Finding the Path to Blessing After Personal or Social Injustice

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Spiritual Warfare

Have you experienced an injustice recently that left you reeling? Injustices impact our lives so strongly because they are unexpected and unfair. It leaves us with the question, “God, where are you?”

But did you also know that each injustice you experience is actually an open door and opportunity for transfer and blessing?

There are many who have taken hits like this recently, and it has left you confused and doubting God’s goodness. But like Joseph in days of old, it is your opportunity to relaunch in an even greater way. It’s about how you choose to walk through it.

It was my birthday recently. As I prayed, I asked God for an encounter with Him as a gift. I got what I asked for, but as is typical for God, it showed up in a package I didn’t expect and didn’t think I wanted.

Two weeks prior to that, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, “Prepare for attack.”

Now let’s be honest. That’s never a fun word to hear. And even with the warning, I still felt broadsided from the direction in which it came. Not just one, but three different areas—all on my birthday week. Happy birthday to me, right?

The hits came against me physically, emotionally, relationally and financially. But now I’m speaking to you. Have you had that kind of a week, or worse, that kind of a month or year? Did you just get broadsided by an attack?

Then this word is for you.

As I sat before the Lord praying over what transpired, I wanted to hear His voice and His perspective. You know He always wants to speak into those hard situations. It is in those wilderness settings that we can actually hear Him the most—even when He seems silent, because the wilderness is a place of intimacy.

Thankfully, this time He wasn’t silent.

“You asked Me for an encounter,” He reminded me.

“Well, yes, but I didn’t ask for an attack,” I responded.

“But you were provided an opportunity to share in My sufferings,” He responded gently.

“Instead, be very glad—for these trials make you partners with Christ in his suffering, so that you will have the wonderful joy of seeing his glory when it is revealed to all the world” (1 Pet. 4:13, NLT).

Ah, yes. I had written that in one of my prayer journals. I went back to my notes, and in conjunction with the verse above, I had written: “The sufferings of Christ include injustice, judgment, criticism and being cast out by religious leaders.”

That’s really not what I had meant when I asked Him for an encounter. I could sense Him smiling as we continued the conversation. We have to remember that God can make all things work together for our good when we look to Him.

The Word says we are to be “very glad” for those trials when they come. Personally, at the time, I wasn’t feeling that way at all. But as the conversation with Him concluded, I began to look at it from a completely different angle. After all I had asked for an encounter. And what I was learning from the Holy Spirit after the fact was well worth the price of admission.

As I continued to process with the Lord what He wanted to teach me from the criticism, judgment and rejection I experienced, I noticed an article I had written a couple of years before republished on a national platform. It was kind of a fluke I even saw it. But, when I opened it, I realized it was a timely message from Him to me to reaffirm what the Holy Spirit had already been speaking.

I believe He wants to speak this to you as well. It’s about the path of blessing in injustice.

Have you experienced injustice? Did you know that an unjust situation becomes an opportunity for transfer and blessing?

Throughout Scripture, God speaks to His people about who He is.

“He delights in the prosperity of His servants” (Ps. 35:27, TPT). The word “prosperity” in this verse is the Hebrew word “shalom”— which is powerful. It means: safety, peace, health, welfare, favor and rest.

He supplies all our needs (see Phil. 4:19).

He is a God who transfers wealth and blessing to those who are obedient, in order to vindicate them. I’ve had people stop there because that contradicts their theology. If that’s you, I encourage you to continue reading as we look at this biblically.

Let’s first consider, if God transferred wealth and blessing to His people throughout the Old Testament, then—by His nature and considering that He never changes—wouldn’t He continue to transfer wealth and bless us now?

He will, and He does!

And when we understand that our petition for heaven to invade earth is about every aspect of heaven, we must acknowledge that heaven’s riches and blessing must then invade earth as well.

For those who say that the prophesied transfer of wealth and blessing is not biblical, the Scriptures show us that it happened again and again throughout history.

Just few examples (there are many more) include:

  1. Laban’s wealth was transferred to Jacob (see Gen. 31).
  2. Saul’s wealth and kingdom were transferred to David (see 2 Samuel).
  3. Egypt’s wealth was transferred to the Israelites after they had been enslaved for 400 years (see Ex. 12).
  4. Haman’s wealth and position were transferred to Mordecai (see Esth. 8).
  5. Pharaoh’s wealth was transferred to Abram (see Gen. 12).

Each of these instances have something in common: The wealth was transferred to pay back an injustice.

Have you experienced injustice? That unjust situation is now an opportunity for transfer.

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Karen Hardin is the author INFECTED: How to Stop the Global Spread of Rage, Deception and Insanity. To order click here. She is a literary agent, author and intercessor. Her work has appeared in USA Today, World Net Daily, Intercessors For America, Charisma,, The Elijah List and so forth. She is also co-founder of the City-by-City prayer movement to save our nation. For additional information on her ministry, business or to sign up for her prophetic blog go to or you can contact her at

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