Dreaming Big: How Your Destiny Will Defeat Demonic Powers

by | Jun 22, 2011 | Spirit-Led Living

In this hour, embrace your dreams. They are vitally important to God’s plan and a major threat to the enemy.

This is an accelerated time in the spiritual realm, and for dreamers and lovers it could not be more exciting. If you have resurrection power living inside of you, then everywhere you go you are dangerous to the enemy. You are part of a radical army, carrying out the orders of the King of glory.

I believe that we are in a time just like the days before Jesus was born. Angels appeared; people spoke with prophetic voices; and prayers for God’s presence were answered. He is coming to earth again, this time to set up His kingdom.

The enemy sees your potential. Your dreams are dangerous to him. He knows that your life has God-ordained destiny. If you embrace God’s full purposes for your life, you will be a powerful weapon to defeat Satan and bring freedom to many.

In our heart of hearts, we would never choose a life that has no adventure. It is because of our fear and our smallness that we wind up seeking only what is safe. We learn to value comfort and security, but what we call security is really insecurity and mediocrity. God wants us to take risks, to know the thrill and exhilaration of dreaming big.

With Jesus our potential is unlimited. God has prepared us for this hour, which is full of global shaking, great adventure and potential but also great danger. Each of us needs to pray and get fresh revelation with understanding about the roles we are to play during this critical time in history.

My heart’s cry is for us to become carriers of the glory. I feel that God wants us to be living flames of fire, radical warriors. Every place our feet and hands go, we bring the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of His resurrection.

We are full of the fire of God. Scripture says: “We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us” (2 Cor. 4:7). The glory, the treasure in us, is the Lord. We are weak vessels and yet the fire of God resides in us.

How much fire is radiating from your life? Are you bringing light into the darkness of your neighborhood or city? The kingdom of God can invade the dominion of Satan only when we are endued with power from on high. We must have spiritual power to advance the kingdom.

Before Jesus ascended to heaven, He told the disciples to wait for the power of the Holy Spirit: “‘Behold, I send the Promise of My Father upon you; but tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high'” (Luke 24:49). As they met in the Upper Room, their only agenda was to pray and wait on God.

When the Holy Spirit came, He established the kingdom of God on earth. When the glory fell on them, the followers of Jesus poured out of the house, as if drunk on new wine, and speaking in the languages of men “from every nation under heaven” (Acts 2:5).

As the crowd heard the wonderful works of God spoken in their native tongues, Peter pierced their hearts with these words of truth: “‘God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ'” (Acts 2:36).

The wind and fire of the Spirit drew a huge crowd to hear Peter’s first sermon that day. This holy tornado of the Spirit yielded 3,000 souls. The church was born that day. Signs and wonders followed the apostles. Converts came to Jesus, and the gospel spread like wildfire (see Acts 2:41-47).

Those early believers brought the sick out into the streets on beds and couches so that perhaps Peter’s shadow would fall on them (see Acts 5:12-16). This disciple carried so much of the resurrection power of God, that wherever his shadow fell, people were healed and delivered instantly.

In your everyday life, are people impacted because so much of the resurrection power, the glory of the Lord, radiates through you? If Peter carried so much authority, you and I should not stumble blindly through this world. After all, it wasn’t Peter’s power. Rather, it was the glory of the Lord in Peter. Christ in you is the hope of glory! (See Col. 1:27.)

You, too, are an earthen vessel in whom Jesus lives by the power of His Holy Spirit. It is His glorious light in you that casts the shadow. The more of Him you seek, the more light you will have and the more dramatic your shadow will be. You can change the atmosphere wherever you go because the presence of Jesus around you confronts the darkness.

In the New Testament, on the day of Pentecost, the fire of God fell and birthed the church. In the Old Testament, the forerunner of Pentecost was Elijah, a prophet of fire (see 1 Kin. 17-19; 21).

People often make references to the anointing of Elijah when they express the desire to have an impact on society and help shift nations governmentally. By this we mean a prophetic anointing of God’s power to confront demonic strongholds and see the righteousness and the purity of the Lord prevail.

Elijah lived under the rule of King Ahab, a cruel and wicked king who was married to an even more demonized queen—Jezebel. They were worshiping Baal, promoting sexual perversion and sacrificing children to idols. It was all-out Satanism.

Yet, Elijah moved in kingdom power. He was a man; and when he spoke, God backed him up.

It is the Elijah anointing that confronts the spirit of Jezebel, the spirit that comes to destroy life and destiny. It is a demonic power that devastates nations and multitudes of sons and daughters.

On Mount Carmel, not only did Jezebel confront Elijah, but this international principality, this spirit confronted the God of Elijah. And at Elijah’s word, God answered with fire! (See 1 Kin. 18:20-40.)

This is the test of the Elijah anointing: Do we see signs and wonders? Are people hungry to get our wisdom and revelation because we hear from God?

Elijah was able to challenge the council of an earthly ruler because he had stood in the councils of God. When he declared publicly, “There will be no more rain,” he had already confronted the evil power and principality working behind Ahab (see 1 Kin. 17:1). It was already done in the Spirit through prayer.

What I love about Elijah’s ministry is that it was formed in the secret place of intimacy and prayer. Then a suddenly of God ushered him onto the world scene.

As a prophet of God and through the word of the Lord, Elijah was brought to the forefront of society and given a global mandate: to turn the nation of Israel back to God and the hearts of the fathers back to their children.

Elijah was a revivalist. He confronted evil in his day with the power of God, bringing people to repentance and turning them back to their first love. There needs to be a cry in each of us. This needs to be a fresh cry, not based on the passion we had during the last decade, but something that pushes us to be hungrier and more desperate for God than ever before.

It is no longer business as usual. As we move closer to the Lord’s return, we will see the best of times and the worst of times. Judgments are coming to the nations, as the Lord shakes everything that hinders love for Him.

We need more impartation not information, for we are living in momentous days, and God is preparing the earth for a mighty visitation of His presence and power. Like the prophet Elijah, we must receive the counsel of the Lord, know the hour and season in which we live and prophecy the word of the Lord.

We all dream of moving in signs and wonders and doing great exploits, but it all starts with God’s heart of love. When the government of God comes to earth, it will expose His heart for the lost.

Become an extravagant lover of God. When our hearts awaken to love God more deeply, we’ll be better equipped to connect with others. It is love that keeps us on the journey to our destinies, embracing the ups and the downs; the joy and the suffering; the pain and the passion. We celebrate life with all of its emotions and passions because our hearts are awakened.

Dream big dreams with God. Full of His presence and power, your gifts will make room for you to go where He calls you. You will impregnate the atmosphere with Jesus Christ, the glorious intruder.

I believe that another Great Awakening of the Spirit is on the horizon. Imagine the power of the book of Acts combined synergistically with the astonishing signs and wonders of the Exodus. As we approach the Second Coming of Christ, God is going to cause an explosion of power such as we have never seen before.

During these end times, the Holy Spirit will pour out various spiritual gifts of prophecy, healing, discernment, words of knowledge and deliverance. This, in turn, will transform secular society and bring multitudes to the glorious Son.

The Lord is calling a prayer army of holy revolutionaries. As watchmen, we are positioned on the walls to bring down revelation from heaven and shift laws that are cloaked in evil.

Whenever there is great conflict, God raises up valiant, praying men and women who will hear His voice from heaven and bring down fresh strategies and battle plans to impact the world. I feel this is happening today across all denominations around the earth. God is calling warriors to their knees.

Our awesome, holy God has plans for you that are more creative than you could even dare to imagine. If you give yourself to Him, it will be exhilarating. Being alive takes on a totally new meaning when you let go of controlling your life and destiny and let God move you.

This is your season to allow Him to awaken His dreams for your life. God’s dreams for you are much bigger than your dreams could ever be. Our whole way of thinking has to change because we think too small.

Today, you are a carrier of His glory—a walking flame of fire. Every place your hands and feet touch should be invaded with the resurrection power of God. The Lord wants you to minister outside the walls of the church in everyday life to a hurting and dying world.

God wants to get us out of our religious boxes. He wants us to know that where we walk, He walks in us and around us, and His resurrection power operates through us.

In this season, God is calling us to a deeper place of prayer and intimacy, in order to suddenly release us into our destinies. Today, moving in the Spirit is essential to our survival. Hearing God’s voice in everyday life is no longer an option but a necessity.

Do you want to stand for righteousness? It is only by the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit that we are able to stand against wickedness and perversion. If we are to confront the unrighteousness in society, we must first answer His call to holiness and intimate relationship.

It is imperative that we live supernatural lives and spend time in the secret place with the Lord. He is going to send thousands and thousands of people full of His resurrection glory throughout the world. That includes you!

Read a companion devotional.

The late Jill Austin, founder of Master Potter Ministries, traveled internationally as a conference speaker for more than 25 years. She was a veteran leader within the prophetic movement, ministering the presence and power of the Holy Spirit worldwide for nearly three decades, both in person and through books such as Master Potter and Dancing With Destiny (Chosen), from which portions of this article were adapted.


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