RT Kendall: Why a Convergence Between Word and Spirit Will Bring About True Revival

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Spirit-Led Living

It feels really thrilling to think of a place where promises (the Word) and power (the Spirit) meet, but how does it work? What is the point of the Word and the Spirit coming together? What difference does it make? I will endeavor to answer these questions as I describe to the best of my ability what it will look like when the Word and the Spirit come together.

First, I believe there are five levels of the Word and the Spirit coming together.

Level 1: Believing It

Let’s face it. We will either accept this, or we don’t. We believe it as a valid concept, or we don’t. Some would say that a separation between the Word and the Spirit is a false dichotomy; the Word and the Spirit never separate. If one takes the view that the Word and the Spirit always flow together and there is no such thing as a separation—or divorce—between the Word and Spirit, then this is false and therefore irrelevant .If that is what you believe, then this has no chance of impacting you, much less changing your life. So, the first question is: Is what I am writing true or false?

Level 2: Emphasizing It

There are those who believe what I have written. They think it is a good word, a timely word. Not only that, one should stress from time to time that the notion of bringing the Word and the Spirit together is a good idea. We should see it as an ideal match, namely, for the Word and Spirit to come together.

At this, then, there are those who nod their heads positively. Some might even say, “We need more of this emphasis,” but it is always out there as a future thing to anticipate or pray about, like kicking the can down the road. In the meantime, we have other important things to think about, and nothing ever happens. It is perhaps like those who are not cessationists but who have no worries whether the Word and Spirit ever coalesce simultaneously.

Level 3: Trying It

At Westminster Chapel, we began healing services by praying for the sick in connection with the Lord’s Supper. Then we moved to praying for the sick each Sunday evening following the preaching. Our deacons acted as elders. Those who wanted the anointing of oil called for the elders of the church (James 5:14) by sitting on the front rows of the church. We did this for the last few years I was at Westminster. We saw genuine healings—not a lot, but some. It was absolutely worth doing, not only for the healings but also because it brought everyone closer to one another.

We were doing our best to give the Holy Spirit an opportunity to work. My part was preaching the Word. Likewise. We were open to the Spirit by offering the anointing of oil. There is more, however. The entire congregation that remained following the preaching would be in an attitude of prayer. Anyone who did not want to pray or be prayed for was asked to go home or go to the back hall for coffee. This meant that all in the main auditorium were inviting the Holy Spirit to manifest in any way He was pleased to do. A great sense of the presence of God became a regular occurrence for my final days at the chapel.

Level 4: Tasting It

To refer to our practice at Westminster, God indeed gave us a taste, but it was only a taste—just enough to make us want more. We saw unquestioned healings and at least one deliverance (a man who did not have a full night’s sleep for 25 years owing to demonic interference was set free). There were others we would hear about later.

The revival I prayed for never came to Westminster Chapel. But on the other hand, there was an anointing that settled on the chapel that stayed throughout my time there—a sweet presence, great unity, peace, joy and easy preaching. All of it was a taste of the Word and Spirit coalescing.

Level 5: Experiencing the Fullness of Power

“Fullness of power” means true revival, which we never had at Westminster Chapel, but it is what I prayed for daily—that “Isaac” will come. It will be a move of the Holy Spirit that even exceeds the Great Awakening in New England, the Cane Ridge Revival, the Wesleyan Revival in England and the Welsh Revival. I don’t know where it will begin—possibly in London—but it will be a worldwide phenomenon. As one prophetic person put it: “a resurgence of the fear of the Lord is coming.” It will fall “suddenly, unexpectedly, and unannounced.” He added that “it will not be an “encore”: It will be unprecedented. He added that “it will be a waste of time telling people to get ready. It will just come.”

I hope he is right. I believe he is right. It is what I live for and long for more than anything in the world. Smith Wigglesworth prophesied it just before he died. It will signal the end of the silent divorce between the Word and the Spirit.

Word SpiritAdapted from Word and Spirit by R.T. Kendall. copyright 2019, published by Charisma House. If you have been keeping the Word and the Spirit separated, it’s time to recognize the truth that they are both necessary to fulfill God’s purpose in the coming days. “What the Word proclaims, the Spirit acts out.” This book will help you confront your traditions, challenge your faith and prepare you for what’s ahead. To order your copy, click on this link.

This week, totally yield yourself to the Holly Spirit once again as you hide His Word in your heart and let Him put it into action in your life. Continue to pray for worldwide revival and especially for our own nation. Ask God to join you with those of like mind to pray in unity for God’s purpose to be established in our nation and around the world. Remember our leaders, our allies (especially Israel), our military, first responders and their families. Read: 2 Chronicles 7:14, 1 Thessalonians 1:5.

For more on revival, click here for access to Charisma’s e-book, The Secret Keys to Starting Revival, for just $.99.

For more of Dr. Kendall’s teaching, listen to the podcasts included with this article.


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