Georgian Banov: God Is Calling Gideons to the Harvest

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Evangelism

I was physically taken to my future one evening while praying. We lived in Texas at the time, and because my busy ministry schedule consumed my daytime hours, I skipped dinner each night and spent four or five hours of uninterrupted prayer time walking with the Lord. I wasn’t trying to fast; I just wanted time with Jesus.

One night while walking, I instantly knew I had an audience with God. I was down here, and He was up there—yet there was a connection. His voice sounded almost as though it were coming through a pipe.

God the Father said, “You have my full attention. Tell me, what is it that you want, Georgian?”

I stood there and thought, Don’t say anything stupid! You have the attention of the Godhead, God the Father! I knew I wasn’t smart enough to answer God.

I prayed, “Holy Ghost, this is it. Say something. Helper, help me!”

The Holy Ghost punched me in the stomach, and a quick thrust of air came out of my mouth. With a jolt, I gasped out the word “souls”!

Thanks to the help of the Holy Ghost, the word “souls” whistled through that pipeline, and I sensed the Father’s pleasure with my answer. Immediately, my knees buckled, and I collapsed facedown into the dirt.

Upon hitting the ground, I was physically taken into my future. When my face hit the dirt, I didn’t feel the impact. I was in another place and another time. I found myself standing on a stage inside a stadium packed with thousands of people, all worshipping the Lord. I was not young anymore, but I still had energy. There were many others on the stage, and it was my turn to speak. With God’s hand upon me, I began making declarations such as, “God is here! The King of glory is here! Lord, we worship You!”

I watched the cloud of the glory of God enter into the stadium like a fog. Traveling in from the top bleachers, the cloud rolled down row by row, slowly blanketing the entire stadium. The cloud was so thick that the most I could see was a reflection from the eyes of people being covered with God’s glory.

Finally, the cloud reached the stage where I stood and covered it like a wave. All of us on the stage fell prostrate. The moment I hit the stage, I found myself back in Texas, facedown in the dirt.

I was shown things to come—a great harvest of souls brought to Him in glory as we, the church, declare the enormity and magnitude of our God.

All around me, I see that our society is in the throes of a war waged by the enemies of the cross. The enemy knows the Bible says there will be a final great harvest in the last days, and he is seeking to devour that harvest. He is after our generation. Will we hide in fear or lead our generation to Christ?

I am reminded of Gideon. Every year, the enemies of Israel invaded their land and annihilated their harvest like a horde of locusts. The economy was devastated, and people hid out in caves, filled with fear. The angel of the Lord found Gideon hiding inside a winepress, trying to salvage some of his harvest. Gideon thought he was a nobody, but the angel of the Lord said, “The Lord is with you, O mighty man of valor” (Judg. 6:12b).

Gideon was frightened at first, but then the Spirit of the Lord came upon him, and 30,000 people came out of their caves! Gideon’s leadership drew them out of their fearfulness. Gideon thought he was the runt of the litter, yet God used him to prepare 300 men to oppose 135,000 Midianite soldiers. First, God weeded out the fearful. The 300 who were left were trumpeters, proclaimers and torchbearers. In one night, 135,000 enemy soldiers were wiped out. From that day forward, nothing could hinder the harvest of God’s people!

Today God is mobilizing a growing company of believers who have returned to their first love. These saints will not be intimidated by the enemy but stand against fear and declare that Jesus and His harvest are coming. Jesus is Lord of the harvest, and that harvest will be filled with the glory of God!

Lovingly referred to as the “Joy Apostles,” Georgian and Winnie Banov are a radical team with a powerful message. They travel extensively conducting revival meetings and conferences worldwide. Their presentation of the gospel is with rare clarity and depth, causing changed lives, healing and freedom from the past and religious bondages.

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