Messianic Rabbi Schneider: ‘America Will Not Turn Back to God’

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Faith, Israel & Jewish Roots, Spirit-Led Living, Standing With Israel

Although there are many Christians across America rejoicing at the news of revival pouring out at Asbury University, the country is still continuing down a path that runs contrary to God’s Word.

Messianic Rabbi Kirt Schneider had a burning message in his heart that he felt the Lord wanted delivered to His people and shared it on his program, “Discovering the Jewish Jesus.”

“I do believe that before the return of the Lord, we will see pockets of revival,” Schneider explained in reference to Asbury.

“[But] the world is not going to turn back to God, and neither is the United States of America going to be turning back to God,” he continued.

“Some people are still hoping for this country to become some type of utopia again, as if the United States of America is going to become a Judeo-Christian nation, and I’m here to tell you that it is not, and it will not,” Schneider proclaimed. “The floodgate has been opened [and] immorality has swept into the earth, into the Western world and in particularly into the United States of America, in such a way that the bomb has gone off and there is no going back to the good old days.”

Rabbi Schneider is not a “doom and gloom” apocalyptic naysayer, he instead has read the Scriptures and taken Jesus at His word that in the last days, humanity will continue to turn from God and pursue their own fleshly desires.

Quoting Jesus in Matthew chapter 24, Rabbi Schneider shares the words of Christ to illustrate this position that America will not return to being a Christian nation, and how it is for the sake of the elect that the Tribulation that is coming will be shortened or else no one would make it through.

These words, along with many others found within the Bible such as 2 Timothy chapter 3, show that times are going to become more difficult for Christians, not easier. Persecution will ramp up, not diminish.

“The only thing you and I can do is get prepared for what’s to come,” Schneider extolled his viewers.

“You and I need to wake up. The Bible tells us we need to be sober in spirit. Don’t think that there’s some type of revival that’s going to change everything, that we’re somehow going to be going back to this idyllic place where you can let your children outside running freely down the street…and you wouldn’t be worried about them. No.

“People are so broken, so many demons have entered our culture and humankind that it is broken and it is chaos,” he says.

Rabbi Schneider lays out the history and timeline supporting these claims, and how America essentially opened the door a crack and let the devil swing it wide open.

From Elvis, seemingly innocently these days, swinging his hips and injecting sexuality into mainstream culture; the sexual revolution degrading the purpose and importance of marriage and sexual morality; the rise of homosexuality and the legalization of same-sex marriage leading to a complete breakdown of the God-ordained marriage; the devil’s influence in getting people addicted to technology to the point they lose touch with their own soul and much more have led America to the place it is now in.

Within society today there is lawlessness, spiritual violence and the occult taking the place once filled with the Holy Spirit. And once the Holy Spirit backs off or stops restraining evil, evil will move in to take His place.

But Rabbi Schneider insists there is hope in these times. Hope to endure and continue spreading the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

“We need to stand up for biblical truth,” Rabbi Schneider says. “We need to be lights in this darkness. If the salt loses its [flavor] Jesus said, what good is it?

“We’re moving into a culture of complete breakdown. Total breakdown. Breakdown of the psyche, breakdown of the soul. We’re moving into an era of lawlessness, spiritual violence and spiritual assault.

“If you and I are going to survive and live victoriously in the End Times, we’re gonna have to become rock solid right now…talk to God about everything. Continually examine yourselves so you’re aware of your thoughts, you’re aware of your attitude, you’re aware of your soul and you form a continual dialogue with God.”

These practices will keep one aligned with the will of God, says Rabbi Schneider, and they offer the spiritual protection one needs to resist the enemy during the End Times. {eoa}

Schneider BookTo read more about the End Times found within the book of Revelation, view Rabbi Kirt Schneiders book here.

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