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Mario Murillo: Unstoppable Holy Spirit Fire Spreading Over America

by | Apr 25, 2023 | Spirit-Led Living, Supernatural & Dreams

There is fire from the mountains! I probably should not tell you this, but 1,553 people squeezed into a sanctuary with only 750 seats.

It may also be wise for me not to tell you what happened at Radiant Church, Sunday night. But I can’t help myself. I will do both.

Yes indeed, everyone—by some kind of divine compression—found a place to sit. And yes, it is dangerous to express my real feelings because you may not believe me.

We hear people say, “Man, that was a good meeting!” Well, I have been to many good meetings, but “good” does not begin to describe Sunday night.

We have also heard people say, “Wow, the power of God was in that place!” This too is a woefully inadequate description of what occurred Sunday night.

People love to throw around the term “revival.” Any extra special event today is instantly branded an “awakening.” Because of this I am deeply reluctant to tell you my real opinion—but again, I can’t help it.

Radiant Church, Sunday night, April 16, 2023. Remember that date. When Christians in the future ask, “When did it all start?” If you remember that date, you will be able to answer their question.

There is only one word that truly describes Sunday night: UNSTOPPABLE! What got on the people—what God put in the people—is unstoppable.

The unfettered presence of God is the real story. It was a glorious presence. It was an intense presence. Reverence for God burned out all possibility of foolishness. Saint and sinner were swept up into it. Each one convicted and compelled to surrender.

At the beginning of that night’s service, while worship was still going on, I ran upstairs to minister to the packed out overflow room. A few minutes later, 25 people were born again.

As I made my way back to the main auditorium, I felt a holy dread come over me. I knew I dare not say anything that came from my own mind. I knew I must only speak God’s counsel. And that was all I did.

As soon as the message ended, the Holy Spirit fell on me. No one could have predicted what was about to happen.

Out there in the audience was a young man. He was in a gang that had turned on him. They threatened to kill him. He ducked into this meeting to hide. I pointed to his section and said, “God is healing a young man in his left knee. Where are you?”

You can appreciate why it took him so long to raise his hand. His hand went up slowly, like a periscope. Then I asked him to come up on the stage. Imagine that. He’s there to hide, but now he is standing in front of over 1,500 people!

I described his left knee and told him it was a sports injury to his ACL. As I spoke, he tested his brand new knee. How I wish you could have seen the look of shock and awe when Jesus healed him. Then he was born again.

Then I got the most wonderful guidance. You see, during the entire service there were hundreds of teenagers sitting on the floor right in front of the platform where I was standing. And God ordered me to recruit them!

I directed them to divide up, and to fill all four aisles. Their marching orders were that they were to start laying hands on all of the sick people as the Lord showed them to me, and they were called out. The words of healing erupted, and dozens recognized when it was for them. Then those young people went to them and laid hands on them. Miracles were happening everywhere!

Now I understand what God was doing. This was the dawn of a youth awakening—and not only that—but God had raised up an army of youth with healing in their hands!

Since that night, the reports of healing have been nothing short of astounding. A young woman sent Pastors Todd and Kelly Hudnall ‘before and after’ pictures of her spine: one with the curvature and the other with her spine totally straightened.

Another young man suffered from Crohn’s disease. For six years he had been in agonizing pain in his stomach. Even a light touch would cause him severe pain. He was so stunned by his healing that he even punched himself to try to feel pain, to no avail!

I am only giving you a tiny fraction of the miracles that flooded Radiant Church on Sunday night. As I said, many new reports are still coming in every day.

The only way to crown a night like this is with a towering harvest of souls. They came from everywhere to be saved. How many came? Only God knows the true number.

March CM CoverHallelujah!

I am warning you. This is unstoppable. I get chills just thinking about where it will go from here.

Again, I am warning you. Our tent crusade is going to send a shockwave of the agape love of God throughout Colorado. But it will not stop there. The fire that is coming from these mountains is going to spread across America! {eoa}

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