Shawn Bolz Prophesies: Are Technological Advancements the Enemy’s or God’s?

by | Feb 6, 2023 | End Times, Faith, Prophetic & Revival, Revival, Spiritual Warfare

There are technologies coming that just may be used by the enemy in the end times. Things like artificial wombs, getting chipped, augmented and virtual reality to name a few.

First, I want to lay a foundation for the fact that there are no technologies the enemy can create when it comes to human advancement. He can influence, he can have an agenda for them, he can manipulate man to create corruption but he is not creating anything.

In recent weeks, a molecular biologist in Germany has announced he is creating a fully functional artificial womb and claims that in a few “short years” it would replace traditional birth.

Last December, Hashem Al-Ghaili released a concept video that featured artificial womb pods for human babies. The video is titled, “Ectolife: The World’s First Artificial Womb Facility.” It shows details of a factory that can incubate up to 30,000 babies per year by utilizing 75 state-of-the-art labs containing up to 400 pods.

This terrified many people who pictured dystopian science fiction movies. The practical reality is that God created humanity to advance and to have dominion. How we use this authority is what gets corrupted. God wants to use technologies to heal things like infertility but that doesn’t mean that the enemy won’t help to manipulate a sinister agenda. Do we as Christians focus on the demonic agenda, human agenda or the spiritual agenda of God the Father’s heart?

There are also technologies like the microchip that can be embedded into your body so that your medical records can be easily accessed by medical workers. This seems like a good idea, but sites like are reporting that the primary use that many political leaders might want to use it for is vaccination verification or passport information.

If you have a family member who is diabetic or has certain allergies, having something that  every emergency worker can scan could save so many lives. The fear that most Christians have of being accessed by technology or for their privacy being taken away stems from believing that the human political agenda and the demonic agenda is bigger than the God agenda in this technology.

Is there any use as a Christian for being chipped for medical or safety purposes?

Augmented or virtual reality is set to supersede any entertainment in human history. It is now on the rise with the largest big tech companies going all in on augmented glasses, virtual reality headsets and virtual spaces.

With people spending more and more time on virtual spaces, is this the enemy’s plan to disconnect people from reality and humanity or is there actually a redemptive purpose for these technologies? Can God use them? Is He inspiring any of them? Or is this the spiral of demonic change to humanity’s core purity to be augmented by technology that is man’s design and not God’s?

Let’s discern this together.  Before a technology is evil, it is a tool that can be used to bring glory to God. I believe God intended many of these technologies but because they are coming through broken vessels of fallen humanity, they come with fractures from God’s original intention. If believers can get involved in these industries and use technologies with the right kind of Kingdom integrity, these can become areas of great harvest for God’s kingdom.

If the millions of people who are spending virtual time online in virtual spaces, don’t build into those spaces with God’s heart of love and see them as missional grounds, then we will miss a great harvest (even if it is virtual). What if there is an incredible harvest of souls, virtual churches or missions online, that could only happen if we engage our faith for this?

Many of us remember when the internet was on the rise before it became a household tool. Pastors and evangelists were preaching about the dangers of the internet and many called their parishioners not to partake because of the evils of pornography, the occult and the dark web. Now it has become a household tool. We have had to overcome some of the enemy’s and fallen humanity’s brokenness that is injected into many sites, but it has also caused the fastest spreading of the gospel in history with Bible sites being visited up to 1000x more than Bibles being read. It has changed us for the worse, but also for the better depending on who is using it and to what end.

God is allowing technologies to be released in the AI spaces, robotics, augmented and virtual reality. We are not supposed to be battling over whether or not God can use them or has intention over them. He does. However, we want to practice their use with the Christian morality and virtues that we hold dear that are expressed in the Bible. Because we are the first generation who has ever faced some of the battle that comes with these kinds of technologies being released, we want to resist the temptation to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

God is anointing technology as a primary tool in the end time harvest, but we could almost miss it because of fear or because we abdicate its role because of our fear for how man is misusing what God intended for good.

Many people believe that when David went to live with the Philistines that he learned the Iron Age of advancement for weapons of war from them and brought that back to Israel. It caused Israel to have the tools it needed in its generation to fight their battles.

God is giving us the tools we need in our generation to fight battles and this is unlike the past 2000 years of human history.

Discern as the technologies come, but have an open mind to the fact that God is a good Father and is inspiring creative genius of technologies to advance humanity and to bring in the harvest for Jesus. Many of these things that are emerging are going to be tools for believers even if we have to deal with the realities that technology will also be used against us in the days ahead.

Do you have any anxiety about coming technologies?

Think about how Paul didn’t use incredibly Jewish language and structure for how he defined the church and the roles of leadership (like apostle or evangelist) or like what had been clearly defined within the law of the Torah. He used the construct of the Roman Empire language and the common language of the day so that people could relate to how God wanted to move in the culture they lived in. Even the title “apostle” was a mainstream term, not a religious one and Paul was giving people a common way to relate to the most uncommon being in the universe: God. God used Paul’s understanding of the practical world to help equip the church to take on its missional mandate to go into all the world and make disciples.

Do you have fear of the end times? Get your hands on some victorious eschatology and listen to some of the Bible scholars who believe Jesus is going to return for His people. That isn’t just philosophy but Jesus is returning to people who have spiritual, mental, emotional and physical intelligence about how to prepare the world for Him.

To find out more, listen to my full podcast on The Shawn Bolz Show with Shawn Bolz.

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Shawn Bolz is a TV and podcast host, an author, producer and a Christian minister. He has been leading conversations in the church, entertainment industry, and in social justice that have helped believers connect their faith to culture in a transformative way. Shawn’s deeply connected yet humorous style of speaking, media hosting & coaching through his unique expert perspective has brought him around the world to meet with churches, CEO’s, entertainers, and world leaders. Visit his website at


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