5 Keys for This Generation to Fulfill Rom. 9:11

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Revival

This past fall, during the 10 Days of Awe 5779 (between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur), I was up in the old Moody Center in Northfield, Massachusetts, with the 10 Days of Prayer ministry run by Jonathan Friz. We were fasting, praying and earnestly seeking the Lord over this 10-day period.

This is the campus D.L. Moody built and where he and his wife are now buried. It is a special place in the Spirit and just walking on the grounds often gives the feeling there is less of a barrier between heaven and earth in the Spirit.

It was here that the Lord gave me the download for “The Reconnection Mandate,” which is a new document listing the five main directives for the body of Messiah/Christ to move into the reconnection in the one new man.

Below is The Reconnection Mandate.” It is an important document for this day and era. Please read it carefully and meditatively.

The Reconnection Mandate

Five Directives to bring the reconnection forth through Romans 911—Time To Sound The Alarm!

  1. Explain the Need: We first have to fully comprehend the reconnection message and then to explain the great need for this spiritual transaction to take place in the family of God. The reconnection in the one new man reunites the remnant of Israel (Jewish believers) and the Gentile-believing church through the Father’s heart of love. This unity is especially important now that Israel is awakening spiritually and the Gentile church is awakening to Israel. As we enter into this final era of history and this mystery is unveiled (Rom.11:25-27), our focus must be directed in helping our Father fulfill His covenants and promises to restore the firstborn into the family of God. We not only need to give it our full support, but also to recognize that it is connected to the fullness of the Gentiles coming into the end-time harvest through the last great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. While there is a sequence here in God’s timing between the balance of Jews and Gentiles coming to faith in the apostle Paul’s teaching, our focus on the unlocking of the “fullness of the Gentiles” and “all Israel being saved” are intricately linked together, and may not have been seen as such during most of the church age up until now.

This reconnection/alignment consummates the church’s return toward Israel and helps to produce Israel’s awakening and spiritual restoration. It is a power equation to realign the church back into the fullness of her identity in and with Israel and to awaken and prepare the bride for Yeshua’s return. Unity in the one new man is key to the unveiling of this mystery to make Israel/church complete. (Israel and the church ultimately become one and the same at the end of the age.) This relationship is explained in detail in Romans 911—Time To Sound The Alarm!

  1. Reconnect—Remarry: In these last days, the family of God from both the Gentile and Jewish sides must be reunited into this spiritual reconnection/alignment. This renewed marriage is the bonding that God has always planned for us (Eph. 2:11-22) and is also portrayed in the book of Ruth between Ruth, Naomi and Boaz. It is the final piece of restoration for the ekkelsia/church. It was this one new man that changed the world when the church was first established, before she became disconnected from her Jewish roots and heritage. Our intimacy and oneness with the Father and Yeshua/Jesus and our kinship with one another are crucial to this process. It will help to produce the fullness of glory waiting to be released upon us from heaven as we join into John 17 unity. But first, we must heal this breach in the foundation of God’s ekklesia from its past, which will properly lay the groundwork for all other divisions, healings and restoration to take place in the family of God. Now that Israel is awakening, the church must realign with her. As Ephesians 3:6a (NIV) states, “We are heirs together with Israel,” rather than the other way around, as evidenced during most of the church age.

There is a correction and an adjustment needed now between God’s firstborn children and His children from the nations that will prepare the bride for her priestly role to rule and reign with Messiah/Christ. The bride will embody people from every tribe, language and nation to serve the Lord and reign with Him on the earth (Rev. 5:9-10). This is the Israel of God (ekklesia/church), but not without her physical association to and with the people of Israel. A restored unity will strengthen, bless and empower all believers and followers of Yeshua/Jesus and put us on a corrected pathway to activate God’s end-time glory plan—resurrection power, “Life from the dead!” (see Rom. 11:12,15).

  1. True Repentance: It is critical that the body of Messiah/Christ be made aware of the human issues that are keeping us separated—the spiritual, emotional and theological barriers on both sides of the family (believing Jews and Gentiles) that need to be addressed. In the reconnection/alignment process, we understand that judgment begins in the house of God and that Satan’s dividing influences need to be exposed and eradicated. Judgment in this context is not an adverse thing; rather, it is an act of mercy and healing from God. He wants to restore His family in preparation for His end-time plans on the earth (Rom. 11:32). Judgment leads us into a full and proper repentance on these issues (both Jew and Gentile alike—see chapters 7 and 8 in Romans 911).

The Jewish part of the family needs to love and embrace the Gentile believing-church. The Gentile part of the family must rid itself of all influences of anti-Semitism and replacement theology, and love and embrace God’s firstborn children. This reunion will make the family of God whole, and not only restore the former glory but lead us into the greater glory. Confession and repentance begin this process. We must then experience a Romans 12 transformation (which interestingly, comes right after Romans 11) and allow the Holy Spirit to renew our hearts and minds into restoration and unity for this special time on the earth. To paraphrase Romans 12:2 in this light: “Do not conform to the old wineskin where Jew and Gentile were still separated in the one new man, but be transformed into a new wineskin by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—His good, pleasing and perfect will.”

  1. Study: “Study to show yourself approved” (2 Tim. 2:15). Romans 911 – Time To Sound The Alarm! was written for this purpose. It is a comprehensive study book on all the issues concerning the reconnection in the one new man and is designed to identify and release the plan and strategy of God to get us there. For this reason, we encourage all Messianic Jews and Christians to enter into a time of Bible study using Romans 911 and other books written for this purpose. We must allow the Holy Spirit to restore us into unity and the fullness of our identity in and with Israel now that she is being restored. This is definitely not a quick proposition; rather, it needs time and dedication for this process to properly take root in us. We must not be only hearers of this word, but doers! (Jacob/James 1:22).
  1. Prayer and Witness: A reconnected heart and mind in the family of God move us into our end-time roles: prayer and witness. Through prayer and intercession, we call on the winds that the breath of God may be released back into the children of Israel (Ezek. 37:9-11) and through witness and evangelism, we release the mercy of God towards them that they may ultimately be saved (Rom. 11:30-31). (It is interesting to note that the numbers 9-11 are also referenced in Ezekiel 37 and Amos, sounding an alarm in Scripture and alerting us to Israel’s awakening and our great role in the body of Messiah/Christ to help bring them back to life.) The reconnection releases both a prayer and evangelism strategy that are fully addressed in Romans 911 and The Ezekiel Generation.

This strategy in fulfillment of Isaiah 62:6-7 and Romans 11 will mobilize the body of Messiah/Christ through prayer and a lifestyle of love and witness to reach our Jewish family and all of God’s children. While the reconnection focus definitely encourages power evangelism in the style of Yeshua’s interaction with the woman at the well (John 4), we also need to show greater unconditional love, patience and wisdom in how we bring the gospel back to the Jewish people. By embracing the reconnection/alignment message, we can more easily learn how to communicate the gospel through the love of God.

Stay tuned for Part 1 of my interview with Prophet James Goll on the one new man.

Author/speaker Grant Berry, founder of Reconnecting Ministries and Messiah’s House Messianic Center, trumpets his new book, Romans 911—Time to Sound the Alarm! Grant is a Messianic believer in Yeshua, Jesus, and is promoting a new message into the body of Messiah, Christ, during these last days, known as “the reconnection.” This is a new term used to describe the reuniting and full restoration of Jewish and Gentile believers into John 17 unity into the one new man now that Israel’s awakening is upon us. This spiritual transaction has been unseen during most of the church age but is now most vital for the church to move into for God’s end-time plans. It is a power key to the last great revival and final outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the earth. For more information and a special offer on Romans 911, please visit reconnectingministries.org. For more info on Reconnecting Ministries, please click here to watch one of the introductory videos (three minutes).


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