Healed And Set Apart

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Dr. Reg Morais was 7 years old when he first tried to kill himself. Addled by both Asperger’s Syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Morais found his life to be “completely, utterly miserable” and resolved to end it. He walked out into the road in front of trucks, taxis, buses—any moving vehicle he could find. But inevitably, the driver would screech to a halt and brake before hitting him (yelling a few choice words in the process).

So Morais mixed himself a concoction of cordial juice, rat poison and cockroach poison and drank it. Though it caused him immense pain, the poison did not kill him—and he tried to poison himself several times over the next two years.

“I couldn’t die,” Morais says.

What Morais couldn’t have known then was that God had an extraordinary plan for his life, one that involved total healing from his mental disorders and a ministry that would reach thousands of people with the gospel.

Today, Morais pastors Living Faith Community Church (LFCC) in Perth, Australia, which—in conjunction with his Anoint the World Ministries—has planted 764 churches around the world. At any given moment, 160,000 people are worshipping God under his church’s banner, according to Morais. He believes God is raising the church into revival, and he has seen God do miracles firsthand—both in his own life and in the lives of others.

Sprouting Seeds

Morais says that for the first 13 years of his life, he struggled immensely in school because of his autism and OCD.

“It was 13 years of misery,” Morais says. “I had to go through all my personal life with pain, agony, shame and more than anything else fear. … I was riddled with fear.”

But things began to change when his family encountered God in a radical way in June 1982. They attended a crusade by South Korean pastor Dr. David Yonggi Cho in which roughly 80,000 people gathered in a soccer stadium in Singapore. On the first day of the crusade, his parents gave their hearts to Jesus. On the sixth day, his brother followed suit. On the seventh day, Morais finally had his first relational encounter with Christ.

“With everything I had, I didn’t fully understand, but I could see that Dr. David Yonggi Cho was praying for people,” Morais says. “The lame were walking, the deaf were able to hear, the mute were able to speak, and people were coming out of wheelchairs, but I, Reg Morais, was still unhealed. I could not find in myself that a total healing was given. However, in the simplicity of my heart, I told God, ‘I will give my heart to you, and if you were to heal me, I will serve You for the rest of my life.'”

Exactly one year later, Morais’ prayers were answered. He says he was miraculously healed of his autism while in the middle of a geography class.

“All of a sudden, in the middle of the class, there was a dark cloud which just passed me,” Morais says. “Something shook me up, and something told me I’m totally healed. I stood in front of the classroom of 42 kids, and I told the teacher that I was OK. … From there, God healed me from my autism.”

The next year, at 15, he had a prophetic word spoken over his life.

Morais remembers, “[This man] put his hands on my shoulders and he said to [my mother], ‘This son of yours will not live in Singapore for too long. God is calling him into full-time ministry. … He will go into a place called Australia, a place called Perth, and he will study for four years in a Bible college. He will never return to Singapore. He will serve his ministry in Australia for the rest of the foreseeable years of his life.’ … I’ve got to be honest. My head was spinning, and I was spinning, and I just did not know what occurred to me. I literally had an encounter with God. That prophetic word was planted into my spirit.”

He says at least 20 other prophets corroborated that prophetic word over the next several years, making it clear to him that God had set him apart for ministry.

“All these prophetic words kept on coming into my life, surrounding my life,” Morais says. “Those words, as they were planted like seeds in my heart, started to really bubble up, and that started to give me the confidence more than anything else. The faith of God decided to rise up in me, and as that faith started to develop, and as it started to grow, I realized each illness and disease that I used to have started to vanish simply because of the call of God. Walking in the Word of God by faith set me completely free to experience what God is doing in my life today.”

It would be five more years before Morais was fully healed of his OCD, but he says God even healed him of that too—albeit more gradually and less instantaneously than his autism.

“I know some people can get instantaneously healed, and others will get progressively healed,” Morais says. “I think in my case, God progressively healed me over and over again over the last number of years.”

Morais became an itinerant evangelist for the next decade, but despite his call from God, he was dismayed that he never saw any miracles, signs or wonders. Furthermore, few churches and ministries were interested in scheduling such a young man to speak or minister. It so discouraged him that, during a layover in Singapore, Morais told his parents he intended to call it quits on his ministry.

“My dad was about to break down because he felt that I was betraying my call and betraying none other than Jesus,” Morais says. “And I explained to them very carefully and said to them, ‘I can’t see any healings taking place, nor any signs and wonders taking place. I feel right now I should go back into my business field and I think, being in that, I could make more money and still serve God.”

He left his parents and got on a plane back to Perth. But while going through the customs line at Perth, he received an extraordinary vision from God.

“As soon as I landed, I gave my bags to the customs officers right in front of me,” Morais says. “I could hear this thunderous voice, and it said, ‘We are here to meet you,’ and I could not see any of the customs officers. I could no longer see the Perth International Airport customs office; everything had been blanketed with a white cloud. Someone touched me on my right shoulder and said, ‘I am the Holy Spirit. We are here, and we want to speak to you.’ And I realized there was someone else in this room. … [The Holy Spirit] finally says, ‘This person, His name is Jesus, and He wants to meet you.’ As soon as I met Him, I knelt down before Him. I did not know whether to cry or hysterically laugh. I had a confusion of emotions.”

That encounter with Jesus—and the conversation Morais says he had with Him for about 15 minutes—changed his ministry forever. After that, Morais says he became equipped with the gifts of the Holy Spirit—particularly words of knowledge—and Anoint the World became the international ministry it is today.

Ministry of Miracles

Morais believes that many believers’ lives match his own early ministry experience—they don’t see miracles for themselves and wonder what they’re missing. He says he observes basically two kinds of churches: Those that are focused on the power of God and those that are not.

Morais says some churches “act as though the enemy is no longer there or the enemy is no longer going to provoke us. If we were to come to church on a Sunday morning and sing four, five or six feel-good songs and hear a good sermon, we’d feel that’s good as gold. However, … we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but we wrestle against principalities and powers of this dark world. … When the enemy comes, there is no doubt in my mind, heart or spirit that there is a certain amount of fear which he puts onto your life right now. And the only way you combat fear is by confessing the Word of God.”

He says the churches that fail to recognize the supernatural power of God will be unequipped to fight back against the enemy. He believes that is a crucial component to freeing people from the fear underpinning so many mental illnesses and disorders today.

“I think if you are going to defeat this mental illness or any of the fear that you’ve got right now, I think you and I have to passionately fall in love with Jesus Christ, passionately fall in love with the Word of God and passionately know that Jesus is all supernatural,” Morais says. “Jesus carried the anointing on his life, and if you carry the anointing, then I can guarantee you right now, the fear you find in different parts of [your culture] can be broken and diminished once and for all, because the Bible says clearly that Jesus Himself was anointed.”

Morais says because of his own background, he has a heart to minister to and heal children with special needs. He says wherever he goes to minister, he makes time to call up all the parents of children with autism spectrum disorders, OCD, depression and other psychological ailments.

“On behalf of my Jesus, I can proudly say that in the last 20 years or so, there are a lot of cases where God has powerfully healed autistic kids in this ministry,” Morais says. “…I’ve got a burden for those kids, because I know what they’re going through. I suppose anyone can pray. But I think people who have gone through it—like how I have gone through their pain and agony—can understand that they feel almost trapped in their body. They can’t seem to really express their emotions or their speech, and something sort of stops them.”

He says sometimes he takes as long as three to four hours after a meeting to pray for each child individually. Though healing is not always instantaneous, he says he has heard many stories of parents who have noted their children’s condition has improved dramatically in the days following his prayer for them.

“I want to encourage every single person who’s reading this article, don’t give up on God, especially when it comes to mental illness, whether that’s depression, oppression, autism, schizophrenia [or] bipolar disorder,” Morais says. “… When men says it’s impossible, God says, ‘All things are possible to those who believe in Him.'”

Prime Minister Prophecy

Morais says that in recent years he received prophetic words for his country’s political landscape.

“Every time before a new year dawns, God will start to download to me the major events that will take place in Australia and worldwide,” Morais says. “This ministry came out of necessity due to our [local] TV channels inviting clairvoyants and psychics to provide predictions for the new year. One day God said to me, ‘Why don’t you do this for the Kingdom of God rather than allowing these people to give their predictions that are not of me?’

“On December 31, 2017 Jesus appeared to me face-to-face and said, “Start to write down and declare what I am about to say for the world. Within the Senate of Heaven, I (Jesus) have decided to remove the sitting Prime Minister (PM) Malcom Turnbull.’ I remember saying to Jesus that [Turnbull] is riding on a popular vote. Jesus responded, ‘There will be a new PM in your country, and it will be your current Treasurer, Scott Morrison, who will become the next PM.’ When I released this prophecy over different mediums in Australia, I came under attack from all corners for being out of whack. But in August 2018, there was a rumbling in our parliament, the government lost confidence in Turnbull, and three contenders arose, with one being Morrison. That surprised many as he was never considered. God gave him the numbers and he took the PM-ship overnight.

“Again on December 31, 2018, Jesus told me again there would be an election in May 2019, and Morrison would win the unwinnable election, as all polls showed the opposition leader Bill Shorten easily and convincingly winning. But God triumphed and brought in Morrison, a devout born-again Christian, to lead.”

On a local level, Morais says his church holds six to seven services per week, and that people are giving their hearts to Jesus every single day. It’s a trend not exclusive to Australia, he says, based on his travels overseas.

“There’s a phenomenal move of God which is taking place in the United States,” Morais says. “Sure, there are some things that are taking place that are working against the church—whatever the enemy has got—but it seems to me that American Christians are now starting to pull the walls down, and they are now starting to push back the enemy’s tactics and the enemy’s schemes for this time.”

He wants the rest of the world to see the Holy Spirit move powerfully in their lives—just as he has seen the Spirit at work in his own.

“My expectation in God is this,” Morais says. “I feel very strongly that if this Jesus I seem to know can’t do a miracle, then I am either the greatest charlatan, or I have been duped and cheated. But the fact of the matter is that God gave me a hope—and not only gave me a hope, but He also healed me. That same healing is now taking place in different parts of the world.”

READ MORE: Dr. Reg Morais also successfully prophesied the appointment of Scott Morrison to become Prime Minister of Australia. Click here to watch his original prophetic word from January 2018 and here to watch his word from August 2018.

Taylor Berglund is the associate editor of Charisma magazine and host of several shows on the Charisma Podcast Network.



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