How Holy Spirit Wants to Perfect Your Faith Today

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Purpose & Identity

In the kingdom of God, everything is empowered by faith. Let us hold fast the profession of our faith. Our profession of our faith pleases Him. Whether you see it or not, believe that He is faithful. The ones who did not follow the law of Moses died in the wilderness. So now we who have received the power of faith, He will judge us as well.

Live by the promises you cannot see. Cast not away your confidence on the cross, your faith in His faithfulness, your faith in what you were called to do. The just shall always live by faith. He wants our faith to be perfected in us, walking by faith, not feelings. We live by what we believe. We live what is said, not what it looks like or what it feels like. Our faith is constantly being tried.

He has told us things through the pages of His Word, but also He has told us personal things. By patience, we need to keep hold of those things we heard from Him. Obey Him even when you don’t feel like it.

The unjust will live by what they see, but the just will live by faith.

People ask: “God, show me what to do, where to go?” but God is saying, “I already told you.” What are you going to do with what He already told you? Without faith, we cannot please Him, and to please Him is why and what we live for. Everyone has a deep yearning to please God. The Bible tells us it is our faith that pleases Him.

Faith is the evidence of things not seen. My walk is justified by my faith. It is one thing is to be justified by what He did, but also, it is important to obey Him because that proves our faith in what He did. Even everything seen was not created by what was seen.

That which was not seen was spoken and caused things to be created! Everything starts with faith and ends with faith.

Enoch believed God and His reward was to be translated. We should not do things because of the reward but because of faith. When our faith is perfected, it does not matter what is going on around us. Our faith is the most valuable thing we have. It moves heaven and earth. Live your life according to your faith whether people call you a fool or not, whether you look ridiculous or not. Great men of faith were mocked and ridiculed in their time, but now they are being talked about almost every day by someone (Heb. 12).

Are you going to have a good report of walking through to inherit the promises? That is why we have to go from faith to faith and not from faith to fear. Faith will help you to get through, and if you don’t have it, your boat will be shaken. The enemy would love to steal your faith.

God is perfecting faith in us so we can stand. Lay aside every sin of unbelief. This is the greatest sin that will stop us from entering into His promised land. He is the master of all faith. We don’t have to have faith in ourselves, but in Him!

Quit looking at yourself in the mirror. Look unto Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith. He endured the cross. We need to endure ours and our faith will be perfected. What proceeds on the great chapter of faith is what God does.

There is an if. If you endure the chastisement, you are His son. We need to be subjected to our Father in the Spirit—God—and then we will live. Whether it gets monotonous or not, we still need to keep going and doing what He called us to do. Then you will please our Father! Because if you need Him to show up every time you do something for Him, that is not faith, and you are not even pleasing Him! When you keep doing what needs to be done even when you don’t see the result, that proves your faith. What keeps you from falling out of grace? Faith. The kingdom of faith is the only kingdom that will not and cannot be shaken.

Whoever said that being led by the Spirit of God is only feelings? Sometimes the feeling stops because God is testing if you will do what He told you in spite of your feelings. The kingdom of God is not by observation or feelings. What releases heaven is your faith. Your faith will make you whole. Faith will sanctify you!

There are a lot of days that we don’t feel like doing anything, and you start counting the cost, but Jesus is not looking for yesterday’s yes. Will He find faith? Or find you doing it? Jesus said: “Will I find faith in you when He comes,” and He continues saying, “Find you doing.” Faith has works!

Sometimes you don’t see wisdom, but suddenly you start acting more wisely because you asked for it in faith. There are evidences of our faith now and others will manifest in the future. It is not just the asking part that is important. It is the asking in faith. How can you recognize a man full of faith? By his actions. Let faith motivate what you do.

Honor those who are rich in faith. They are the heirs of His kingdom. Faith perfects everything in us concerning the kingdom of God. Saying what you believe does not prove what you believe.

A faith without works is dead. How to perfect our faith? By works. By doing it (James 2:22).

Your faith will make you a friend of God. How do you get to that place? Increase your faith. We need to have living faith and act on it. According to our faith, it will be done unto us all. What do you believe for? It will be done by faith. That is the evidence. Everybody says, “I believe,” but they really don’t, because there is no evidence. When we really believe, we do. When we do, it is faith.

We need to see the evidence of our faith. Even the apostles asked, “Increase my faith.” Don’t stay where you are. God wants an ever-increasing faith. Jesus prayed for Peter that his faith would not fail. We need to strengthen ourselves and one another. That is why the Scripture says, “Do not forsake togetherness.”

Faith not only saves you but sanctifies you. Keep doing it. Keep moving in it. Love and obey Him all the time. Make an effort. I will do the right thing today because it will matter tomorrow. Everything in the World is for today, but in the Kingdom of faith, it is all about tomorrow. It is our faith in Him that we need to master, not our faith in ourselves.

The righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith, and as it is written: The just shall live by faith! The hearers of the Word hear about it, but only the doers of the Word obtain His promises. Let us do all that faith asks and pleases God because that is what we are living for. {eoa}

Among many voices, Shane W. Roessiger, founder of H.O.T. HOUSE OF TRUTH and author of Smashing Deception in the House of God—has been crying out in the USA and in the nations of the earth, preparing the bride for the bridegroom, Jesus. Located in Nokomis, Florida, H.O.T. HOUSE OF TRUTH is a place designed by God to make His bride ready, to awaken her by the preaching of His uncompromising Word, to purify her by His fire, to equip her by His Spirit, to send her out full of oil, fire and fruits.


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