Goliath Must Fall When You Open Your Mouth

by | Jun 14, 2013 | Spirit-Led Living

I often meet people who tell me they are either atheists or agnostics. I love the challenge of sharing my faith with them. In the past I would get caught up in theological discussions, trying to convince them that I was on the right track in my faith. I’ve learned since that discussion alone is not enough. I began to get bolder in my approach and began to challenge them and promote the power of God to them. The kingdom of God is not just that of talk, but it’s power.

I asked one man, since he thought there was no God, if I could pray with him. I told him that he would feel the presence of God when we prayed. I prayed a simple prayer with passion and he began to cry and shake. He said, “I felt God! What did you do? I felt something! What is this? What did you do?” I told him that God is real. After we prayed for his salvation, I said, “Now, I dare you to go to a Bible-believing church in your hometown and experience all that God has in store for you! It’s going to be awesome!”

People want someone with passion for what is truly real to reach out to them and share faith, hope and love. I have reached more people talking about the love of God and the peace that He brings than anything else. An admitted atheist accepted Jesus in the O’Hare International Airport when I prayed for his sister-in-law and the Lord healed her knee on the spot.

God, in His infinite wisdom, put His gospel in the hands of weak and feeble men and women. We are not to be strong for ourselves, but strong in the Lord and in His mighty power! Don’t be afraid to fail; be afraid to quit! If you fail, it is normal for man, but if you quit, you miss out on the glory of battle! How can we go from “glory (glorious victory) to glory (glorious victory)” if there’s no battle? Fortune favors the bold.

David reminded Goliath that he was not battling a shepherd boy with a rock and a sling with a staff for backup, but Goliath was fighting against the God of Israel. God had promised Israel the land and the subjection of its inhabitants in the Promised Land. It was time for them to possess that land, and if it took a young, inexperienced warrior to accomplish that, so be it!

After David’s bold claims, Goliath grew furious and came toward him in a rage. David was still not afraid (see 1 Sam. 17:48-51). He did not wait for this huge champion to come to him. David ran and crossed the battle line to meet Goliath! Can you imagine what must have gone through this huge warrior’s mind? This little pipsqueak had just insulted him and told him that he was going to kill him and cut off his head.

As the champion rose to go fight David, the shepherd didn’t shrink back or even gulp in fear; he jumped to attention and started running … running … toward Goliath! That is awesome! David grabbed the stone, swung the sling, and in an alley-oop to God, struck Goliath in the forehead. This was more than a lucky shot. The champion’s helmet had to cover his head, and the only accessible area would have been his eyes and cheeks. What a shot! Goliath fell facedown, and David finished what he started. Taking Goliath’s own sword, he killed the champion and cut off his head. When he lifted the head into the air in victory, the Philistine army’s hearts sank. Israel was victorious, and Philistia fell to them that day.

David not only took Goliath’s head; he took Goliath’s armor. What was the significance of taking the champion’s armor? Goliath wasn’t the only big warrior who lived in Gath; there were many more. Any one of these warriors could have easily come back to the valley the next week and opposed Israel again, but David withdrew any opportunity for the enemy of Israel to attack again the same way. Goliath’s sword, shield, spear, javelin and armor would never again be used against David and the armies of Israel.

When you defeat your champion, you also have a responsibility to your fellow brothers and sisters. The battle is not over when you knock sin down. Your testimony defeats the enemy, removes his weapons from the battlefield and emboldens other believers. You need to tell others how the enemy tried to attack and how God helped you overcome the sinful advance. When you tell them what the Lord has done for you, you are building their faith, your faith, and praising the One who blessed your life. It’s a win-win-win! When you do this, they too become mighty for the Lord. Heaven will celebrate victory for another precious soul, because you opened your mouth and the champion fell.

undefeatedbookcover REVAdapted from Undefeated by Allen Griffin, published by Passio-Charisma Media, Charisma House Book Group, copyright 2013. Undefeated sin will stop us from living an extraordinary life of devotion to God and make His Name great in every circumstance. When we win the battle on the inside, it’s easier to share our faith with others, walk in unity and peace with God and become undefeated. To order your copy, click here.


This week ask the Lord to give you boldness to confront the enemy and overcome any besetting sin you struggle against. Share your victory with others, then pray and encourage them to do the same. Ask the Lord to give you opportunities to share your testimony, provide comfort, strength and provision to those suffering losses and overwhelming challenges. Remember those who lost their homes and loved ones in recent firestorms, floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters. Continue to pray that our nation would seek the Lord and ask Him to bring revival to our nation’s capitol, churches, cities, colleges and communities. Pray for Israel as you lift up our military, missionaries and the persecuted church. Thank God for His faithfulness. 1 Sam. 17:45-47


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