We’re ‘Designed to Bear Fruit,’ Shawn Bolz Says

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Supernatural & Dreams

From chapter 7 (“The Great Provider”) from Shawn Bolz’s latest book, Encounter

Our lives are wired for walking in not just an abundance but intentional resources that are both in our nature and will be provided around us.

Think about God in Heaven as not just the normal Father role that we think of Him in as an authority figure. Think of Him as a great provider for a minute. One who is better than any provider the world ever knew. Before time, He was planning every resource we would need to walk out our purpose, to develop our personhood, to build our relational network. He created us with an access to provision and resources that was like a spiritual bank account that would blow us away if we could see what was available.

A Vision of The Great Maturing

The angel that was with me showed me a vision of an orchard. The orchard was full of trees of the same species, but they were all growing many types of fruit. The fruit itself was ripe and ready. “Pick something….” He smiled.

I grabbed a beautiful large piece of fruit that was hanging on the lowest hanging branch and looked at it. It reminded me of a pomegranate but as I looked at it, it was covered with words etched craftily into its skin. It was so gloriously artistic and looked like something out of an ancient civilization.

As I looked at the words, I realized it was the story of what this fruit was for and who it belonged to. It was the fruit of resources that were released to feed natural hunger in marginalized people groups. I knew in taking on this provision that the person would be able to show the fruit of God’s love to a people who would not be able to relate to it any other way except to be fed. Then I looked at some of the other fruit on this tree, and it was all for the same person, and it all was so abundant with stories of its intended impact and nurturing.

When I began to read the stories, I realized that they were all provision and resources the person needed at different stages of their lives to become the fully formed human that the Trinity was dreaming of. It was all planted, but somehow the fruit was already mature.

“All of these trees are already mature, what is this place?” I had to ask.

“This is the great maturing that is taking place that has been developing since the beginning of man. The great maturing is starting with your generation.”

I came out of the vision but was haunted by it not fully understanding it.

Every generation of Christians always wants to believe they are special, so I was having a hard time wrapping my head around the vision. Are we the most resourced of any generation? Is this a time that all the resources that God has planted for generations are coming into their mature purpose?

The Resources Have Been Released. Now We Need Revelation To Deploy Them!

During this time of progressing of revelation and especially the vision of the “great maturing” that the angel spoke of, I kept pondering this along with seeing this reoccurring vision of Solomon building and Israel forming.

When you look at Solomon, he was starting from a place of incredible amassed wealth. David was extremely wealthy; the Bible lists his wealth. Solomon was leading the people with a wisdom that produced wealth. Then he had his encounter and became the wealthiest man the world ever knew.

This is an incredible theme for us because there has been so much amassed wealth in our generation, we have currency, gold, bitcoin, stocks, but also natural resources, luxury resources, food resources, technology and scientific resources like never before.

Looking at this through natural eyes we can get discouraged. There are many problems with it, the most blaringly obvious is that the wealth is not all aimed, unified, or have people walking in compassion or ethics in mass behind it. Much is motivated by selfish gain and greed.

Remembering the angel saying that the “Great Maturing” is already happening in our generation for the first time in history, I had huge hope in my heart.

The Joseph Anointing that is Coming

During this time a strong vision came to me. I saw the Spirit moving amongst people all over the world of every type and background in the night. They were asleep in my vision all laying in rows but represented nations, people groups, different ages, and industries.

He was throwing out seeds and the seeds were landing on their bodies and began to germinate within. The seeds were the dreams of the Father in Heaven. They were like what God did for Joseph in giving him a dream.

I knew this was symbolic that He was planting a God dream inside of so many who He sees potential within. Some of these were not even deeply connected in their faith yet but He could see that they were the right ground to sow the dreams into. He knew the process and journey he would take them on, he knew who was qualified to carry this.

What was surprising is some of the ones the seeds landed on confused me. If I was going to pick my A team, in my natural human disposition I wouldn’t have even noticed a lot of them. There was nothing bad about them but they were so….normal. Much like how the majority of us who lead organizations would have never picked the disciples to be our team. Much like I would have never considered myself to be picked to have these visions, I feel so normal.

“You see with your eyes and what you can perceive but I see what I created in these earthen vessels. Look again.” When I looked again, I could see them in their relationship to God as the seed matured into a mature oak tree within. They still looked very human but the tree inside them looked like it was the greatest oak I could imagine.

When I looked at the ground where the roots were invested, I realized we were standing on this rich fertile ground like no other. Then we zoomed back, and I could see that the field was planted on top of God’s head and that the roots were intermixed with His neuropathways!

The very thing that fed these trees that had fruit that could change the world was His own wisdom, talent, and personhood. I could see this vision into the mind of God and how these tree roots were pulsing with God’s powerful neurons, and it was overwhelming to think of the shared information space.

We can understand this in a modern sense with our cloud technology and how when we are connected to the same network, we share information. Sometimes there are updates and advancements in our devices that make them work better, more efficiently and even connect to more information that we never see with our eyes or perceive as a user of the technology but it’s always advancing, always communicating. Humanity was made to be much like this with God and I was seeing this in a spiritual vision with the neuropathways because I believe God wants us to see ourselves in HIS headspace that we have access to His divinity in our plans, strategies, and purposes.

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