Struggling With Jealousy? This Truth Will Set You Free

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Purpose & Identity

I had an encounter with the Lord where I saw the spirit of jealousy running rampant through the body of Christ across the world. As I looked closer at this “spirit,” I saw that it had large eyes and the eyes were looking for areas in the hearts of believers where the truth of their sonship had not taken deep root. Areas where there were “chinks” in the armor of identity. 

As this ‘spirit’ made its way through the body of Christ and found these “chinks” where lies of identity had taken root, this spirit of jealousy “sat down” and began to whisper lies to the people of God that “there is NOT enough for everyone.” Stirring lies into the minds of many of God’s people that if one is promoted or receives a breakthrough, there is nothing left over for them. Lies about being forgotten by God. Lies about God not working for them, for their best. Attacking the very nature of God’s goodness and kindness, and leaving many with the sense of being “left behind.”

As this ‘spirit’ spoke these lies, if the people of God agreed with these lies, seeds were placed in the hearts of believers that began to see jealousy towards others begin to manifest. 

The scene then changed and I saw a table before me and this table was HUGE. It had a beautiful purple tablecloth over it, and the room was pregnant with the word “ROYALTY.” That we are His royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9) Upon this table, I saw new anointing, mantles, giftings and scepters of favor that belonged to EVERY PERSON in the body of Christ. Many had come and picked up the giftings, mantles, scepters and anointings that the Lord was releasing. But then I saw those who have been struggling with this spirit of jealousy having their giftings, anointing for the season, mantles and sceptres of favor STOLEN by this spirit of jealousy. It had come to steal, to kill, to destroy and divide the people of God.

A sense of urgency and the feeling of this being a “pivotal” moment/season in the body of Christ surrounded me. I was overwhelmed by the heart of God to lead His people deeper into the revelation of their sonship, awaken them to the TRUTH of who they are, and release upon them all the GLORIOUS opportunities, mantles, anointing, giftings and sceptres of favor for this season, but their ‘alignment’ with the spirit of jealousy was getting in the way. 

I then saw Jesus, and He stood before them with such compassion, love and tenderness in His eyes, and He spoke. “Come here, let Me hold you. Let Me lavish My love upon you. Move forward in repentance of aligning yourself with the lies from the accuser, move forward in repentance for aligning yourself with the spirit of jealousy, and accept My invitation into deeper glorious encounters with Me to SEE who you are. Love is melting away all fear and insecurity. If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father. I adore you!”

The key was moving forward in repentance and aligning themselves again with His truth, taking thoughts captive and a shift was taking place in the depths of their hearts and souls. Many of God’s people were about to SEE just how GLORIOUS God’s plans were for their lives (Jeremiah 29:11) and move forward in joy and confidence taking back ALL that was stolen from them. 

There was no condemnation, just a complete atmosphere of love. The heart of God beating with a longing to reveal to His people who they are. In these encounters, the revelation of their identity would flood in, releasing the people of God to FULLY be THEMSELVES and to pick up everything that the Lord has for them. I felt the excitement of God’s heart in my spirit that as the people of God align themselves with Him as His truth, they are going to see themselves like they have never seen themselves before. A deeper healing, a deeper wholeness and a deeper awakening to their sonship and the hold the spirit of jealousy had was being BROKEN in Jesus name. 

The spirit of jealousy has been bringing great destruction upon the body of Christ in many ways, but the Lord in His great love is uncovering the plans of the enemy, and this spirit to bring FREEDOM and a new level of CELEBRATION to His body.

There is More Than Enough

I then saw Jesus standing before a HUGE banqueting table. I noticed that each chair had a name on it, each person had their place, and they were to take their place and not the place of another. Before them was SO MUCH abundance,. This table was ABUNDANT. With a HUGE smile on His face, He stretched out His arms, and said “THERE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE.”

Instantly the room was heavy with His presence and love and each person in the room hearing the same message in their hearts without hearing audible words. “Because of My sacrifice for you, there is MORE THAN ENOUGH. I have given you ABUNDANCE, so you may be an ABUNDANT FLOW. Insecurity, insignificance, jealousy, competition is breaking, in the revelation of WHO YOU ARE.

As the people of God took their seats, and their hearts were crying out “Release to me Lord, ALL that was stolen through this spirit”, I saw the Lord releasing anointing, mantles, giftings, scepters of favor and so much more. There were HUGE platters of fruit, the most beautiful glorious fruit, and instantly I knew it represented revelation from the heart of God. The more they took their position and ate of this glorious fruit, the bigger their hearts got in revelation of the love of God and love of others. 

I then saw a beautiful thing take place. … many began to get up from their seats and begin to share the fruit of revelation they were receiving through their giftings, scepters of favor, anointing and mantles. There was a willingness to “release what I have been given to bless you.”

The more they gave away, the more their received. There were HUGE heart shifts taking place and I heard the shrieks of the demonic realm as they began to lose their hold. The body of Christ moving into deeper unity, deeper honor of one another and deeper celebration of each other.


All across the body of Christ, I began to see many of God’s people rising up in confidence of who they were and they began APPLAUDING those around them who were being promoted, who were moving into greater favor and greater breakthrough. The applause was LOUD and they were joining in with the APPLAUSE of heaven. As they were applauding and rejoicing with another in their victory and breakthrough, I saw those applauding, suddenly positioned for great breakthrough and positioned for “more.” 

The heart of God is to bring His people together, closer together, where a culture of honor across the body of Christ is thriving. Where the orphan spirit and spirit of jealousy is broken. Where we champion others. Where we love others well. As we align ourselves with Him, and His truth about us, some of the greatest encounters concerning the truth of our identity are upon us. 

We all need to examine our hearts in the beautiful light of His presence.

Can I encourage you? 

If you have been struggling with jealousy, “what about me?,” “why are they being promoted and I’m left behind? They received what I am contending for?” and you are feeling those lies creep in that “there is not enough for everyone.” Those feelings of jealousy creeping in and feeling that ‘spirit’ trying to take a hold … First of all, do NOT be condemned. The Lord is revealing the attack of this ‘spirit’ across the body of Christ to bring greater freedom, lead His people into greater encounters with His love, and move His people into the GLORIOUS PLANS that He has for them. 

Go before the Lord and let Him hold you. Move forward in repentance and position yourself by asking Him for greater encounters with His love and awakening to the truth of who you are. They are UPON YOU NOW! You are not moving backwards. You are moving FORWARDS! The anointing, mantles, scepters of favor and giftings that have been stolen from you WILL be given back to you as you ask the Lord to release them to you. You will take back all that was stolen from you as you move into the revelation of who you are and your authority. 

Cutting ties with this ‘spirit of jealousy’ is moving you into some of the greatest realms of encounter, favor and opportunity we have known as the body of Christ. As we move forward obeying His voice, leaning in and making a choice to NOT align ourselves with this ‘spirit of jealousy’, one of the greatest shifts in the body of Christ is about to take place. A shift into LOVE, TRUE IDENTITY, CELEBRATION and HONOR. 

There is MORE THAN ENOUGH for you!!! He is giving you ABUNDANCE so you can be an ABUNDANT FLOW!!!!!!!!!

Lana Vawser has a heart to encourage the body of Christ and individuals in their walks with Jesus, deeper intimacy with Him, and learning to hear His voice. She operates in the prophetic and loves to share the heart of God with others. Lana has written her first book, titled Desperately Deep—Developing Deep Devotion and Dialogue with Jesus, and loves to see others grow in all that God has for them. For more information, visit, or her Facebook page here.


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