. Feelings of heaviness on your chest or head or at times feeling suffocated even while you are asleep. Having a difficulty breathing, feeling like something is sitting on your chest.
  3. Feeling weird or odd sensations in your body.
  4. Torment in your dreams.
  5. Continual temptations of a sexual nature.
  6. Bound in any kind of addiction, including mental, emotional, physical or sexual.

There are very specific ways you can discover if you have an open door and if it is bringing unnecessary oppression into your life. One open door I discovered that I had was a wrong internal belief system. At one point in my life, I gave the enemy way more power than he actually had. I believed that he could transfer to me at will. Because I believed this, he was able to do it.

Once I started renewing my mind with the Scripture 1 John 5:18b—”The wicked one cannot touch him”—it stopped the transferences from happening! My faith in God’s power to protect me affected me on a moment-by-moment basis.

The Lord gave me so many other Scriptures to renew my internal belief systems. I share those in my e-course, “Are You a Feeler?”

He also led me through a process of identifying any other open door I had in my life. Once I dealt with these open doors, I started to live from an entirely different place with my gift of discernment. It was full of so much glory and joy!

In this journey, I learned how to identify these open doors and completely kick the enemy out of my life. Not only did I learn how to identify them, but I learned how to shut them so that the enemy lost any legal ground. {eoa}

To read more about spiritual warfare, check out the new e-book, The Spiritual Warfare Strategy Guide, here for only $0.99.

Matt Sorger is a prophetic minister who carries a unique anointing that fills entire rooms with the tangible glory of God, with many saved, healed, set free and filled with God’s presence. Matt is a strong preacher and teacher of God’s word, mentoring and equipping the body of Christ to live in the realm of God’s power and glory. He has impacted the globe ministering in over 35 nations and has reached over 200 nations by television and media. Matt and his wife Stephanie oversee Rescue1, rescuing children from trafficking around the world. Their vision is to see at least 1,500 children set free.

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