These Objects May Be Opening Your Home to Demons

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Spiritual Warfare

The demonic realm is real, and demons are looking for a body to host or an object in which to attach. In the Bible, we see examples of territorial spirits in Mark 5 who wanted to occupy a region.

Familiar spirits know what is in our generational line and what we struggle with. They operate to keep the same negative patterns and habits repeatedly manifesting. Territorial spirits and familiar spirits can be in the atmosphere, attempting to inflict our souls and attach to objects. Spirits can attach to objects that are not of the Lord, have been cursed, or dedicated to a false god.

There are times we go through another territory or region, and we can feel the darkness. Additionally, there are also times we feel something is just not right. These are examples of how the demonic can infiltrate other places, and we are sensitive to it, and the Spirit makes us aware. It is similar to when we go into a church or home that has been prayed up and permeated with the presence of the Lord. We can feel an atmospheric shift, lightness and peace; that is how we want our homes to feel. It is wisdom to do a spiritual housecleaning and purge anything in our homes that could be instituting spiritual warfare on our behalf.

I remember one time going to the store and purchasing bags of crosses on clearance. As we were in prayer and worship, the bags were in the room when two of us looked up and felt something amiss in the spiritual atmosphere. We were immediately drawn to the bag of crosses. As we looked at the crosses, we could see faces in the designs. We later discovered crosses made in China were made in the same factories as Buddhas, and that they are dedicated to Buddha before they leave China. We immediately got rid of them and prayed over my home.

In the Bible, we receive instructions on what to do with an object that could have spiritual attachments.

You must burn the graven images of their gods with fire. You must not desire the silver or gold that is on them nor take any of it, lest you be snared by them, for it is an abomination to the Lord your God. You shall not bring an abomination into your house, lest you become cursed like it, but you must absolutely detest and abhor it, for it is a cursed thing (Deut. 7:25-26).

We could have received an ungodly object from our grandparents (not intentionally), something we purchased while traveling or as a gift. I suggest praying over the gifts you receive. I remember one of my assistants often having to dispose of gifts her daughter would send her from oversees. But how do we know what we need to get rid of and what we can pray over and keep? We need to seek the Holy Spirit for wisdom, guidance and leading.

Objects we shouldn’t have in our homes would include Buddha, false gods, dream catchers, rabbit’s foot, yin-yang symbols, peace signs, anything representing the demonic or darkness and any objects that are rooted in a false religion.

There are also what I call undercover objects we need to discern such as jewelry, gifts, wall hangings, knickknacks, heirloom items and sentimental items.

Items you should question and discern with the Holy Spirit:

  • Jewelry from an ex-lover or former spouse.
  • Items from friendships that have ended in disunity.
  • Items that remind you of emotional or physical trauma.
  • Heirloom items unless you know your ancestry and grandparents’ spirituality.
  • Jewelry from your generational line.
  • Jewelry with occult symbolism or symbolism that cannot be identified.
  • Items with no reasoning behind them.
  • Items people left in your house without permission.

How should we discern or decide what to keep and what to dispose of?

  • Pray and seek the Holy Spirit.
  • What feeling does the item bring forth?
  • Do you have a “check” in your spirit—an uneasiness about the item?
  • Do you have an unusual special attachment to the item?
  • Pray and bring in a mature friend or Christian to help you.
  • Remove your flesh and natural opinion—it is just an object.
  • Don’t take into consideration the sentimental value. The sentiment of the item is still inside you, in your heart or the memory, even after the item is removed.
  • Don’t take into consideration the value of the item. The warfare the item brings costs you more than the physical item itself.

Don’t feel you have to throw every item away that you have a check or uneasiness about. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit if you can pray over and anoint the item or if you have to remove it. I am clearly not telling you to keep occult objects, statues of false idols or items of that nature. What I am saying is don’t go through your house like a crazy person throwing everything away because it could have a spiritual attachment. Ask the Holy Spirit. Pack the item away in the basement for a few weeks if it is in question, while you pray and discern, and bind and restrict the spiritual realm from activating through it while you are discerning.

Be wise in the decisions you make, but also don’t be ignorant of the enemy’s devices. Clean up your home and get rid of objects that don’t glorify the Lord or that have demonic attachments. Create and permeate an atmosphere conducive for the Holy Spirit to move in your home and life. Eliminate open doors to the enemy to cause spiritual warfare attacks against you.


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