Charisma Highlights: 7 Prophetic Words for Hebrew Year 5783

by | Sep 24, 2022 | Prophetic & Revival

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7 Prophetic Words for Hebrew Year 5783

Are you curious about what the Lord has in mind for Hebrew year 5783?

I believe it will be a banner year for the righteous, with the manifestation of many promises over which we have been fasting and praying. If you’re curious, read on for the seven prophetic words the Lord gave me for 5783!

First, let’s set the stage by looking at these few days before 5783 begins:

We live during an amazing season of prophetic fulfillment. Just think about all of the things that have come to pass just in the past 75 years.

It seems things that the prophets foretold are coming to pass one right after another, right in front of our eyes, and at an increasing speed. This is why there has been such excitement about the five red heifers being flown to Israel recently, in hopes that one of the five would qualify as the flawless red heifer required for the temple purification rituals.

Just think about it: what if one of these heifers is the “one?” The identification and acceptance of one of these cows as qualified for this sacrifice would set into motion a whirlwind of activities, events which we read throughout the prophetic books of the Bible both in the Old Testament and the New Testament.  These events are the precursors for the return of Yeshua to set up His kingdom on the Earth, what some call the “Millennial Kingdom.”

On September 9, 2022, while sitting alone in prayer, I heard Father say very clearly, “As a result of My children’s prayers, declarations and worship, champions are arising throughout the world to lead the sheep who were quietly being led to the slaughter. They will be leading them in a righteous revolution; and the masses will no longer believe the lies of the corrupt, nor will they sit silently by and allow elections to be stolen—nor the righteous to be prosecuted unjustly.”

Looking into the Spirit, I saw myself walking beside the Lord, on the top of a high mountain. In the distance, I saw bombs exploding in the air; a war was being fought. Jesus explained that this was the time He spoke about when He was on the earth—that there would be wars and rumors of wars, but it wouldn’t be the time of the end.

He explained: “Because men have free will, they have put wicked people in positions of leadership and are now suffering as a result of their poor choices. This will change! No longer will people, through deception or laziness, let the wicked rule. Determination will fill them to put honorable people in office, and they will make sure elections are honest.

When I was in college, a visiting minister regularly came to preach at our on-campus Christian meetings. At the end of his sermons he would often point at someone in the room, smile and say something like, “You in the blue shirt, I believe the Lord has a word of encouragement for you.” Then he would prophesy to them.

This freaked me out! How could this man know what God was saying to someone else? What if he was wrong? I love the gift of prophecy because I had benefitted from it myself. But I remember telling the Lord back in those days that I would never prophesy to an individual in front of a crowd.

Years later, during a trip to China, a church leader asked me to meet with a group of ministers in a conference room. When I arrived, the leader told my translator that she wanted me to prophesy over 14 underground pastors who were already seated around a table.


Pastor Kent Christmas shares a powerful prophetic word in this message preached at Regeneration Nashville. Drawing from the story of the woman at the well (John 4:1-42), he tells the congregation, “God has always done His greatest work outside the box.”

Christmas speaks of the unconventional ways God worked throughout both Scripture and history, proclaiming, “God is God, and He said this: ‘My ways are not your ways.’” He points out that since it was unconventional and unacceptable to the Jews for Jesus even to set foot in Samaria, He sent His disciples away so they wouldn’t hinder His work.

“Sometimes it’s the religious people that are the greatest hindrance to the move of the Lord, because they get so steeped in tradition and so steeped in self-righteousness that when God stares them in the face, they can’t see Him because they’re saying, ‘We don’t do it like this,’ and God says, ‘But you don’t know,’” Christmas says. “‘My ways are not your ways. I’m going to mess your theology up; I’m going to change the way you have church. I’m going to come in the back door. I’m going to save some people that you don’t think ought to be saved.’”


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