Dance Before the Lord

by | Mar 16, 2010 | Prayer & Devotion

And David danced before the Lord with all his might. —2 Samuel 6:14

Michal, David’s wife, did not like his dancing. She scolded him and made light of him. She said he was dancing before the maidens like a lewd fellow, and made out of his dancing as if he were base and low. But he answered, “I was not dancing before men, but the Lord,” showing that he had lost sight of the world and what they thought or said, and was moved and controlled entirely by the Holy Ghost for the Glory of God.

All the great company was blessed but Michal. She was stricken with barrenness till the day of her death. She sinned by making light of the power of God in the holy dance (just as some do today), and attributed it to the flesh or the devil. The critics of God always lose out, and many are in darkness till death.

The news of King David’s great victory—killing the giant Goliath and destroying the great army of the Philistines—spread quickly over the land. When David returned from the slaughter, the women came out of all the cities of Israel to meet the King, singing and dancing with great joy and playing instruments of music. Now notice, in all their cities the women went out in the streets and danced with their music; men are not mentioned—just maidens. Women danced unto the Lord in honor of God, and the king, prompted by the Spirit of God, praised Him in the dance. It took courage for David to honor the King in this way, but the Lord smiled His approval by having it written by holy men of old and passed down to us in His precious Word.

Lord, may I be moved and controlled entirely
by Your Spirit, until I lose sight of the world
and praise flows from my
heart in dancing. Amen.


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