Secular Humanism Is Amping Up Its War Against God and His People—But All for Naught

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Spiritual Warfare

A shocking New York Times article–posted April 15, while Jews celebrated Passover and Christians marked Good Friday–declared that we need to kill the God of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Is secular humanism winning the war for the soul of not only America but the world?

Earlier this week I received what I believe was a Holy Spirit revelation concerning the war being fought by Satan against God’s people.

I was studying Revelation 13 in my discipleship group, and the more we went through this chapter on the two beasts, the more I saw a sobering answer to a question that plagued my mind from the New York Times’ op-ed piece. Were the two beasts that John saw rise from the sea and the earth actually symbolic of secular humanism?

Let me make a proposal: Doesn’t secular humanism fit the description of both beasts, especially in the context of chapters 10-14? Read the chapters and replace the word beast with secular humanism. Let me explain what unfolded in my eyes.

Chapters 8 and 9 give us God’s limited judgments in the seven trumpets. Chapters 10-13 explain Satan’s war on God’s people, both Jew and Gentile believers. Chapter 14 begins Jesus’ triumph over Satan and secular humanism. This leads to chapter 15 and the unlimited judgments of God upon those who have rejected Him and His covenant in His Son, Jesus Christ.

In chapter 13, the first beast rises out of the sea of the peoples of the nations. It is the mirror image of the dragon or Satan in the previous chapters about the war that exists between the devil and God’s people.

Chapters 10 through 14 cover the history of this warfare. In chapter 13 this history brings us today’s battles with the secular humanism Satan has devised to destroy God’s people. Doesn’t Satan want what secular humanism does, to replace God with himself?

This beast is also a counterfeit of Jesus, as one who dies but comes back to life as Jesus did. This ideology has been given by Satan’s power, his throne of evil authority. It is not just a person but also empires as expressed from Daniel and his vision and prophecies (vv. 1-4).

The beast is worshipped by the peoples of the world. Isn’t secular humanism the new religion of the cultures of the nations? Secular humanism is the worldview that says we need no God, but we have the answers to our problems. Humanity defines what is true and right and good or evil and rejects the laws of God.

Jesus prophesied that this would all happen in the season before He returned (study Matthew 24 and 25).

Our technology becomes the second beast as the voice of secular humanism or the false prophet. This has many voices, but it is really the voice of Satan to declare the worship of secular humanism or the idol of self (vv. 11-18).

This false prophet is the deceptive voice of the media, big tech, religions of the world, and government. It proclaims that man is god and it even stands in the temple to take the place of God (Matt. 24:15).

These two beasts of secular humanism control the main avenues of the nations from government to business to religion to science to social culture. Those who reject God and His truth take the mark of the beast, which can be both the mark of covenant with Satan and the means to control our lives as in the ability to function within the culture, such as buying and selling the goods needed to live (vv. 16-18).

Didn’t we just get a glimpse of this evil in Canada when the government seized the bank accounts of the truckers who protested in Ottawa, the nation’s capital? Hasn’t our own government threatened to do this to those who disobey their edicts?

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed to us that the government can shut down our churches and even our whole culture. Secular humanism now is trying to redefine what a man and a woman are. To those who love Jesus, this all seems like insanity and the loss of common sense. Yet it is in every facet of our society, especially in our schools, and people are defending it as though it were their religion and God Himself.

This is but a glimpse of chapter 13 and the war Satan wages against those who have the mark of being in covenant with the One true God of Abraham. Read the op-ed about the NYT article I mentioned earlier.

The author said we must kill the God of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims. He is a bloodthirsty God with an agenda similar to what Putin and Russia are doing in destroying Ukraine. People will believe this blasphemy just as Revelation 13:5-10 prophesies. They have become so indoctrinated with the false teachings about our holy and loving God that they will easily accept this distorted view of Him.

We are in a war in the last days before Jesus returns. Jesus is our only hope. As Revelation 14-20 declares, Jesus will destroy Satan, Babylon, the armies in rebellion, and all that secular humanism represents. He will avenge the martyrs who loved Jesus even unto death for their faith. He will make all things new as in Revelation 21 and 22.

The reason Jesus gave Revelation to us was to inspire hope and perseverance against the onslaught of secular humanism. It often appears the devil is winning, but Revelation declares that Jesus has already won. His plan of salvation as authorized by His Father is unfolding before our eyes.

Live with great hope and faith in Jesus and the God of the Bible. Get in the spiritual war and partner with God in preparing the way for Jesus to come again. I am all in. Are you? What are you doing that says you are all in with Jesus?

One reason I love Steve Strang and Charisma Media is that they are all in with Jesus in the war against Satan and his minions. Their books, their podcasts, their magazines, and now their soon coming film release are a total commitment to save souls from the slavery of Satan to the love and hope of Jesus Christ and His free gift of eternal life.

We need to awaken to the call of Christ in these days of spiritual battle to partner with Jesus and the people of God. We need to be His beacons of hope in these “times that try men’s souls,” as Thomas Paine put it.

In Jesus Christ we have the answers the world does not have. Jesus’ answers lead to life. Secular humanism leads to judgment and death.

Millions of believers are all in for Jesus. Come and join us in this glorious adventure as Jesus prepares to return from heaven to take His rightful place as King over all the earth.

Blake Lorenz is the president of Blake Lorenz Family Ministries. He has been doing world evangelism for more than 20 years and has served as a pastor for 25 years.

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