Jonathan Cahn Reveals ‘The Mystery of the Potter’s Field’

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Jonathan Cahn, Prophetic Insight

In his new blockbuster bestseller The Harbinger II: The Return, Jonathan Cahn reveals answers to the consuming questions that people are asking in the midst of today’s turmoil: Is the ancient mystery of the harbinger behind the pandemic? Are these current shakings a sign? Is there more to the mystery? Is America heading for judgment?

Cahn’s electrifying, long-awaited sequel to The Harbinger reveals that the mystery which began with 9/11 has not stopped,but has continued unfolding on American soil. The ancient harbingers that warn of coming judgment have continued to manifest.

In a recent interview with Shannon Scholten, host of Voice of Truth television, Cahn talked about several of the mysteries revealed in The Harbinger II, including the mystery of the potter’s field and its tie to the coronavirus pandemic that has devastated America and the world.

“There can be many causes of one event,” Cahn said, referring to the pandemic, “but we also can’t overlook the cause of the supernatural and what God says. God allows judgment—He allows things to happen. He’s the God of mercy, but He allows things to wake up a nation.

“What has happened upon us is a shaking and wake-up call to America.”

The Ancient Sin Is Replaying

Cahn pointed out that God used plagues in the Bible as wake-up calls, as judgments. He cited the prophet Jeremiah (Jer. 7:30-31) as an example. “Jeremiah stood over the Valley of Hinnom—also called Tophet—with a clay vessel in his hand and said to Israel, ‘You have murdered children—the blood of the children is here because of what you did, and the same death is going to come to you.’ And then he smashed the jar, a sign of coming destruction. The blood of the innocent is what invokes judgment in the Bible.”

Cahn went on to say that while Israel killed thousands of children, today we have killed millions through abortion. “This generation that we’re in right now has turned away from God more dramatically than any generation in history,” he said. “They have killed more babies than any other generation in history. It’s the greatest falling away we’ve ever had.

“Jeremiah said that the judgment which came upon Israel, from sacrificing children in the potter’s field in the Valley of Hinnom, was going to come back upon them. It’s linked together, and America has followed the template of Israel’s fall. The ancient sin is replaying on American soil. The nation gave its blessing and sanction to the sacrificing of its most innocent by legalizing the killing of its unborn children, and celebrating the act.”

Cahn pointed out another chilling fact. “The sin of abortion is the sin of the older against the younger. Notice this plague strikes the oldest and spares the youngest. This plague has pinpointed the old, because the killing of children is a sin of the old against the young.”

The City of Death

Cahn continued revealing the progression of the plague. “Which nation does more abortions than any other nation?” he asked. “China. Where did the plague begin? China. Which nation has been the model, leading most of the world into abortion? America. America has killed more babies than most nations in the world, by far. And America also kills babies at later stages than the rest of the world. We have blood on our hands in a big way.”

So what nation has been hit harder by the plague than any other? “America,” said Cahn. “And where in America is the abortion capital? New York. What state was hit harder by the plague than any other? New York, where abortion on demand began in 1970. Then it spread across America. When the Supreme Court voted for the Uniform Abortion Act in 1973, it was based on the law that New York passed in 1970.

“So New York led the nation in abortions, and most of those happen in New York City. So where did the plague center? New York City. It became the city of death.”

Cahn pointed out more shocking parallels from The Harbinger II. “When the first case of the plague was identified, it was patient zero in Seattle,” he said. “There was a date next to the headlines that day—it was Jan. 22, the anniversary of the day that America legalized abortion. It was also the anniversary of when New York passed its gruesome law. It comes all back home—it’s all tied together.

“When Jeremiah prophesied, he was at the potter’s gate, by the potter’s field. He said, ‘Because of the children you’re going to be answered by death’ and he also said, ‘There’s going to be so many people dying that you will not be able to contain it here in this field’ (Jeremiah 19:11).

“And that is exactly what happened in New York City,” Cahn said. “There were so many deaths from the COVID-19 plague that the mortuaries and funeral homes could not contain it. So they started shipping out the unclaimed bodies to an island and buried them in a place they called the potter’s field. They named it after the exact place that Jeremiah gave the prophecy from.”

Is There a Cure?

Cahn shared another startling revelation from Jeremiah 8. “Jeremiah talks about the judgment that’s coming, and he says the famous line, ‘Is there no balm in Gilead?’ Gilead was the place in ancient Israel where they had the cure, where there was medicine grown to heal you or comfort you. Jeremiah was saying there’s no medicine, no cure for this plague of judgment.

“Well, everyone knows that America has been searching for a cure to the plague,” Cahn continued, “and in the spring, one company announced that they had something. The name of that company was Gilead Sciences. The FDA gave them emergency approval, and the stock market shot up 500 points because of the announcement of a cure. But it turned out that the cure was very minimal. America is seeking the balm of Gilead but can’t get it.”

So is there a cure? Is there any hope for America? “The only hope is in the Lord,” said Cahn. “We need to return to God. We need repentance and revival. Without that, there is no hope. But the hope is that there is hope! We are the key right now.” Since writing The Harbinger II, he has been pointing to a key verse:

“If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land” (2 Chron. 7:4).

“Revival begins with us,” Cahn said. “We can’t just be praying for revival; we also have to start living it. It happens when we as God’s people take God’s word and repent and seek and pray and intercede for this nation. We need the love of God to come in, and to understand where we are as a society because it will be game over if there is not repentance.

“Not just going through the motions,” he continued, “not just saying, ‘Oh, I repent, we’re bad’ and then continuing to live the lifestyle the way we’ve been living it as Americans. But truly setting our faces towards the Lord, bowing our hearts and really truly repenting for everything. We need to be humbled. If we return—if we fast and pray and humble ourselves at the foot of the cross and truly change our wicked ways—there is hope. We have a choice. We can wake up. It doesn’t have to be utter destruction and judgment. There can be a revival.” {eoa}

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