Chris Reed Shares Insight on Major World Events Happening in 2023

by | Jan 13, 2023 | Prophetic & Revival, Prophetic Insight

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Morningstar President Chris Reed spent the last three months of 2022 praying and fasting to hear from the Lord for what is to come. We sat down with Reed to hear the national and international words that God has shared with him. We talk about the importance of not elaborating on prophetic words, the words that have come to pass and why we need to pay attention to what God is saying.

“The Bible says we know in part and we prophesy in part so I think it’s important to only share the part we get. I think prophetic voices get in trouble when they try and fill in the parts they don’t get to try and make sense of it,” Reed says.

In part-one of the interview you can read what he shared specifically for America and part-two the words he shared that came to pass in 2022.

Many of these words listed below Reed has documented from three to four years back. Here is what he saw on an international scale:


  1. Exposure of Chinese money and bribery involved in American and national politics, “how much China and China’s reach and their money have bribed many nations,” Reed says. On Nov 28, 2022 he prophesied that the Hunter Biden laptop scandal will be fully exposed. “I see inquiries and boxes being opened which will reveal the smoking gun secrets that will prove Chinese involvement and Chinese money involved with Biden’s election. Secrets being exposed even through the courts and house inquiries that will shock the world. Boxes, boxes, boxes full of horrible stuff,” he says.
  2.  An aircraft will somehow mysteriously disappear in the skies then reappear. In the vision he saw the aircraft carrying important intelligence information which is why it was hijacked intentionally. He heard God say that what was hidden will be revealed.
  3. Mass immigration across the world from Central and South America to the southern border of the U.S. and Africa to European nations. Heard the words, “tipping point trigger” that once information is revealed, people will see the governments turned a blind eye.
  4. Reed saw food chain shortages especially in third world countries which leads to part of the immigration.
  5. New sense of patriotism in European nations, “People will redevelop a national patriotism. More European nations will begin the talks of their own Brexit,” he says. Describing the true meaning of nationalism he says, “if nationalism just means love of country so your kids and grandkids can prosper…then that patriotism will be restored to a lot of European countries.” The goal is to combat the beast system—one world government.
  6. In Sweden, Reed saw anarchy and lawlessness coming to the country this year.
  7. God showed him a financial scandal in Germany revealing more Chinese bribery through German banks.
  8. Much of the world experiencing revolution of some kind.
  9. Emmanuel Macron having some kind of health crisis as well as a “new French revolution. Paris will be a hot bed of unrest and riots,” he says.
  10. The new Italian prime minister, Giorgia Meloni will catch a major drug bust and cartel scandal happening within her country. “She will actually be credited because of her leadership,” he says.
  11. A sudden air strike from Israel to Iran meant to protect the Israeli people from plans the Iranian government has.
  12. Cosmic event happening that is not “end of the world level” but will affect our power grids and technology with widespread outages. Reed believes this will make international headlines.
  13. Putin will release a dirty bomb to end the Ukraine-Russia conflict. “He will not remain as the leader of Russia,” Reed says. He had godly influences in his life but Reed says he turned to the occult and a demonic influence began to affect him.
  14. There will be major news on King Charles’ coronation in May 2023. There will be a mystery surrounding the Stone of Scone maybe being lost, stolen or unable to be transported to the coronation.
  15. Prince Andrew will deal with a mental health crisis since the death of his mother. Reed says to pray for him.
  16. He saw Harry and Megan no longer staying together.
  17. Two new energy sources emerging on scene.

To hear the full prophetic word click here.

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