Holy Spirit Spreads Miraculous Discipleship Movement in War-Torn Ukraine

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Jesus & the Gospel, Purpose & Identity, Spirit-Led Living, Spiritual Warfare

It’s been nearly six months since the war in Ukraine began. That country has suffered mass devastation at the hands of Vladimir Putin and Russia, but there is at least one wonderful and miraculous thing that has resulted from this terrible conflict.

The Holy Spirit is birthing a revival that has spread across Ukraine amid the hopelessness and despair. The revival isn’t about one ministry, one voice or one face. It is countless pastors and followers of Jesus risking their lives for the sake of the gospel.

The world may never hear of them or know their names, but there is a story of triumph to be told over the nation of Ukraine.

Charisma News spoke with a team of bold impassioned missionaries who have been spreading the gospel since the day after the war started. They told us they aren’t slowing down, in fact just this week the group left America to go and train 60-70 Ukrainian youth in a discipleship movement that will spread countrywide.

It’s a “genuine salvation revival,” says Matthew McCluskey, the European Outreach Director for Christ for all Nations.

McCluskey believes this discipleship movement is key to unlocking a massive wildfire of revival across Ukraine and surrounding countries. “If we really believe [in] a billion-soul harvest, then that most likely won’t come through one-on-one evangelism” McCluskey says.

By training young Ukrainian leaders, they are pulling the cord and creating a spark they believe the Holy Spirit will use to start the engine of revival.

McCluskey says the heart of the refugees fleeing Ukraine have never been so soft to the gospel. As refugees fill restaurants, train stations, and shops, the missionaries see nearly 50% of all people who are presented the gospel give their lives to Jesus.

A generational work of the body of Christ to attain unity is being made evident. Different ministries are coming together, preferring one another and building family in the midst of a war zone. “There was no drama, it was all in one heart,” McCluskey says.


Some members of the Russian-Ukrainian American church have packed up and quit their day jobs and are heading to Europe to spread the message of Jesus. Many have decided to forsake all to stay in Ukraine and not return—truly a move of God that echoes the early church.

In Ukraine, McCluskey says reports of pastors who had the ability to leave when the war started didn’t. “They are remaining in the fight and in the midst of everything preaching the gospel,” McCluskey says.

Pastors acknowledge they could lose their lives to spread the gospel to those in despair—a cost they have already counted. Because of the self-sacrifice of so many, revival is breaking out especially in the border towns where the European church has mobilized to reach the refugees.

Missionaries report that the European church as a whole is coming back to life. Busses have been rented to make the trip to Ukraine and bring back refugees that the congregation welcomes into their homes.

They have fully surrendered their lives to Jesus and many say as they drive into the war zone with trucks filled with aid, “Whatever future the people in Ukraine share, I will share with them.”

These heroes are not just allowing history to happen, but they are making history.

If you would like to support the work these missionaries are doing in Ukraine you can find more information at https://solidrockmission.org/humanitarianaidtoukraine.

Shelby Lindsay is an assistant editor for Charisma Media.


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