Prophetic Word for 2021: Family and Fruitfulness Will Yield Victory Over the Enemy

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Prophetic

Editor’s Note: This is part one of a two-part article. Watch for part two, coming soon on

Happy New Year, everybody!

Three words for the year 2021 or twenty-twenty … as one.

Family, Fruitfulness and Dominion

I am believing that the reset everyone is sensing is a reset back to the original intent of our Creator King!

When you do a factory reset, you are going back to the original settings.

What I am sensing is yes, we are going back to the original settings, but with an upgrade.

We Will Rest in the Reformed Reset

To “reform” something or someone means to make changes in order to improve it. So when you reform something or someone, you are making improvements as you are bringing it back to its original state. So when reformation is done, the reformed person or thing ends up better than its original state.

So what does 2021 look like?

“Twenty-twenty as one” looks like three biblical, powerful, original and progressive words.


As I have been asking the Lord for a better word for this season we are in and entering into, He responded with “family.”

Family is the best expression of who God is. The original family was the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When God wanted representation here on he earth, He made a family.

Family is the most powerful and prophetic word for this season.

The word “family” combats without combating.

The application of the word “family” confronts and debunks every extreme right-wing agenda of hypernationalism and confronts and debunks every far left-wing agenda of globalism. All ungodly agendas are brought into submission with the much more excellent word “family.”

Family meets the yearning of the hearts of all mankind to “belong.”

Family is irreplaceable, irrevocable and foundational for our lives.

There has been a systematic agenda to disrupt, destroy and displace the biblical template of the family of God.

But—fear not!

For God is not only bringing a resurgence of the kingdom principle of family, but He is also giving fresh revelation of the importance and vitality of family.

There is also a revelation of family becoming a weapon of mass destruction against the enemy’s designs for planet Earth.

We will begin to see people from every nation, culture, creed and language begin to embrace the biblical family as the highest attainable virtue here on earth. Everything will be about family. This next generation will be some of the most kingdom-minded people to ever be born here on earth.

Family will determine economics. Apostolic entrepreneurs, hear the word of the Lord. Invest in family vehicles, family vacations, family entertainment, movies, housing and so forth. Even politicians will be elected because of their family values.

Family solves so many problems that we are facing in this geopolitical, hypersexualized atmosphere and environment we find ourselves in.

So as you are interceding this year, align yourselves with God’s original intent, and call on the family of God to awaken. Call on family to be established. Call forth the power of family to begin to displace all other ungodly ideologies and agendas.

One Last Note About Families

Mothers are essential for this next move of the Spirit. Actually I heard in the Spirit, “Wailing women win the war!” As women, particularly mothers, begin to call forth their inheritance, they will begin to create space for their children’s children and make inroads into the enemy’s stronghold.

In this season, the voice of authority is within women and minorities. God is sharing with us that He is hearing the injustice that’s been going on, and He has especially anointed women’s and minorities’ voices. The tipping point rests upon the marginalized.

It really will matter what these voices speak. These voices will determine how our nations prosper or don’t. If they just call out for their justice, their lot and their specific niche, they will receive some recompense for their generation, but at the cost of many other communities, causing destabilization of many nations. If, on the other hand, they think beyond themselves and inquire of the Lord, these two marginalized groups could shift and change everything.


My grandfather told me years ago that God is interested in four things: fruit, more fruit, much fruit and that your fruit will remain.

In John 15:5, Jesus is saying that He is the true vine and His Father is the vinedresser. The Lord has been lifting us all up out of the dirt so we can bear more fruit. Then He has been pruning us so we can bear much more fruit. In this season we have felt both.

He has been getting us ready so that we could be prepared for the great harvest.

Galatians 5:22-23 says that one fruit produced by Holy Spirit is love. Then this fruit of love begins to produce a joy that is unspeakable and full of glory. A peace that passes all understanding comes forth. Patience endures. Kindness that is better than life leads men to salvation. A life full of virtue arises. Faith that overcomes the world is stirred, and the power of the Spirit moves!

But here’s where I am trying to get to when it comes to fruitfulness: We are about to out-birth death.

“In that day his burden shall be taken away from off your shoulder, and his yoke from off your neck; and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing oil” (Isa. 10:27, author’s emphasis).

The Hebrew word for “anointing” here is shemen. The anointing here that destroys the yoke of slavery is the seed of life or the very Spirit of life. This seed of life is impregnated into dark places, uncomfortable places and places that desperately need life. The kingdom of God is always described as a seed, a seed of life that can’t be stopped. It does not matter where a seed of life is planted; it can push through rocks, gravel and even asphalt.

So the yoke of slavery is destroyed by bearing fruit, more fruit, much fruit and fruit that remains.

This is how the enemy operates. Like a farmer, the enemy carves out a yoke, which is a steering apparatus, so well that the animal hardly knows it’s there except for a little extra weight. When a farmer used oxen back in the day, he would carve the yoke and place it on the ox and then would look where it rubbed. He would then carve it some more until it fit perfectly.

This is what the enemy does in our lives. He looks at hereditary curses, the frailty or proclivity of the flesh and the failures of our past and begins to create a steering apparatus. We hardly know it is there because it feels so familiar.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have been placed in the midst of darkness to grow up bigger than the evil of the day and throw off the yoke of tyranny that has been placed upon your spheres of influence and metron of ministry. You are about grow too big, too prosperous and too fruitful for the yoke of slavery to fit your design. But the enemy will try to force it on you, and the greatness and girth of the anointing of fruitfulness will push back on the apparatus that steered the lives of your forefathers. All of a sudden, you will outpace, outgrow and outweigh the plans, schemes and yokes of the enemy. {eoa}


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