Victorious Warfare Over Nation Means Wearing Both These Gloves

by | May 19, 2015 | Prophetic Insight

My previous article began with a dream that holds great significance for America, and for me, personally. That dream was given by God to my friend, Thomas Hall, back in 2007.

Thomas dreamt I was a boxer in a fighting ring, facing five giants, in five rounds. Alternating fists, I knocked out one giant per round with just one blow to each opponent. At the conclusion of the boxing match, I raised my fists and said, “If you are going to take out the giants in this season, you are going to have to wear these two gloves.” On one glove was written the word “Everlast;” on the other, “Evergreen.”

The interpretation of that dream unfolded over two seasons of my life—spaced six years apart. The name on the first glove made total sense to me when Thomas shared his dream the morning after receiving it. God had been preparing me to recognize the spiritual significance of the word “Everlast” by leading me through a study on the life of Abraham. Upon hearing Thomas’ dream, I remembered that in Genesis 21:33 Abraham “called on Olam-El,” the Everlasting God.

As exemplified through Abraham’s journey from faithlessness to becoming the “father of faith,” (which you may read about in my previous article,) the Everlasting God knows how to heal the breaches of history and restore us to His eternal covenants and purposes. This revelation has filled me with hope for America, affirming my conviction that her sin is not greater than God’s power to restore. Much greater is the power of the cross!

For years, I confidently wore the “Everlast” glove, allowing my prayers about America’s past and future to be shaped by this revelation of God’s timeless and redeeming nature. Full of faith in His desire to heal history, restore covenant and release blessing upon this great nation, I have spent decades repenting for America’s wrongs and praying in agreement with God’s promises, and with the appeals of our forefathers.

In the dream, however, the message was clear: in order to take out the giants, we must wear both gloves—”Everlast” and “Evergreen.” Even so, it would be six years before I would understand the significance of “Evergreen” and effectively step into the battle for America wearing this glove.

The Other Glove

In 2013, while serving as executive director of a Bible college, I invited one of my spiritual sons to deliver the keynote address for the commencement ceremony. He is a military man, who modeled honor, integrity, and sacrifice, and could share with the graduates about responding to the call of God outside the walls of the church.

At the conclusion of his speech, our guest presented me with a special gift. It was a replica of a flag under which our nation was born. The slogan across the top, “An Appeal to Heaven,” signified that when no hope, no justice, and no recourse remains, we make an appeal to heaven for divine intervention.

According to American Revolutionary War history, faced with the insurmountable power of the British Army, yet aware that God’s purposes are at the core of America’s founding, the flag’s slogan had become the cry of Revolutionaries and Colonists alike. As our speaker unfurled this white flag, I was captivated by the image emblazoned upon its center: an evergreen tree. The presence of the Lord came on me strongly, and I knew that I was about to get the other glove.

Our speaker went on to explain how this flag’s evergreen tree—that never withers—was, in part, inspired by the traditions of the Iroquois Native American Nation, for whom it represents everlasting covenant. At one time in history, several tribes from the Iroquois Nation agreed never to fight against one another, but rather, stand and fight together. To affirm this eternal covenant, they buried their weapons at the base of an evergreen tree.

Abraham Wore Both Gloves

Shortly after this evergreen tree flag was given to me, I realized that both of the gloves in Thomas’ dream, “Everlast” and “Evergreen,” are actually found in Genesis 21:33! This scripture tells us that before calling on Olam El, the Everlasting God, Abraham planted a tamarisk tree. Only after begin given the Appeal to Heaven flag, did God reveal to me that a tamarisk tree is actually an evergreen tree—a symbol of everlasting covenant with God. Abraham wore both gloves!

As I studied this tamarisk tree, I learned that this tree grows very slowly, but lives a very long time. The taproot goes down so deep it can live in an arid climate and still pull up hundreds of liters of water a day. One lexicon I looked at said that no one plants a tamarisk tree for him- or herself because it grows so slowly they would never reap its fruit or enjoy its shade. Anybody that plants it does so for future generations.

When Abraham planted this tree, he did it at Beersheba, which means “The Well of Oaths” or “The Well of Covenant.” This evergreen tree obviously represented Abraham’s everlasting covenant with God. When Abraham planted this tree, he was saying to future generations: “You will sit under the shade of my covenant with God.” That’s powerful! Is that not what we are doing in America?—Sitting under the shade of the covenants and efforts of previous generations.

The Evergreen glove also points to the “Appeal To Heaven” flag under which our nation was birthed. It represents the appeal of intercession rising in America from generation to generation, founded upon our eternal covenants with God.

Fighting For America

As in the days of the Revolutionary War, America finds herself, today, a fledgling nation facing insurmountable odds. But the country both God and our forefathers dreamed of and fought to ensure for future generations must be preserved! To this end, the Everlasting God has reintroduced the Evergreen flag. It is heaven’s strategy for securing America’s victory. For when no hope, no justice, and no recourse remains, we make an appeal to heaven for divine intervention.

I believe that America, the “City on a Hill,” can shine brightly once again. If we, like Abraham and our forefathers, return to a faith that God’s redeeming power is bigger than our weaknesses and failures, return to our covenants with God and embrace our destiny, we will prevail.

The Everlasting, life-giving God, is breathing new life to the intercessory prayer movement, enabling us to run with this revelation and confidently appeal to heaven. As these redemptive prayers of agreement with God’s eternal promises rise to heaven, Olam El, the powerful God of Ages, will deliver us from the spiritual giants robbing us of our calling and inheritance.

Wearing both gloves—Everlast and Evergreen—let’s appeal to heaven and take out the giants of our day!

Dutch Sheets is an internationally recognized teacher, conference speaker and author of The Power of Hope. He has written more than 20 books, translated into over 30 languages. His first work, Intercessory Prayer, sold nearly a million copies and is being used to empower believers worldwide for passionate prayer and societal transformation.

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