Jonathan Cahn Releases 3 Prophetic Mysteries for Joe Biden

by | May 24, 2023 | Prophetic & Revival, Prophetic Insight

Breaking down the walls of political tribalism and disunity, Jonathan Cahn released a prophetic message to the President of the United States.

This is not the first time that Cahn has tried to issue a warning to the president about the current course his administration has set for America, in love, and beseeched the president to alter that course.

After President Joe Biden signed the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act” into law on Dec. 13, 2022, Cahn issued a prophetic warning of apostasy to America, and the president.

Now, Cahn has released three prophetic words to Biden, hoping and praying that the president will repent and put God back into the White House.

“Not long ago you became the first president in American history to enshrine into federal law the alteration of marriage, to destroy the definition of marriage as it has always stood,” says Cahn addressing President Joe Biden.

“You rejoiced in the act of destruction with a mass celebration on the White House lawn. You sealed it all that night by lighting up the White House in the colors of the rainbow. Mr. President, you call yourself a Christian, you were raised to say prayers to the God of the Bible, but do you actually have any real fear of God?” asks Cahn.

“Do you think that God is silent and not able to act? Well, He is not silent and He’s actually answered what you have done,” reveals Cahn.

Cahn reveals that God has already dissolved marriages and unions that He finds to be sinful, and will do so again.

In Ezra chapter 10, the Israelites repent after hearing the words of Ezra in Jerusalem on the 20th of Kislev for their sinful marriages that God could not respect.

Will President Biden heed these words and repent of his and America’s sin the way Israel did? Time will tell.

The second mystery Cahn releases for the president, and America, is that the rainbow they painted the White House with does not belong to them. It belongs to God.

There is another entity who tries to stake claims to the rainbow as well, but this spirit is nefarious, and according to Cahn, behind the gender confusion and sexual deception taking place in America today.

“As President of the United States, you took that sacred sign [the rainbow] and turned it against the God to whom it belongs, but there’s more to it … It actually has to do with an ancient deity, a goddess, a spirit,” says Cahn.

This ancient spirit, known as the Enchantress, was a goddess worshipped for her sexuality and immorality. Her worshippers claimed that she had the power to turn a man into a woman and a woman into a man while using the rainbow as a sign of her divinity.

“This spirit, which is now taking possession of our culture, and on the day that you [Biden] redefine marriage, you place her sign on the nation’s highest house, the White House, the sign of the goddess, you are in effect placing the nation into her hands, her ownership, her possession, a demonic possession,” warns Cahn.

Everything that Satan attempts to corrupt from God is different than the original creation that God designed, including the rainbow.

The rainbow this goddess, the Enchantress, uses is different from the seven-colored rainbow that God used to seal His covenant with Noah. The “pride” rainbow only has six colors, the number of imperfection and incompleteness. Seven is the number of perfection and the completeness of the Lord.

The third mystery Cahn addresses not just to President Biden, but to all believers in America who value the religious liberty this country has prospered under for so long: “‘The Respect for Marriage Act,’ though a clause was added to give lip service to religious liberty, was actually setting a dangerous precedent and setting the state and opening the door to the ending of religious liberty in this land,” says Cahn.

“You and your administration denied it, and then your press secretary implied that actually removing the clause for religious liberty was on the agenda for the days ahead,” adds Cahn.

Cahn ended the prophetic message to Biden hoping and praying that the president will see the error of the path America is on, and right the ship before it is too late.

“Mr. President, on the day you stand before God, the laws that you signed into existence will not exist, but His law will exist. By His law you will be judged. Repent. Be Saved,” implores Cahn.

To believers, Cahn issued a word of encouragement in face of persecution that is on the horizon for Christians worldwide.

“Stand strong. Stand firm. Be strong and of good courage. Do not bow down your knee to Baal or any other god of this age, and do not be silent because the laws of man will pass away, but the laws of God will remain forever. Do not fear the future. The future belongs to God. No matter what happens in the world, in our culture, in our nation, remember this: God will always have the last Cahn Returnword. If the dark is getting darker, it’s time for the lights of God to shine even more brightly. When evil goes from bad to worse, the light [must] go from good to great. It’s time to be bold for God. It’s time to be great for God, for thus says the Lord: ‘Arise and shine, for your light has come and the glory of God has risen upon you.'”

To watch the full message from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, click here.

To read more about spiritual issues affecting America today, view Jonathan Cahn’s newest book, “The Return of the Gods.”

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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