The Book Jonathan Cahn Finally Had to Write to Warn America

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Jonathan Cahn, Spiritual Warfare

When Jonathan Cahn wrote his first book, the blockbuster bestseller The Harbinger back in 2012, it warned that 9/11 was the beginning of judgement as America fell away from God. It mirrored the last days of ancient Israel, where nine harbingers of warning appeared in the land, warning of national calamity and coming destruction.

Those same harbingers, the same nine signs of a nation under judgment, have now reappeared in modern times on American soil. Cahn says America is joined to ancient Israel—in its blessings, in its falling and in that which would come upon it. He says the mystery of the harbingers has never stopped—it has continued to this day.

As a result, the time has finally come to tell the rest of the story, in Cahn’s new book, the explosive, long-awaited sequel, The Harbinger II: The Return.

For Such a Time as This

Cahn says, “This book contains what I’ve been holding back from sharing for eight years. I couldn’t write it until the Lord said this was the time. I couldn’t touch it. It was only now that He gave the go-ahead.

“In September of 2019, I was praying as to what the next book that I was to write would be. From that came a clear leading that it was to be what I had held off from writing for eight years—The Harbinger II. What also came was a strong sense that 2020 would be a year of great shaking. I even shared that publicly on the first week of the year.

“I knew that both of these things that would be connected—that the shakings would be the continuation of the biblical mystery that began with The Harbinger. And that’s why I had to write The Harbinger II, so that America would be warned and that God’s people would know what was happening and where it was leading—and what to do.

“So I started writing it in January of 2020. And then, three months later, it all happened. The shakings came upon America.”

As America reels from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic collapse and civil disorder, and people all over the nation try to make sense of everything that’s happening, The Harbinger II follows the ancient biblical template and provides answers for such a time as this.

“This book unlocks the mysteries that have not been revealed from the beginning, to what has happened since 9/11, to this day,” says Cahn. “Is America heading for judgement? Are these current shakings a signal that we’re drawing closer to judgement, to calamity? Has the ancient mystery of the harbinger continued up to this day? Is it behind the pandemic, to the economic collapse, to the disorder we’re watching? Was there more to the mystery? Are we running out of time? How long do we have? These are the questions The Harbinger II opens up.”

That which The Harbinger foretold has come to pass. The Harbinger II reveals what’s happening to America according to the mystery—and what happens next.

The Window

“America has literally been following the course of the harbingers,” says Cahn. “The ancient biblical pattern is that God allows the strike, and then He gives a set period of time—a time for the nation to repent, a time of mercy, a time of grace. It’s a window, and we are in the window right now.

“That’s one of the reasons why I was led to write The Harbinger II at this exact time—because there are increasing signs that we are coming to the end of that window.”

In the case of ancient Israel, instead of turning back, they turned away all the more, going further and further away from God. “When a nation is given the chance to turn back and rejects that chance, it will become all the more brazen, and its fall will deepen and accelerate,” says Cahn.

Which begs the question, has there been any turning back at all since 9/11?

Cahn says no. “America’s overall descent from God has only progressed,” he says. The nation has not only abandoned the ways of God, but is increasingly warring against them—from tolerating immorality to brazenly championing it, indoctrinating its children away from the ways of God, vilifying those who refuse to join in its apostasy but hold true to the ways of God and seeking to silence and punish them. America has shed innocent blood, called evil good and good evil and has established it, legislated it and executed it by sanctifying the profane and profaning the sacred.”

Cahn says this has all been a choice. “America did not have to follow in ancient Israel’s footsteps, but it did. That was its choice. And so the mystery continues.”

God Is Calling Us Back

Is there hope then for America? While Cahn believes if the nation’s war against God’s ways does not change, the shakings will increase in intensity, and judgment will come—he still holds out for hope.

“Judgment is not the heart of God, not for a nation or a soul,” he says. “Judgment is God’s necessity, but redemption is His heart. He wills that none should perish and longs to save, to grant mercy and forgiveness, to heal and restore. It is the necessity of good to bring evil to an end, that judgment must come—but it is the heart of God to bring salvation, to call back, to warn and to even allow the shaking of nations that those who would hear His calling would come back and be saved.”

Cahn says this is what makes the message of The Harbinger II so urgent today. “Such things as repentance and revival often come only through shaking, and what has now come upon America but a shaking? God’s voice still calls.”

So where does this all leave us with regard to the harbingers? “As the nation’s fall has continued,” says Cahn, “so have the manifestations of the harbingers. I’ve watched this mystery progress up until to this very moment. The Harbinger II opens up everything: the message from the past to the present from what has happened since 9/11 to what is happening at this moment. It uncovers a prophetic revelation of America’s future and has to do with every one of our lives, opening up the revelations of God, the voice of God, the plan of God, where we are and what we need to do now to avoid judgement.” {eoa}

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