Former Charisma Publisher Dr. Steve Greene’s Kingdom Impact Will Last for Generations

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Church & Ministry

For those who knew and loved him, Dr. Steve Greene’s death Wednesday from complications of COVID-19 came as a complete shock.

But there is no denying the godly impact Dr. Greene had on family, friends and business associates; a legacy of hope and compassion that will be passed down for many generations. Dr. Greene, who died at 69, spent seven years at Charisma Media as the company’s publisher and executive vice president of media. He also spent six years as the dean of the College of Business at Oral Robert University, where he left a lasting impression on many of his students, who kept in personal contact with him long after their educational bond had passed.

Here are just some of the people Dr. Greene’s personality gentle wisdom touched over the years:

“Steve Greene is the reason why CityServe has The Influencers Podcast with Charisma and why I even explored this ministry outreach. He was kind, inspirational and very wise. His crown in heaven will be heavy, weighted with many precious gems.” — Dave Donaldson, co-founder and chairman of the board of CityServe, Charisma podcaster.

“Dr. Greene brought out the best of everyone’s potential. He didn’t see anyone as an underdog. He mentored and taught everyone how to fly. He stretched and pushed you to cultivate and develop you. He was genuinely interested in seeing you succeed. His goal was to help you release the maximum impact you could have for the world, your business and your ministry. He believed in you. He believed in everyone; that is what made Him so great.” — Kathy DeGraw, founder of Kathy DeGraw Ministries, Charisma House author and host of Prophetic Spiritual Warfare on the Charisma Podcast Network.

“Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working with and serving alongside Dr. Steve Greene I have been continually challenged to pursue excellence in everything I do! Also he was not only a man of honor but he was lavish looking for ways to honor others. Today I join multitudes in honoring this phenomenal man of God and the legacy he leaves. “Well done, good and faithful servant. ” — Larry Tomczak, author, cultural commentator and host of Here’s the Deal on the Charisma Podcast Network.

“Dr. Greene had a powerful gift of making people feel seen, and I am no exception. As a former student, employee, mentee and friend, I saw him help people rise. He freely gave his time and knowledge to his students and invested in people deeply. I saw firsthand how he helped young people shine, held out a vision for them to grasp and thoughtfully carved out paths for their success. He did this in my life. Dr. Greene’s generosity gave me the knowledge I needed to build a business and the life I have today. I am forever grateful for my teacher, who became my friend and family.” —Samantha Hollyfield, former student of Dr. Greene’s at Oral Roberts University and social media specialist for Charisma Media.

“Dr. Steve Greene was a mentor to mentors—and certainly a mentor to me. He was one of my greatest cheerleaders, indeed. Working side by side with him for many years in my role as senior editor of Charisma, I learned to lean on his wisdom and grace to solve problems and pursue opportunities with Holy Spirit discernment and the love of Christ. I will miss him terribly, as I know many others will. — Jennifer LeClaire, former editor of Charisma magazine and founder of Jennifer LeClaire Ministries International.

“I am devastated to have learned about the death of Dr. Steve Greene this week. Over the past year, as the only Orthodox Jewish host of a weekly podcast about Israel on the CPN, I was blessed to develop a warm relationship with Dr. Greene. He always honored me and expressed his love for me personally, and Israel and the Jewish people. This was clear in the podcast in which I was privileged to host him as my guest. Dr. Greene was a source of wisdom and unparalleled teacher. As the ‘outsider’ coming to serve as a CPN host without prior relationship with Dr. Greene, I was awestruck by how, rightly, so many others who had long-term relationships held him in such high regard and reverence. When we spoke, I was particularly taken by the fact that Dr. Greene had never been to Israel. His love for Israel was biblical and to the core of his faith. I took it on as a personal agenda to find a way to get Dr. Greene to come to Israel, to be able to host him and to have the privilege of being there with him as his faith would have been deepened by being in the land. His death is a huge loss on so many levels. I am blessed to have known him and will always be touched by him.” – Jonathan Feldstein, author, president of the Genesis 123 Foundation and host of the Inspiration From Zion podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network.

Dr. Greene had a knack for bringing out the best in people. I am one who benefited from his tremendous set of gifts and love-centered style of leadership. I praise God for his life! He leaves a tremendous legacy and will be dearly missed.” — Kyle Winkler, Bible teacher and Charisma House author

“Dr. Steve will be greatly missed! “He always sounded so full of faith, full of encouragement, full of joy. You could hear the twinkle in his eye when you talked with him by phone. He will be greatly missed!” — Dr. Michael Brown, author, cultural commentator and host of The Line of Fire podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network

“We were deeply saddened to hear the news of the passing of Dr. Steve Greene, while also being assured that he is now awakened in the presence of the very one he faithfully served. Many of us are the beneficiaries of his investment of time and influence. He was always so personable, a consummate servant, freely offering the knowledge and wisdom God has given him through the years to build the kingdom of God. He was gracious, present and delighted in promoting what the Lord was doing through others. Our thoughts and heart are especially with his family and loved ones, as well as his colleagues at Charisma, and with all those who had the pleasure of being a recipient of Dr. Greene’s life and friendship! — Doug Stringer, author, founder and CEO of Somebody Cares International and host of the A Word in Season podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network

“Dr. Greene was more than an excellent marketplace leader; he was a commissioned general in the faith who created a bridge between business and ministry. His vision for the Charisma Podcast Network went beyond teaching us to deliver a podcast promise. He taught us to become excellent and to let our light shine through exemplary work. “Have you no compassion?” he often asked. Compassion means doing the hard thing, and Dr. Greene always did the hard thing. He led a life of excellence that modeled godly leadership. We will miss his interjected “Pshaw!”, “Boom Chakalaka!” and “Go higher!” His love was contagious, and before we had known him long, he became more than a coach to us—he became family. The church has lost a treasure, but for those to whom he imparted his anointing and wisdom, his mission continues. Certainly for us and all the Next Gen Prophets, his work has only begun as we take it to the next generation. — Craig and Colette Toach and the Next Gen Prophet Team. The Toaches are founders of Next Gen Prophets and co-hosts of the Next Gen Prophets podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network.

“Dr. Greene had me on his podcast several times, and he was always so encouraging to me about my ministry. He shared my passion to disciple the next generation. I know he made a mark on many young leaders.” — J. Lee Grady, former Charisma editor, author and founder of The Mordecai Project.

“When I first met Dr. Greene in 2011, he was a highly respected professor and department chair at Oral Roberts University. I, like other alumni and students, stood in awe of this man known for his leadership, his kindness and his visionary approach to life.

“We were between meetings when I introduced myself to him; he took the time to sit down and have a conversation with me that I will never forget. He instantly heard my heart, believed in my calling and became an immediate cheerleader and encourager. Dr. Greene opened doors for me to minister to thousands of people through the Charisma Podcast Network and Ministry Today online.

“The amazing thing about Dr. Steve Greene is that he treated everyone the way that he treated me. His great calling in life was to lead others with kindness and love. My life is forever changed because of this extraordinary man who practiced what he preached.” — Dr. Carol McLeod, author, founder of Carol McLeod Ministries and host of the Jolt of Joy podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network.

“Dr. Steve Greene was my cherished friend whose temporal life Satan literally stole from us. But Steve won the battle in choosing eternal life over death and we know where he is. I will miss the interviews, and also the fellowship at all hours of the day or night when we both would be working on Kingdom projects of vital importance to Charisma and the Kingdom of God. What Steve has accomplished for God’s Kingdom will last forever for his endeavors were not in vain. — James F. Linzey, chaplain, President of the Military Bible Association and chief editor and executive director of the Modern English Version of the Bible.

“In life it is unusual to find spiritual depth and theological excellence matched with compassion and a spirit of humility. Dr. Steve Greene carried these qualities and pulled those qualities out of those he knew. It is true he will be surely missed for who he was here on earth and the betterment he brought to those who knew and loved him but most of all I will miss him as a friend and remain grateful for the promise of eternal life. Shalom, my friend until we meet again. — Rabbi Curt Landry, founder and President of Curt Landry Ministries. {eoa}

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