Is There a Specific Date That Marked the Beginning of the End for America?

by | Dec 18, 2020 | Prophetic Insight

In 2012, Jonathan Cahn released The Harbinger, a bestselling book that revealed an ancient mystery from the Bible that holds the secret to America’s future.

And now, eight years later, comes the stunning long-awaited sequel, The Harbinger II: The Return, which reveals that the mystery which began with 9/11 has not stopped but has continued unfolding on American soil. That which The Harbinger foretold has come to pass, and the ancient harbingers that warn of coming judgment have continued to manifest.

The Harbinger II reveals more about everything that’s happening in America today: the coronavirus, the economic collapse, the division of America—why it’s happening, where it’s all leading and the keys that God’s people must have for dealing with the days ahead.

The Day That Sealed the Judgment

In a recent interview with Shannon Scholten, host of Voice of Truth, Cahn said that one of the mysteries unfolded in The Harbinger II is about a specific day on the Hebrew calendar and how America is following a template from Jeremiah 39 that leads to judgment.

“When you look at the judgment of Judah, the southern kingdom that had rebelled against God, there was a day that sealed the judgment,” Cahn said. “It was the day that the walls of the city were breached by the Babylonians. Once the walls were breached, it took away Judah’s hedge of protection. The king fled the city, and those who were supposed to be defending the walls took off, so the defense was broken through. Those entrusted with the protection of that civilization ceased from protecting it.

“It happened on the ninth day of the fourth month,” he said. “The fourth month of the Hebrew year is Tammuz, so the Ninth of Tammuz was the day that the end began. It became a day of sorrow, fasting and mourning—the day that sealed the destruction of Judah.”

The Day America’s Walls Were Broken Down

Cahn further explained that since The Harbinger was written, the Supreme Court did something that broke down America’s hedge of protection. “For the first time in history,” he said, “the Supreme Court redefined what marriage is. They basically struck down biblical, or traditional, marriage as it has always been.

“This is major,” he continued, “because God made marriage. If you change it, you’re messing with a vessel of God. So what happened on that day in American history was gigantic, and it is still affecting all of us. It’s affecting religious freedom. It’s affecting instruction of children. It’s affecting everything.”

What was the day that happened in America? “It happened on June 26, 2015,” Cahn said, “which is the date on the Hebrew calendar that is the Ninth of Tammuz. The Ninth of Tammuz is the day that the walls of Judah’s civilization were broken down and it opened itself up to judgment—the day of mourning because Judah fell.”

“It is the exact same day that the Supreme Court ruled,” said Cahn, “the day when the defenses of American civilization were gone. This is an absolute, gigantic warning.”

The Handwriting on the Wall

Cahn referenced another Bible mystery in the book of Daniel—another seal of judgment—linked to this. “It happened when the king of Babylon pillaged the holy vessels from the temple,” he said. “He brought them to a party, filled them with wine and started drinking from them in celebration to their gods. They took a holy thing and used it for an unholy purpose. And at that moment, handwriting appeared on the wall saying judgment, judgment, judgment is coming.

“That ties in here,” he continued. “Marriage is a vessel that God made—it’s holy. If you take that vessel and you turn it against its purpose, you are taking a vessel that’s holy and using it for unholy purposes. That is ‘sacralization’ or you can call it desecration. And that precedes judgment.”

Cahn says in The Harbinger II that when a nation turns away from God and the foundation on which it was established, the turning of spirit will inevitably lead to a turning of values, the changing of standards, laws and precepts. That which it had long upheld as right, it will now judge as evil, and what it had long opposed as wrong, it will now champion.

In ancient Judah what was once immoral they celebrated, and what they once revered they despised. Those who opposed the ways of God were lifted up, and those who upheld His ways, the righteous and the prophets, were persecuted.

Cahn says that if America has likewise turned away from God, then we will witness the same metamorphosis, the same transformation of values. What the nation once knew to be right, it will now war against, and what it once knew to be wrong, it will now celebrate. It will turn away from the sanctity of marriage and sexuality and will embrace that which wars against the ways of God.

A Vessel of Desecration

Something else happened on the Ninth of Tammuz—June 26, 2015—according to Cahn. “On the same day that the walls came down and judgment was sealed, the president approved the lighting up of the White House with a rainbow, to celebrate this act against God,” he recounted.

“So, the White House itself became a harbinger. The highest house of the land, a representation of America itself, now covered in the colors of desecration. And so the White House itself became a vessel of desecration … and defiance against the ways of God. The whole world saw it. The day that marked the sealing of Judah’s judgment—the Ninth of Tammuz—was celebrated all across America with the sign of the rainbow everywhere.

“The rainbow doesn’t belong to man; the rainbow belongs to God,” reminded Cahn. “The rainbow is a holy vessel. It’s the throne of God, the authority of God. But now it’s man saying, ‘No, I will go against God.’

“The rainbow was also the sign that God gave mercy to Noah in the face of judgment,” Cahn pointed out. “So, what happens when a nation takes the sign of mercy over judgment and defiles it? They’re saying there’s nothing left but judgment.”

Is There Any Hope?

“It says in the Word of God that Jesus will come back,” Cahn said. “But if you look at how we’re acting as a nation and how we’re acting as a people, it’s like we have spit in the face of Jesus as He’s hanging on the cross.

“As a nation we’ve made a mockery of everything that He has done and what the Word of God has laid out. We’re seeing complete desecration of everything that is holy and perfect. Look at what’s happening with the homosexual desecration of marriage. What was going on in the days of Noah? There was homosexuality, sodomy, bestiality, every profane and disgusting sexual perversion—and now we’re seeing America continue to slip in that direction.

“If a nation,” he concluded, “should uphold the ways of the Almighty, then it shall be upheld. But if it should pass judgment upon the ways of the Almighty, then upon that nation shall the judgment of the Almighty be passed. A return to God and His ways is the only hope for America.”

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