The Distinctive Signs of the Prophetic Scribe

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Purpose & Identity

Just as there are distinctive signs and characteristics for spiritual gifts like apostles and prophets, there are also distinctive signs of prophetic scribes.

Those distinctions, when stretched out line-upon-line, unveil layer upon layer of evidence that clearly identifies the release of the scribal anointing operating in the lives of believers today.

There are 8 signs easily visible in the lives of those with a scribal calling based on Scripture and biblical scribal history as well as observations and revelation gained through leading, guiding and mentoring others.

Prophetic Scribal Signs

Individuals with a prophetic scribal anointing:

1. Often pray, intercede or talk with God through their pen. They tend to work out the issues of their hearts in their notebooks or journals, sharing secret things that only God will hear. In this place, writing has become an ear and a tool used for self-deliverance, healing, impartation, contemplation, joy, building and adoration to the Father.

2. Write or record from a strong, unplanned or unrehearsed flow. The words simply stream from the Spirit of the Lord into their hearing and through their recording device or pen. This includes dialogue, novel scenes, songs, poetry, spoken word, the wording of letters, contracts, book content organization and much more.

3. Can quickly identify God’s heart concerning the direction of creative, administrative or even instructional literary works. They simply know where key scribal pieces fit and how they should flow. Most often, this is not a learned behavior but a tangible manifestation of the word of knowledge or the word of wisdom.

4. Once awakened by the Lord, experience constant manifestations of their gifting. In other words, they are daily operating in an aspect of their scribal function. This can be likened to the same level of passion one might see in a musician, psalmist or visual artist. The gifting literally begins to consume and shape their lives.

5. Long and desire to hear the Lord speak to them and through them either creatively, instructionally or administratively. This includes consistently operating eagerly in creative, instructional or administrative activities.

6. Have a preoccupation with recording what they see, hear and/or experience from the Lord. As the gift matures, they begin to experience a desire to share what they receive with others.

7. May have a special gift and anointing to hear and see stories, articles, novels and books in the lives of or on behalf of others. They walk under a special grace in which they are primarily “recorders” in the kingdom and may or may not write or record extensively for themselves.

8. Experience and urgent call to record everything the Lord releases to them and cannot rest until those things are completed. They often use terms like being compelled or pushed to record or write.

To go further in your understanding, check out the book, 40 Signs of a Prophetic Scribe and Signs of a Scribal Prophet. Also, be sure to listen to The Chamber of the Scribe on the Charisma Podcast Network for more from Theresa Harvard Johnson on this topic. {eoa}

Theresa Harvard Johnson is the founder of The School of the Scribe and progenitor of The Scribal Anointing teachings, the 21st century revelation of the office of the prophetic scribe. Theresa has authored more than 25 books to help prophetic scribes make sense of their calling, taught thousands of scribes globally and developed safe spaces online and in-person to foster unity in Christ, community, prophetic scribal culture and mentorship. Theresa holds an M. Div. in biblical studies, and an M. A. in professional writing. She is a passionate poet, artist and a former award-winning print journalist. Connect with Theresa at the Chamber of the Scribe podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network.


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