Ministry Leaders’ Urgent Appeal: Unite to Eradicate the Equality Act

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Spiritual Warfare

Imagine you’re invited to a high-level, closed door meeting with some of God’s “generals.” They want to put you on “red alert,” so you’ll engage immediately on one of the most critical legislative proposals in our history.

Franklin Graham, Dr. James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Dr. Michael Brown, Lou Engle and other influential Black, Hispanic, evangelical, charismatic and denominational leaders appeal for your help to eradicate the Equality Act. Would you respond?

There comes a time when God’s people must come together and take a united stand because everything is literally at stake. Now is such a time.

Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel legal ministry that has defended Christians and religious freedom for decades, says the following about the deceptively named Equality Act soon to be voted upon in the Senate:

“This is the most dangerous legislation ever proposed in America’s history.”

This is not hyperbole or hysterical rant but a brutal reality that necessitates urgent action. Every courageous, authentic Christian leader whom you respect would love to make eye contact with you now and beseech you not only to pray but also to engage in actively urging all U.S. Senators to vote no to HR 5.

It is absolutely necessary and can be done easily, strategically and effectively. This commentary will show you exactly how.

Understanding the Deception

When Hitler wanted to transport unsuspecting Jews to extermination camps, he had them told they were going to “worker training” facilities. This subterfuge is similar to Planned Parenthood telling us abortion is really “women’s health care” and “reproductive rights” or progressive leftists and socialists undermining fair and free elections with the innocuous sounding For the People Act already passed by the House of Representatives.

In 1964, Congress passed the landmark Civil Rights Act to end discrimination and preferential treatment of American citizens based on race, color, sex (male or female) or national origin regarding education, housing, employment and other significant areas. The Equality Act hijacks this righteous legislation and expands it to include “sexual orientation and gender identification” so that all LGBTQ activists and activities have special, protected status under penalty of fines, imprisonment and removal of tax exempt status for churches, ministries and all nonprofit religious groups who do not conform to its unrighteous dictates.

The “Q/Queer” designation in LGBTQ has been expanded from what it once meant as “questioning” to now encompass over 550 sexual proclivities and perversions! The legislation wants to guarantee protection for basically any and all unrestrained licentiousness.

An alternative but dangerous bill called Fairness for All attempts to find some middle ground by compromising and conceding some exemptions for religious groups so long as they’re in the confines of their facilities. While Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and other religious groups do practice their faith in buildings, they’re not restricted to that small accommodation. And if you think the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (almost unanimously passed in 1993) would guarantee protection for us everywhere, forget it, as this HR 5 legislation overrides it!

Goodbye to Religious Freedom

Respected Christian leader, Al Mohler makes it plain: “If the Equality Act passes, say goodbye to religious freedom.” This deceptive legislation would “totally transform the United States as we know it because it represents a direct subversion of religious liberty. This is listed first in the Constitution not only because it’s first in priority but the basic freedom from which all other freedoms are eventually derived.”

Secular progressives who have taken over and radicalized the Democrat party are promoting a left-wing socialist agenda that is anti-God, anti-sanctity of life and marriage, anti-traditional family and diametrically opposed to our Judeo-Christian foundations as established by our Founding Fathers. We must awaken to this brutal reality and recognize the opposition is vicious, united and unyielding in its quest to destroy traditional America.

15 Specific Reasons We Say No

Jesus Christ commands us to honor God and obey His divinely revealed will in the Bible. He directed us to be “the salt of the earth” in holding back decay and defeating the enemy and his works of darkness.

As righteous men and women we are “bold as a lion” (Prov. 28:1). We will be courageous and willingly accept any price to pay for obedience in our hour of testing. In the past decade, I was let go from a church, lost my salary and all benefits and was mocked on national TV by Ellen DeGeneres and Anderson Cooper for taking a stand for the gospel of the kingdom and God’s design for morality and biblical marriage.

HR 5 destroys our liberties, free speech and pro-life laws! We say no to the misnamed Equality Act and the cleverly packaged “compromise” version for the following simply-stated reasons. This radical, anti-God legislation:

1. Redefines gender contrary to God’s created order of biological “male and female.”

2. Eradicates free speech in all religious institutions, schools, businesses, adoption agencies, online and even in our homes.

3. Destroys our religious liberty, conscience and all extensions of church, synagogue, temple and mosque outreach.

4. Undermines freedom of conscience/speech explicitly requiring that individuals cannot teach anything deemed as “hate speech” and contrary to LGBTQ-friendly positions.

5. Requires all establishments open to the public (including all faith-based organizations serving adults, children and youth) must comply with HR 5 mandatory requirements in churches, schools, shelters, recreational facilities, exercise rooms and bathrooms and in all areas of public accommodation.

6. Endangers girls and women in bathrooms, showers, shelters, prisons and sports facilities as transgender beliefs become America’s new norm.

7. Harms children, removes protections from indecency, promotes destructive surgery and anti-God educational propaganda contrary to 400 years of traditional American values.

8. Forces all faith-based organizations to hire individuals not sharing their beliefs, although there may be some concessions for a limited “ministerial exception” applying to officially ordained, full-time individuals.

9. Mandates that nationwide education of children (public, private and homeschool) must align with LGBTQ standards while accepting classmate’s gender identification regardless of biological makeup and/or parental instruction.

10. Undermines parental training and oversight of our children and grandchildren due to new “norms” propagated in the media and educational institutions.

11. Requires all health care providers not to discriminate but must participate in abortions and gender reassignment procedures (soon at taxpayers’ expense).

12. Repeals every pro-life law from “parental consent” to “heartbeat laws” escalating the murder of unborn children to higher levels in our nation.

13. Destroys women and girls sporting programs and opportunities for awards and scholarships by requiring recognition of every person’s involvement be based upon their own self-identification as male or female, disregarding biological realities.

14.Threatens tax exemption for nonprofit institutions and accreditation of religious schools (Pastors may want to read this again for an “awoke” moment).

15. Invites the righteous judgment of God upon our nation if we abdicate responsibility as “salt” preventing decay, remain silent and passive, allow radical leftists to criminalize Christianity and mislead an entire generation disregarding the dire warning of Jesus. “But whoever misleads one of these little ones who believe in Me, it would be better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea” (Matt.18:6).

Practical and Proactive Action Steps

Join with scores of “silent-no-more” traditional, freedom-loving Americans upholding decency in an easy and effective way to fight HR 5, the deceptive Equality Act. Start with “fervent effectual prayer” (James 5:16), then engage because “faith without works is dead” (James 2:25b). Click on to be informed and probably shocked at the ways this law would devastate your family and our future in America. Engage now to pull the plug on this pernicious piece of legislation.

Unite with multitudes across America to send millions of postcards to all U.S. Senators communicating a clear message: We say no. Do it today.

One click sends a postcard to all 100 US Senators, the White House and all nine Supreme Court justices personalized with your name, city and state and mailed through the U.S. Postal Service for less than the price of postage if you were to send them all yourself! Congressmen and women can halt emails and phone messages, but they must deal with bushels of deposited mail accumulating in their offices!

All the details are on the site. Be a part of the “Orange Wave” tsunami letting our elected officials know exactly where we stand. No one is making any money or collecting email addresses. This is your individual investment in protecting and preserving our faith, freedoms, families and future in America.

Do it now and together we will see a mighty victory for the glory of God.

“Who knows if you haven’t come to the kingdom for a time such as this?” (Esth. 4:14, WEB). {eoa}

Editor’s Note: The Child & Parental Rights Campaign also provides useful resources including a summary of HR 5 and sample letters for individuals, churches and networks to send to their respective senators. An informative PowerPoint presentation that highlights an overview of the legislation and practical steps you can take to combat it is also available.

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