Charisma Highlights: Hank Kunneman Prophesies, ‘Pay Attention to the Sound of the Lion’

by | Feb 25, 2022 | Prophetic Insight

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“Do you hear the sound of My footsteps walking and moving among the earth at this time?” says the living God. “And yet you have stood in the place of the spirit of agreement with Me, declaring: ‘Let the Lion roar!’ Do you really understand what you have added your decree and agreement with? For I say, look about the earth; you will see the manifestation of My roaring as protests are arising, and the sound of roaring is ‘We want our freedoms!’ This is not just human resistance, but this is a prophetic sound of the Lion of Judah and My roar, reforming and reviving the nations.

The United Kingdom and 3 Nations Standing as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

“Why do you think the nation of the Lion (United Kingdom) stood and said, ‘We’ve had enough of the narratives, the lies, the mandates, the decrees’?” God says, “They were the one to arise because the Lion of Judah has been roaring loudly through the nations, and you are seeing it as with United Kingdom. But now pay attention…for as the days when Nebuchadnezzar demanded decrees that those who [were] of his kingdom must bow—this has been the same spirit and mentality among leaders, demanding of their people to steal their freedoms, to dictate to them what they must do, as Nebuchadnezzar [did].

This One Sin Could Be Delaying Worldwide Revival

Over the last season, God has been whispering to my heart a profound truth. It’s a hard truth, but it is a holy truth.

The Lord has been speaking to me about the Lion of Judah and this roaring season. He is roaring in revival and restoration. We have entered a Nehemiah season where we are building and battling. The church is being rebuilt in His power, purity and compassion.

He says if we want to rebuild in Him, like Nehemiah, we must leave Babylon behind. We must walk out this prophetic promise. We must walk out of a culture of corruption that has crept into every area as we awake and return to rebuild what has been torn down. Like Nehemiah rebuilt the holy city, we need to rebuild our temple with holiness. What is this corruption, this sin, restraining us from realizing revival?

I was standing on the shore, with the water lapping over my feet up to my ankles. Then all the water began to rush back toward the sea, leaving my feet on dry ground.

The Lord spoke to me and said that this was a picture of what will happen this year. We are standing at the shore, ready for the prophesied wave to come and hit. Many prophecies this year have said that this will be the year of favor, the year of abundance, the year of double recompense and the year of revival.

However, like the water leaving the shore and rushing back to the ocean, many who stand in faith for this promise will experience something of a dry season and say, “This is not what was supposed to happen, God.” The disappointment is temporary … a test of faith.

New York-born actress April Hernandez was living the dream in Hollywood. A role in a major movie launched her career, leading to roles in numerous television shows. But everyone has secrets. And hers lay buried behind the facade of success.

One of those was the trauma of an abusive relationship that kept drawing her back into an unhealthy situation. When she found herself pregnant, she realized she didn’t want to be connected to this abusive man for the rest of her life.

When people talk about your freedom of choice to abort an unplanned pregnancy, no one tells you how difficult it is to find freedom from the depression, guilt and shame that comes with that choice.

Recently I have been hearing the words in my spirit: for the set time to favor her has come.” God sets the timing for favor to be released, according to His purposes for specific seasons. The body of Christ is being established now and positioned by God into a new sphere of supernatural favor to accomplish His plan and His will in the season ahead.

The enemy is counteracting with fierce warfare against the people of God and we can easily miss the movement that is breaking us out by becoming distracted by our personal warfare!

There are places God is about to take us and things He has ordained for us to do that only He can orchestrate. These are things that require supernatural intervention that we cannot do for ourselves. When the appointed time arrives, God’s favor will suddenly open doors, phone calls will be received and divine appointments will occur in the spirit of serendipity, where events suddenly happen by chance to aid and benefit us for the road ahead. {eoa}

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