Why True Messengers of God Often Pay a Very High Price

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A messenger, by definition, is “one who bears a message” (see Merriam-Webster Dictionary). A messenger is also knowns as a forerunner or a herald.

A forerunner is “one who goes before.” A herald is “an official messenger bringing news” or “a person or thing viewed as a sign that something is about to happen” (see Encyclopedia.com).

Messengers are forerunners. They are trumpets in the hand of God who release messages from the throne room of heaven. They herald the news that something is about to happen.

The Marking of a Messenger
Notice the definition of a messenger: “one who bears a message.” To “bear the burden (of something)” means to “endure something distressing, painful, stressful or emotionally or physically taxing, especially for the sake of others” (The Free Dictionary).

Before messengers can release the pure word of the Lord, they must go through a marking process. This process is a death to everything that is contrary to the Spirit of God in them, in order for resurrection life and power to fill them. Many trials and tribulations often come during this process. There is also an element of hiddenness and a test of time, as waiting is a defining mark in this process of necessary preparation.

Messengers must die to:

  • Pride
  • Selfish ambition
  • Fear of man
  • Their earthly identity
  • Their will
  • Human wisdom

In other words, a messenger must completely crucify their flesh to the cross of Christ. This process of death must happen in order to be an empty, purified vessel, ready for service and fit to be filled by the King!

When God reveals Himself through these prepared vessels, people will no longer see them but the resurrection power of Christ in them. They will radiate a pure and undefiled message from the throne room of heaven.

The Cost of Being a Messenger

True messengers of God often pay a very high price. They not only go through a process of separation and death, but they also labor in secret and endure under intense duress. They often experience great affliction, tribulation and testing until the message they carry is so deeply formed within them that they actually BECOME the message they carry.

This process has a steep cost but is the very thing that gives them God-ordained authority.

Messengers of God do not just carry a message; they ARE the message!

The process of a message:

  • Death/purification
  • Resurrection
  • Conceiving the message given by God
  • Carrying the message
  • Laboring with the message
  • Birthing the message
  • Releasing the message
  • Stewarding the message

Warning of False Messengers

Both real and false messengers will increase in the days ahead; however, it will be evident who the real messengers are.

False messengers may try to copy or manufacture a message, but they will never be able to reproduce that which has a steep cost! Only true messengers will be anointed to release a message, because they have submitted to the dealings of God (submitted to the process) and paid for the message with their lives. God will not be mocked and His glory will not rest upon a message that is not ordained by Him!

No one will need to announce a real messenger because the mark of God’s glory radiating from their life will be evident and weighty. All will know that they have truly been with God and embody their message. Revelation from the throne room of heaven and the miraculous will flow from these messengers like a river.

False messengers marked by man are often established through vying for position and rubbing elbows with those who are well known. Photo ops with all the “right people” will NOT be enough in the days ahead. No! The approval of man is not enough to establish the plans and purposes of God! God will not allow His glory to rest on a messenger that He didn’t send.

“And Moses said, ‘This is how you will know that the LORD has sent me to do all these things
that I have done—for I have not done them on my own,’“ (Num. 16:28).

The Messenger’s Test of Promotion

Messengers, be warned. Great glory often attracts great betrayal. In your season of promotion, it’s often the ones who previously loved and supported you that might just be the very ones who turn on you and despise you. When you outgrow your last season, the enemy will often attempt to keep you boxed in or anchored there. He often does this through a variety of ways, but usually none is more damaging than through betrayal.

Be careful of those who only profess to love you when it benefits them. Do not be surprised if some of your loved ones and supporters become your greatest critics. Likewise, be careful of those who only want an encouraging message but will despise you when it’s a message they don’t want to hear or when it requires something of them. There is a saying: “Don’t shoot the messenger,” but be warned, this is often what can happen.

This is a test. It doesn’t matter who loves or hates you—your obedience must be to God alone. Release honor, stay humble, align with truth and do not give into the enemy’s schemes to hook you into bitterness, unforgiveness or defending the reputation that you have already nailed to the cross! Nothing is worth forfeiting your place in God.

Messengers, heed this caution and receive your promotion. God is saying, “Well done! It’s time to advance!”

Jenn Nestler’s mandate is to see the bride of Christ wildly set ablaze in God’s glory and fire—administrating His rule and reign in the earth. She moves strongly in the prophetic and healing anointing, and her heartbeat is to minister the purity, truth and beauty of God. Jenn is the founder of Esther Company and writes regularly on her blog at jennifernestler.org.


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