Prophecy: The Holdback of 2020 is Over

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Prophetic

I was in Tampa, Florida recently, preparing to minister for some great friends of mine. As I prayed about what I would talk about that weekend, I saw a huge, bricked dam in the spirit.

It appeared to be holding back an enormous amount of water. There was tremendous turbulence and force being exerted by the water on the dam. I heard thunder and saw waves accompanied by very ominous dark clouds. Unexpectedly, streams of water began to penetrate the bricks, causing portions of water to get through. The water swelled greatly in front of the dam, and suddenly broke through it.

Breakthrough Is Your Portion

After the breakthrough, there was a great calm—a peace, if you will. The water that burst through the dam was placid; an atmosphere of serenity invaded the valley in which the water, once behind a barrier, found itself. The pressure, upheaval and turmoil that existed before the breakthrough all but disappeared. The thing that held back the blessings (water), causing increasing compression (pressure), had been destroyed.

The Holdback Is Over

After seeing this, I received a revelation about 2021. 2020 has been a year of satanic pressure. The dam that I saw represented the building of demonic assignments, attacks and assaults used to hold back the blessings of the body of Christ. When the dam broke in the vision, it was as if the pressure on your current situation was just released. That which has been held back by the enemy is in the process of being released. I heard in my spirit: “The holdback is over!”


— to hinder the progress or achievement of.

— to keep from advancing to the next stage, grade, or level.

— something that retains or restrains.

— a sum of money withheld under certain conditions.

The Dam Has Broken

What the enemy has been holding back from you this season has just been released in the spirit today. You’re just waiting on the manifestation of your breakthrough. Around this same time next year, it will happen for those who believe this word. The dam has broken, and overflow shall be your portion in this next season! The Lord is breaking the dam that held back your blessings with His hand, like a bursting forth of waters.

“So Israel came up to Baal-perazim, and David defeated the Philistines there. Then David said, ‘God has broken through my enemies by my hand, like the breakthrough of waters.’ Therefore they named that place Baal-perazim” (1 Chron. 14:11, AMP).

You Are Entering the Year of the Lord’s Release
What you’ve been waiting for is about to be released. Finances that’s have been held back from you will be released. Healing, peace, happiness, love, soundness and joy will be released.

“At the end of every seven years thou shalt make a release. And this is the manner of the release: Every creditor that lendeth ought unto his neighbour shall release it; he shall not exact it of his neighbour, or of his brother; because it is called the Lord’s release” (Deut. 15:1-2, KJV).

The Lord’s release is a supernatural breakthrough that cannot be stopped by man.

It happens every seventh year. I believe that it will cause an acceleration of the promise He made you. The demonic dam has broken, and favor has begun to flow. Some are going to think it’s not fair, but they don’t understand—the favor upon your life has been held up for quite a while.

It didn’t happen overnight. You toiled, you suffered and you cried throughout 2020, as well as some of the years prior. You paid a price for the Lord’s release. Guess what? The seventh year starts now and moves into 2021.

This part of your pain is almost over. Remember, the biblical meaning of the number seven is completion. The seventh day is your day of rest. The seventh year is your season of release. Let go of that which has held you back. Why? Because He’s Lord of your release.

It’s Broken

The word “break” is a synonym for “release”. Remember, God is the breaker of the dam that held back your blessings. 2021 will still be a challenging year, but the shift has already begun. With the shift comes alleviation of the pressure you’ve been experiencing. The heaviness that you’ve felt this year is slowly subsiding. In fact, it’s breaking. I’m convinced that many of you who keep your hand in the hand of the master will experience great breakthroughs in the coming year. The Lord will lead you out.

Micah 2:13 says, “God will open the way for them and lead them out of exile. They will break out of the city gates and go free. Their king, the LORD himself, will lead them out” (Good News Translation).

The holdback of 2020 is over in your life.

2020 prepared you for the overflow to come. For some reading this, the Lord allowed the tribulation of 2020 to break them, so the He could rebuild them. As He rebuilt them through allowed adversity, it made them better—meet for the master’s use (a better husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother, employee, leader, business owner and so on).

The people, places and things that were sent to you by the enemy to break you are breaking right now. Satan’s plots and plans are being exposed so that you can break them. I see the dam breaking and water (blessings) gushing in by 2021. By this time next year, watch what the Lord does for you and yours. I’m referring to those who believe, receive and decree that they are walking into the Lord’s release. Some might say, how? I say, because the holdback season of this part of your life is over. Increase and overflow are headed your way. {eoa}

Dr. John Veal is the senior pastor/prophet of Enduring Faith Christian Center and the CEO of John Veal Ministries Inc. He is passionate about pursuing God’s mandate to preach, teach, impart and activate people within the prophetic. John is a regular contributor to Charisma magazine, The Elijah List, IMAG, Spirit Fuel, Reformation Today and others. John has been featured on various media outlets, including appearances on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, Something More and Elijah Streams. Dr. Veal is a highly sought-after conference speaker due to his uncanny prophetic accuracy, humor, candor and unconventional preaching style. He has traveled the nations, presenting a myriad of prophetic training and ministry. John currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, with his wife, Elisa, and their three children. For more about Dr. Veal, visit


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