Are You a Proton Believer?

by | Mar 14, 2011 | Spirit-Led Living

Are you a proton believer?
Are you a part of a proton
company of believers? Are you a part of a proton church? Proton is the Greek word for “first” mentioned in 1
Corinthians 12:28. It means “firstly in time, place, order, or importance.”
God desires a proton people.

It was never the will of God just to have apostles. God’s
intention is to have an apostolic company
of believers. When believers have an apostolic spirit, they will be proton
believers and at the forefront of what God is doing. They will manifest certain
characteristics that set them apart.

Proton believers are sent ones and have an awareness of
being sent. Jesus is the sender (see John 20:21) and
they live by the sender (see John 6:57). They draw their life and strength from
Him and desire to do His will (see John 6:38). They do the work of sent ones (see John 5:36); they
judge as sent ones (see John 5:30) and their works bear
witness that they have been sent. They are not men-pleasers, but God-pleasers.
Their motivation is to do the things that please the sender (see John 8:29).

Proton believers are pioneers—the first. First refers to
responsibility, inheritance, blessing and authority. It is a privilege to be
first and there are advantages. It’s a favored position. There are many ways
one can be first. One can be first in authority and be a ruler or leader, first
in rank such as a captain or general, first in suffering such as a martyr,
first in blessing as of the firstborn, etc.

Proton believers are breakthrough people! A breakthrough is
a significant or sudden advance or development. It is also an act of removing
or surpassing an obstruction or restriction. If a trail is not there they will
make one. They are on the forefront of what God is doing on the earth.

Proton believers are people of conviction, passion and zeal.
They are not double minded. They know what they believe and are convinced it is
from God. People of conviction change things. Proton believers preach, worship
and minister with passion. Jesus was consumed with zeal (see John

Proton believers are people of extreme courage, faith, great
grace and many gifts. It takes courage and boldness to be on the forefront.
These believers are bold in preaching the truth without compromise, bold in
praise and bold in dealing with demons. They are stewards of the manifold grace
of God (see Acts 4:33). They are multifaceted and
operate in different operations and manifestations of the Spirit. They are a
blessing everywhere.

Proton believers are people of revelation, purpose, destiny,
perseverance and sacrifice. They have insight into truth that was hidden in
previous generations and stewards of the mysteries of God (see 1 Cor. 4:1). They unveil what was previously hidden and
see what others cannot see. Proton believers know the plans and purposes of God
and move strategically in that direction. They have spiritual tenacity and will
not give up in spite of the attacks of darkness.

Proton believers are sacrificial team players. They are
willing to make sacrifices to advance the purposes of God and offer their time,
money and life. No price is too high. They have a grace to labor in spite of
what they may encounter. Although they have different ministries and anointing,
proton believers understand the importance of working together in
teams—apostolic teams—evangelistic teams—deliverance teams—prayer teams—praise
and worship teams, etc.

Proton believers are people of praise, governed by the Word
of God, with strategic goals to accomplish God’s purpose and the power,
authority and anointing to succeed. They love to sing new songs (see Ps. 96:1), are submitted to the authority of the Word of
God, will contend with the powers of darkness that are set against the
expansion of God’s kingdom, and know how to transition from old paradigms into
new paradigms and from what God was
doing to what He is now doing.
They serve God in newness of spirit (see Rom. 7:6).

God desires that His people be proton people. By His grace and empowering Spirit you can be a proton believer that demonstrates God’s
kingdom in this current age.

Ordinary-People-ExtraordinaAdapted from Ordinary People—Extraordinary Power by John Eckhardt, copyright 2010, published by
Charisma House. If you are eager for God to use you to heal, deliver, prophesy,
preach, and demonstrate God’s kingdom, then this book is for you. Learn what it
means to be apostolic and how you can be a part of what God’s doing in the
world today. Order by clicking this link.


This week ask God to
place you at the forefront of what He is doing today, and to connect you with a
team of kingdom-minded people that will demonstrate His kingdom and usher in
worldwide revival.  Continue to
pray for our nation’s safety, wisdom for our leaders regarding domestic and
foreign affairs, the situation in Libya, Israel and the Middle East, our
military, their families and the persecuted church.  Ask the Lord to use you as His ambassador to those who are
in need around you.  Acts 4:33; 2
Cor. 5:20; John 8:29


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